December 10th, 2014 Announcements

LearnDash Updates latestToday marks the final major update to LearnDash for the 2014 calendar year, and we hope that you are just as excited as we are about the possibilities that this new feature gives you for your courses.

As always, thank you all so much for your continued support of LearnDash.

Your ideas, suggestions, and kind words motivate us every single day to bring you the best WordPress LMS possible. Thank you!

Without further ado, onto the update!

Drip Lessons by Date

Quite some time ago we made it possible for you to sequentially drip-feed (schedule) your lesson content.

As a quick reminder, the scheduling mechanism in LearnDash allowed you to specify the number of days after course enrollment that the content should become visible.

For example, you could set Lesson 1 to be visible immediately, Lesson 2 to unlock two days later, and so on.

We were proud to be the first in the WordPress LMS industry to offer this feature as it allowed you to get creative with how you offered your courses, it helped to protect your content, and to limit the possibility of immediate refund requests.

Today this feature is growing up!

In addition to scheduling your content to become available “X” days after enrollment, you can also choose a specific date!

How To Schedule by Date

Setting your lesson content to appear by a certain date is pretty straight-forward, all you have to do is:

  1. Add a new Lesson
  2. Give the Lesson a title and add content
  3. At the bottom of the lesson, use the date selector field to select a date the content should become available.

That’s it! Your lesson will not be accessible until the specified date.

This is fantastic if you are offering one-off training events, limitied-time promotions, or perhaps an online course for your classroom.

How to Get This New Feature

This feature is now available in version 2.0.6 of LearnDash. Update to the latest version to receive access to this feature.

What’s Next?

Wow, 2014 has flown by!

We spent much of this year evolving LearnDash based on feedback we received as well as learning industry best-practices. We can say quite confidently that your suggestions have helped to make LearnDash the go-to learning management system across a large variety of industries!

Looking to the future, we have some major plans (some of which are currently going through testing). Not only will next year bring new features, but also entire new directions for LearnDash as we continue our ultimate goal of creating the most flexible learning management available.

We hope that you stay safe over the holidays and get an opportunity to relax, because we will be going full-speed in 2015!

Until next time!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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Much anticipated and requested!! Awesome! Thanks Justin.

Avatar Belal

Thanks Belal, glad you like the update!

Thanks you for listening to the community 🙂

But i’ve had a problem during the update:
Error message: No files on zip archive :-/

Thanks Luis! Give it a try now and if you still can’t get it working send us support ticket.

Hi Justin,

I’m really happy to have made the choice to learndash.
And I get every update, every new features, like a new door opening.
Thank you to the team and to you Justin.


Thank you Ludovic, we are happy to have you part of the LearnDash community!

Congratulations! 2014 has given us great satisfaction and “other things”;) but certainly one of the best was to contact Learndash and take your LCMS to our platform of services to our customers.

In addition to your technical talent, we feel well supported by your close attention to help us resolve our doubts and solve problems of new implementations in another language.

Warm regards for Kloe and for you, Justin.Thank you very much!

Happy New Year!


Thank you so much Mario for your extremely kind words! Happy New Year to you as well! 🙂

Very much appreciated. Here’s wishing you the best for the holidays and the years to come.

Avatar Celito

Great feature Justin
I had prepared a complicated excel template to calculate the days from course offering till when a specific lesson shoul be visible. I am going to delete that sheet right away! Happly Holidays and thanks for this gift!!!

Avatar Vivek Gupta

You’re very welcome Vivek!

This is fantastic! I’ve been wanting to offer a year-long mentoring program, with material to be released on specific dates throughout the year. This will help tremendously! And I’m so glad you’ve also integrated it with both Easy Digital Downloads and bbPress.

Avatar Debra

Great to hear Debra – I can see how this feature would certainly be useful for your year-long mentoring program!


Really appreciate the work you and your team are doing. Consider this your holiday greeting, and wishing you another great year ahead. I appreciate the effort.


Avatar Marc

Thanks for all the good work you did this year. I hope you will find the time to enjoy the christmas holidays as well.
What I wanted to know is, if there is the possibility to give a date to end the availability of a course. It would be most helpful in the situation of a subscription that ends at the end of a school year, for example.

Avatar Wim Mathijssen

Hi Wim-

Thanks for the note and kind words. You can currently expire course access after “x” number of days after enrollment. We’ll be looking to add a date selector to this as well.

How different the world would be if every company came up to your standards. I am always amazed a the work you do and the speed of the responses to questions. Happy Holidays. II too am very thankful not just for Learn Dash and my great decision to use it 🙂 but also for the administration that takes such joy in meeting and delighting the customer. Thanks for everything.

Justin, Great job! I applaud you on the amazing work you do to improve the LearnDash plugin. I am looking forward to seeing what you do in 2015.

Hi Justin. Does Learndash have the ability to easily injest, embed and disperse video in a restricted/secure manner?

Avatar Prabhat Varma

Hi Prabhat-
Thanks for the note! It’s probably easier to discuss what you’re looking to do in more detail (including the options) if you send us a quick note with some more info about your project, I’ll keep an eye out for it.

Thanks a lot. I was waiting for that one 🙂

Many thanks for your energy, ideas and effort you put into Leandash throughout 2014.
And all the best for 2015!


Great job Justin. 2014 has been a great year with updates!! Having LearnDash from the beginning, it’s amazing to think of all of the development in really a short period of time. I look forward to 2015, but for now take a well deserved break and enjoy the holidays!!


Avatar Jeff Slapp

Kindly include the NEGATIVE MARKING feature, it is one of the important aspects in MCQ based examinations and quizzes.

thank you so much for new updates Justin

Avatar Minakshee Soni

After being manhandled by our IT department for the last five years I am pleased to say that I am now liberated!!!!
LearnDash simply rocks!
Thank you LearnDash Team

Avatar Robert Slingsby

Is it possible to use LearnDash to email out content to individual course participants as a drip-feed? So for each individual who enrols, each one gets a series of emails at set intervals after their initial enrolment?
Thanks for a great LMS!

Avatar Ian Wallace

Hi Ian-

I suppose it depends on exactly what it is you’re looking to do with the emailed content. Send us a note here with further details and we can discuss in more detail.

I need to have the same course start on each saturday. Is that possible?
either …
a) telling the course to start once a week on saturday
or …
b) changing the specific date just after the course stared on the first saturday to the next saturday. Question here is: Will the lessons still drip when the course starts on the first saturday and I change the starting date then to the saturday one week later? Or will the content stop dripping until the second saturday starts?

Avatar Dreitausend

Thanks for the note. Once a course is published it is ‘live’ and available for registration. You can then deliver the content on a specific date or set the content to deliver “x” days after enrollment.


I’m trying to incorporate mailchimp with my lessons and i have one little issue.

My client wants emails for 1 course to be sent on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and that i did with mailchimp and i scheduled it by request of client to 6:00 a.m.

Problem is I don’t know at what time does lesson becomes available after it meets it’s set date.

What I’m asking is when you set your lesson in field “Make lesson visible on specific date” to be for example on 27th of April at what time will it be available ?

And question that is related to this one …. Can i adjust at what time (including date) lessons become available?

Thank you

Avatar Boris

Hi Boris-

Thanks for the note! If you set a lesson to become available on a certain date (for example, May 1). It will release at 00:00 AM (server time) on that day.

I ran into this YouTube video showing scheduling by Date and Groups can this be done in LD at this time?

acct under [email protected]

Avatar Mike Storzieri

Hi Mike-

This is a custom plugin created by UncannyOwl. I’m not sure they released it to the public but you can inquire with them at

I know this is an old post, but I have a question about this. Is there a way with this feature to schedule by a specific date, and only that date? For instance, I only want to make the course available for one day, and it expires when that day is complete?

Hi Brad-

Content can be scheduled on a specific date via Lessons, and courses can be marked to expire “x” days after enrollment. These two features can be aligned so that content is only available for one day and then course access removed entirely.

After enabling drip-feed, I can’t (pre-)view the page myself. It shows “available on: …”
I’m an admin for the wp-site. Any ideas?

Avatar Gaorii

Make sure you’re running latest version of LD. Please open a ticket if you need additional assistance.

There is a bug. If you switch the admin-panel language from English to another (for example, Russian), the value of the month is not recognized. You must manually enter the month in English, and not use the calendar.

Avatar Oleg Buylov

Can you tell me if the time is AM or PM? It listed the date I want it to launch and a time but I don’t know if that is am or pm.

Avatar Lisa Max

Feature uses 24 hour clock.

Great feature. It would be great to have this extended to the course level. That way, we can inform prospective buyers when the course starts eg. in 6 months time and extend the offering with live events and forum activities.

Avatar Stefan

How do I set the quiz to only be available on/from a certain date?

Attach a quiz to a lesson.

Is is possible to schedule a single topic?

Avatar Jan

hi Mr.Ferriman
i want to schedule my quizzes to future time ,i edit publish date of quiz (the wordpress setting on the left)but it doesn’t appear in course maker and front end,so i have to add password to all my quizzes set the publish date to now or before now and tell the pass to my students 5 min before exam start
this is way too annoying for me and students
what should i do? plz don’t tell me “Attach a quiz to a lesson.”
thank you

Avatar vahid

question, what if i have an automated course of 14 days. And I want a customer to receive the first day of the course 1 day after purchasing the course. Preferably client receives the day 1 of the course at 8am.

But…. I can’t set it on a specific date because it’s a paid program open for the whole year. But, if I do the option Enrollment-based I can only set Day 1 of the course on 1 days after course enrollment. But, then… how can i make sure they receive it 8am for the 1st and following day for everyone that signs up for the course?

Or is there a premium feature Im overlooking?

Thanks in advance

we have the exact samme issue. Have you been able to solve it?

Avatar Jakob D

Is there any option to schedule a quize to be open only in the 1st day of the month?

Is it possible to only apply the date rule only for students who have not previously finished the lesson?

Avatar Jakob Dehnisch

Not in the current settings, but maybe with Uncanny Automator (third party plugin).

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