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Login & Registration

Login & registration is a crucial part of any online learning platform. While LearnDash does allow you to offer free courses to the public (see course access levels), a majority of course administrators require a user to be registered, or pay, before taking a course.

As of version 3.0, LearnDash has a built-in login & registration form you can use. In addition, you can use just about any WordPress plugin that provides WordPress login and/or user registration functionality. This includes:

It’s also possible to use the default WordPress login & registration process. Please reference the WordPress documentation for more on how to use this login method.

Setting Up WordPress User Registration

In this webinar we will show you how to easily configure a better experience for your students. Whether you are using LearnDash or not, these tips will help you get your WordPress user registration just right!

If you are looking into customizing your User Registration process even further (i.e. making it more aesthetically pleasing, leveraging sign-ups for success, and even going as far as changing and updating your email notification options) here is a follow-up webinar that talks about Advanced User Registration with LearnDash.

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