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How do I activate my license key?

For instructions on activating your license key, please see this article.

Why is my license invalid?

Assuming that your license has yet to expire, the invalid license notice can occur for a few reasons. Follow the steps below to see if it helps resolve the issue.

LearnDash will still function properly even with an invalid license. A valid license is only needed for automatic updates.

Verify License Number & Email

Confirm that the settings entered under LEARNDASH LMS > SETTINGS > LMS LICENSE are exactly the same as what is in your account.

  • The email address in the license field should match the email address on your account.
  • Your license key should match exactly what is on your license details.
  • If you have ProPanel, double-check that you didn’t accidentally insert the ProPanel license key for the LearnDash LMS license.

Check for Extra Spaces

Check that you don’t have an extra space accidentally in your email or license fields. If you copy & paste the license number, sometimes there is an extra space that is at the end of the line. This can throw off the license.

Check Number of Domains

You may be getting an error because you have exhausted the allowed domains (sites) for your license.

For example, if you only have a 1-site license, then after it has been installed on one site, any site afterwards will display an error. You can delete any other sites from your license details page.

Check for Server Blocks

If you have gone through the above steps, it may be possible that your hosting provider is blocking the license call.

​To check if this is happening:

  1. Install Query Monitor (free plugin)

​If you notice the Query Monitor top toolbar menu turn red, check to see if our license calls are being blocked by your server by navigating to the error.

  • 401 errors indicate that the call is blocked. If you see this, contact your hosting provider and request that they let these calls through.
  • Timeout errors may indicate you need to increase your site and PHP memory. Navigate to LEARNDASH LMS > SETTINGS > SUPPORT and look to see if either PHP or Memory are listed in red. If so, contact your hosting provider to increase these values.

It is also possible that the timeout error is the result of your IP address being blocked. Contact LearnDash support with your IP address and we can check to see if it is blacklisted.

What is a “site license?”

​Licenses refer to the number of domains (websites) that LearnDash can be installed on and still receive both support & updates.

​If you have multiple WordPress sites (“”, “”, “,” etc.) then installing LearnDash on each of these sites counts against the license total, including sub-domains.

  • LearnDash Basic: 1 Site
  • LearnDash PLUS: Up to 10 sites (includes ProPanel)
  • LearnDash PRO: Up to 25 sites (includes ProPanel)

Can I transfer my license to someone else?

Yes. If you want to transfer your license to another party, please contact support by opening a ticket and include the following:

  • Email address of the new license owner
  • First and last name of the new license owner

Our support team will work with you to verify and complete the license transfer.

Once the license is transferred, you will no longer be billed for renewals. You will no longer have access to your old account.

When does my license renew?

Licenses renew automatically one calendar year after the date of purchase. You can see the exact renewal date of your license(s) from the license management page.

Can I install on a development environment?

The LearnDash license includes a bonus domain installation for testing purposes.

If your primary license is installed on “,” your extra development license can be installed on the following sub-domain:

The extra development license will only work on a sub-domain “” If your development domain does not match this, you will need to contact support for it to be authenticated.

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