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If you’re running an online training program using a WordPress learning management system then you are well aware of the level of flexibility you have when it comes to features and visuals.

In fact, customization and attractive design are just a couple of reasons why WordPress has become so popular (and now powers nearly a quarter of websites today).

When it comes to elearning, course design is very important. If your site doesn’t look professional then your courses run the risk of being seen that way as well.

But with so many options out there, how do you know which one is best for you?

In general, you should always choose something that integrates well with popular WordPress plugins (i.e BuddyPress, bbPress, BadgeOS, etc.), is well-coded, and just flat-out looks great.

Considering these three items, there is one LearnDash theme that comes to mind…

Social Learner WordPress LMS Theme

The Social Learner theme by BuddyBoss is visually stunning, packed full of relevant features, and integrates tightly with LearnDash and our available add-ons.

To top it all off, their support is very highly regarded.

Using the Social Learner WordPress LMS theme, you have a ton of useful functionality at your fingertips which really allows you to create a robust online learning community.

Some key features include:

  • Place learners into groups
  • Public and private messaging between learners
  • Course and group forums
  • Sell course using WooCommerce
  • Live notification system
  • Post badges and accomplishments to public profiles
  • Custom LearnDash course profiles
  • And MUCH more!

The theme comes with a slew of other options so that you can create a truly unique WordPress LMS theme that’s simply unmatched.

Click Here to learn more about the other features offered by the Social Learner theme.

You’ll be glad you did!

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Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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Hi. Does this also theme the quiz component of Learndash?


Avatar Abdullah

Hi Abdullah-

Yes it does.

are there any other themes, which are specially designed for learndash?

Avatar Michael

Hi Michael,
There are a handful, yes. Send us a note here and we’ll give you a list.

Hi Justin,

What is the difference between the University Theme and the Social Learner Theme? What is your advice for using University or using Socila Learner?

Avatar Wilco

Hi Wilco-

There are probably a large variety of difference just given the two platforms are created by different companies 🙂 … Social Learner puts more emphasis on the BuddyPress component seeing as BuddyPress is the specialty of BuddyBoss.

Hi Justin,

Thanks for the great share 🙂

I am surely going to share this with my twitter followers

The literature on social learning advances a critique to the command-and-control approach to resource management, and often, this critique is made by borrowing insights and ideas from disciplines other than resource management, which led to certain conceptual and methodological turns that now characterise the social learning discourse.Theme based learning is an integral part of it.

I really like the Social Learner Theme and would love to integrate it into my training website. I am using the LearnDash LMS plugin but have not integrated many of the add-ons because I am not have the technical background to be confident enough to do these changes. I have added plugins in the past and they have crashed my website which creates problems for people that are going through my courses. I am running eMember and eStore plugins to receive payments for courses. I have a list of people and am not sure how I would transition them into a new system without any problems.

Do you have any recommendations for anyone that could make the changes to a website. Appreciate your help.

Hi Chris-
Happy to provide some guidance. Send some of the details of your site here and we’ll go over some options.

Being a Learndash fan I was going to purchase Social Learner, but after having a look at their support forums I am not confident that support is up to scratch.

I’m interested in buying this theme but I’m still not sure because I can’t figure out whether or not I can see user-by-user engagement statistics without using quizzes. I want to view (on the backend) what a given user is doing on the site so I can see which courses are being selected by a given user. I am not sure if it’s available through learn dash but thought it might be part of the plugins in this package.

Any info on this would be greatly appreciated!

Avatar Jen

Hello everyone,

I have few questions, please help me to find solution.

1- I want to add classes and then I want to add different courses in that class using social learner, buddypress and learndash, how can I do it?

2- I want to add Instructor or teacher who can add and manage different courses, lessons, assignments etc, without administrator role/permission and have own dashboard using social learner, buddypress and learndash. How it is possible?

3- I want to add student to class and then student can view and take courses and have own dashboard, how it is possible?

Your cooperation in this regards will strongly appreciated.


Avatar Waseem Ahmad Khan

Hi Waseem,
For product support related to LearnDash please open a ticket. If it is in relation to BuddyBoss’ Social Learner theme then their support is going to be your primary contact.


Is Social Learner/Boss theme still a good one for LearnDash or is there something else that you’ve heard is good lately?

Tanya Bagley

Can you suggest few themes with whom learn dash plug ins work well? List atleast five option for me.


Send a note to us from the contact page and we’ll get you a list.

Please provide list of themes that will work efficiently with LearnDash

Avatar Arin

Will the Social Learner theme for LearnDash work without Buddypress?

I believe so but they’ll need to confirm which features (if any) or lost.

Do I need to purchase learn dash for social learner to work?

Avatar Dan

LearnDash and Social Learner are sold separately. Yes, LearnDash is needed for the course component of Social Learner.

Hi – can this theme be used with Elementor page-builder?

Avatar David

I am looking for a way for learners to contribute their own content tag it and share it.

Think about posting a link into facebook or whatsapp. You get a link, a thumbnail, who posted it and their narrative. I also want them to be able to add tags and then filter content by tag or person.

Its a sort of Pinterest idea but limited to a board and search, more like a lirary when anyone can share.

Liking and sharing and rating would be cool, but just a nice to have.

ANy suggestions please?

Being a Learndash fan I decided to purchase Social Learner Theme, but after having a look at their support forums and some other features, I am not confident that support is up to scratch.

Very nice LMS is getting huge importance in our educational systems. Very nice.

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