November 7th, 2017 LearnDash Tips

Create your content once and you’re done! Re-use your Lessons, Topics, and Quizzes in any course – at any time!

Writing new update announcements is always enjoyable.

But even more so for today’s update!

After many months of development and testing it is with great pleasure to tell you about LearnDash Version 2.5 – a game changer for LearnDash and the way you create your online courses.

Let’s jump right into it!

Re-Use Your Content in Any Course

Have you watched the video at the top of this page? If not, please do.

And subscribe to our new YouTube channel while you’re at it. 😉

For years, one of the more frustrating aspects of any WordPress LMS has been the inability to take a lesson that you have created and re-use it in an entirely different course.

To do so, you have to create a copy (or clone) of the content and assign it to your new course, resulting in hundreds of lessons that are exactly the same.

This is no longer the case in LearnDash.

Starting today, any Lesson, Topic, or Quiz that you create can be used over-and-over again in any course. No need to create copies or clones of your content. Truly, it’s “one and done”.

Not only does this save you an incredible amount of time when creating new courses, but it also significantly decreases the amount of duplicate content (clutter!) on your site. Managing your course content just got way easier.

When you create new course content it gets added to your Content Library, available for use at any time!

Need to whip-up a quick Micro-Course? Easy, just select the Lessons you need and Publish.

LearnDash Course Builder

In order to make re-using your content quick & easy you can use the new visual course builder capabilities.

However, it’s not just useful for creating courses with existing content – use it to create brand-new courses in minutes!

The course builder is actually quite sophisticated, giving you the ability to:

  • Drag and drop your Lessons and Topics into the order you want
  • Create Lessons, Topics, & Quizzes in one click
  • Add nested Quizzes (Course-level, Lesson-level, Topic-level)
  • Shortcut editing of the content you create
  • Bulk move content
  • Re-use your existing content

To use the new builder, just create a new course and the Builder is located just below the Course Options.

You will also notice a “Builder” link next to each course listing so that you can navigate directly to the Builder if desired.

If you’re currently a LearnDash customer then you can find additional documentation on the support site.

New Permalink (URL) Structure

This update will make many of you quite happy. 🙂

When the option to re-use course content has been activated you will notice a new (nested) URL structure for your courses.

Instead of:

You now will see:

Besides being visually more appealing, this structure is also more SEO friendly.

This new structure is optional and you can continue using the current permalink structure if you prefer. However, if you activate the ability to re-use content in multiple courses, then this new permalink structure is required (and will update automatically).

Additional Updates Based on Your Feedback

In addition to these major updates we also made some tweaks to some other LearnDash functionality based on your feedback. For example:

  • Set upload size and file type limit for Assignments
  • Ability for users to delete submitted Assignments
  • Display non-enrolled courses with the [ld_course_list] shortcode
  • Option for the Admin to remove Quiz attempts from a user’s profile

For a full list of updates and fixes please see the changelog.

All of this new functionality is available for you today in LearnDash v2.5.

Giving You Access To The Latest E-Learning Trends

E-learning is always evolving, and this new course building capability will allow you to capitalize on the quickly growing micro-content trend.

Going forward we will continue to ensure that in LearnDash you have access to the latest trends and best practices in our industry.

On behalf of the entire LearnDash team I want to first thank you all for entrusting us with your online courses and learning programs. We are so incredibly grateful for the feedback and comments that you provide us on a daily basis. You have helped to make LearnDash what it is today – thank you!

As we close out the year we will be starting the planning phases for 2018. We already have some exciting updates mapped out, least of which being LearnDash 3.0!

Until next time!

PS: Subscribe to our new YouTube channel where we will be posting regular tips & tutorial for creating (and selling) your online courses!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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Simply put, you & LearnDash ROCK!

Thank you for this very timely update.


Thanks Evan, so glad you like the update!

Thanks. Any updates on reporting coming up any time soon?

Avatar Sadia Alam

Thanks Sadia! We recently released reporting updates for ProPanel.

This is awesome!!! Wonderful new feature!
Only question would be – how well does this integrate with Memberium? Meaning, if I reuse lessons, how can I still use tagging for access / completion etc? Just wondering.. Will start playing around with this super soon.

Thanks for the great work!

Yes, this is my primary question as well: If I reuse Lesson X in Course X in Course Y. Will a completion of Lesson X in Course X transfer over to course Y?

And, does it matter if the completion in Lesson X is done prior to the creation of course Y?

I am lucky since I can set up and re-run triggers with GrassBlade, but it would be good to know if this is available to the native course elements.

Avatar David Glow

Hi David-

If Lesson X is in two courses, then marking it complete in Course A will not mark it as complete in Course B.

Hi Justin
Is there any chance that this could be added as an option? I am thinking of courses that share common core lessons where credit could be given for previously-completed lessons.

Avatar Michael Largue

I agree with Michael, that would be nice ! I bought LearnDash in 2013 and I never used it yet because of how “rigid” the courses are. I’m not comparing with other plugins, I’m just saying that LMSs are following the (bad) trend of MOOCs with a single path you have to follow in order to achieve things. That’s not how learning works. I was therefore really happy to receive this update but I see that there is still some work needed before I can use it. I really do appreciate the effort you put in the plugin though and I really think it’s the best choice for WP users. It’s just that sometimes I wish you were disrupting and innovating instead of following on the trends of the industry.

Avatar Fred - FLQ

It’s not out of the realm of possibility. Now that we have the infrastructure in place we can see how people (like you) are using it and what iterations/advancements make sense.

+1 for Michael’s comment. If a learner sees the same lesson in two courses, you don’t want to waste their time going through it again, it would seem unintelligent.

I’m not saying LearnDash is unintelligent, on the contrary, but I’d imagine this new feature wasn’t designed with a learner doing the same lesson in two different courses in mind.

Big high-five for the progress made; I’ve had a look at the course builder and think it’s fantastic and perfectly time for my upcoming and first online course.

Avatar Joe Williams

For me the same, would be great if marking it complete in one course that it would be marked complete in another and it is reflected in course progress.

Would also be great to reuse the entire lesson including topics linked to a lesson but I can see how that would make things more complicated.

In any case, an AMAZING update! Drag&drop + reusing content were my 2 top requests…

+1 for the idea that a lesson and/or topic completion can be transferred over to the new course. This way, if I have two or more tracks that share content, (which I do,) credit for learning in one course can be transferred over to the new one.

FREAKING AWESOME! Thank you LD for making this happen.

110% agree – well done Justin

This is huge… I have been struggling to create a special needs website that builds IEP’s on the fly…. two years now and Learndash was the closest thing.

Building a site for a special needs environment means the student is actually the class, because no other student will have the same education profile needs they will have. Now I can easily create a unique course and assign one student to it because they will be at different levels for any given topic in any given subject. THANKS!!!!

The donkey work is adding all of the subjects and topics in across 8 different grade levels

Avatar kevin Hall


That’s a great idea. I’ve been struggling to think how I might utilise a pool of “lessons” to build an individual training plan for certain teams/individual staff.

Together with this new feature, I should be able to cobble together something quite exciting.

Just need to find another 24 hours in a week!!


Amazing storytelling by Justin. Amazing update, let’s go!!

Yes Yes Yes!
I’ve been waiting for this! Thank you so much for adding this functionality. You guys are the best.

Thank you Matt! I’m glad to hear that you’ll be putting this functionality to use!

Hey Justin,
wow, what an update! The possibility of using lessons in multiple courses is FANTASTIC!

Thanks for the great work and the ongoing development of LearnDash!

Best wishes, Martin

Thanks for the kind words Martin!

I could not be happier! This new functionality may have been designed to facilitate course creation but the drag-and-drop functionality really helps the designer visualize and improve the course hierarchy. This is a real positive game-changer for the way we will be setting up our work methods and will help us get our project management back on track. Thank you, LD!

Avatar Mike Pozesny

Great! Thank you very much for this new feature!

Love the drag and drop functionality. Respect!
Will be interesting to see how the left hand pane copes with a lot of content to sift through.

Avatar Donal Elsted

Thanks Donald! Good point regarding content. The left pane allows for pagination. We also included a setting so that you can determine how many lessons/topics/quizzes display under each.

Hi Justin – very timely. Its EXACLTY what I have been waiting for…;-)

A few questions:

* Is it possible to create new quizzes (ex: FINAL QUIZ) by re-using existing questions coming out of a variety of (different quizzes)?
* Can I access questions in the form of a ‘question bank” that is made available course-wide?
* Is it possible to edit questions in the newly created FINAL QUIZ – and what happens to the original question when I do that? Is the original question edited at the same time?, ie. is there actually only one and the same question that is mirrored in the new FINAL QUIZ – and changes to that question apply to wherever that question is displayed?


Thanks Stephen!

1. Not part of this update, but already possible with the ‘copy questions’ feature in the quiz.
2. See above.
3. If you update questions in a quiz and that quiz is assigned to a specific course, the same update applies to anywhere that quiz is assigned.

Thanks for the questions! Quizzes are next up for enhancements so jotting down your ideas to review further.

Justin, this is great. To clarify your answer though:

“3. If you update questions in a quiz and that quiz is assigned to a specific course, the same update applies to anywhere that quiz is assigned.”

Is the content updated anywhere that quiz (or other) is assigned within the course or across all courses?

Avatar Jonathan

If you update the quiz/questions, it will be updated wherever it is being used.

Hi Justin, this is amazing! Thank you!
Just to further clarify:

“3. If you update questions in a quiz and that quiz is assigned to a specific course, the same update applies to anywhere that quiz is assigned.”

Is this also true for lessons and topics? Or is it possible to edit/update reused topics and/or lessons without affecting the source topics and/or lessons?

Avatar Jezrelle

Yes! This is such an upgrade. I have been creating and keeping up to date the same content in multiple courses. No more. Thank you!

Avatar Kevin Walsh

Wow! Nice!

Developers of other LMS should really be alerted to wear adult diapers while they watch this video.

Avatar Todd

Happy you like the update Todd!

Joking aside- can you patent this? That would be great.

Avatar David Glow

Awesome stuff! I can’t wait to start using the builder and making minicourses. Fantastic!

Thank you James, can’t wait to see what you create!

HOORAY!!! I’ve been on pins and needles about the reuse lessons feature! Drag and Drop builder, Breadcrumbs, and YT controls fix are definitely a bonus. Any chance admins can finally have ability
to “unapprove” Assignments (similar to marking comments as Spam)?

🙂 Great to hear Robert! Will note the suggestion above removing assignment approvals!

Well Justin, this is amazing, you left me speechless. You really know what this industry needs

Avatar Giulio


Avatar Wilco

Thanks Wilco, we think so too!

Brilliant update and very timely for me. Many thanks.

Avatar Eamonn Conlon

Die neuen Features klingen wirklich sehr verlockend. Ich habe meinen ersten Kurs zwar noch nicht veröffentlicht, aber ich glaube schon jetzt, dass ich mich für das richtige PlugIn entschieden habe. Ich bin sehr gespannt!

Avatar silke

Vielen Dank. Wir freuen uns, dass Sie das Update mögen!

Sei ehrlich, sprichst du Deutsch oder hast du Google übersetzt?

Outstanding! Great work LearnDash!

This is an incredible and timely update. Thank you for always looking forward and making everything happen.

This is a great update indeed. I would have used it at least 10 times by now (which means I have A LOT of cleanup to do).

I am wondering how it works with membership integrations (like Memberpress) in terms of the membership site uses rules to protect certain pages or courses. Can you share if the pages are in-fact being duplicated or if the original page is being used and needs to have access allowed by all memberships that would need to access it?

And to clarify, if I use the same lesson multiple times in different courses, I would only have to update the one lesson page in any of the courses it is used in? (like a global page – update it once and the changes show everywhere).

Avatar Amy

Hi Amy-
Shouldn’t be an issue with a membership plugin that is protecting courses. In the case of MemberPress, the integration is only for enrollment. Course content protection actually happens on the LearnDash side.

Such a timely update. One of my courses is a mega-course with 52 lessons, and have been thinking it would be nice to break it down into multiple smaller courses for those who find the giant course too much. Now I can do this easily and quickly. LOVE IT!

Yes – timely indeed! Great to hear that you can use it right away!

Absolutely! I am doing this as well. I want to provide tiered solutions and this feature is definitely needed vs cloning an entire course or replicating topics. Can’t wait to use this.

how do i do the update?

From your dashboard or manually. Details here.

I just found, thanks. its amazing. i was translating all to portuguese and spanish, now, will save me a ton of hours.
Rony Jabour

after the update, my quizzes is not working anymore,
when the student finish the course, click in quiz, the quiz have to start automatic, but appear the button start quiz, if you click in it, nothing happen.
when click in PRINT YOUR CERTIFICATE, certificate does not show up anymore.
do you have any idea whats going on?

First, make sure you clear your site/browser cache. That should clear it up.

If you still encounter an issue on your site, please open a ticket with support and include admin & ftp access to your site so we can assist you.

Hello Rony, i’ve got the same. tried different browsers, devices and usernames. But the quizes don’t work anymore. When i preview a quiz it works fine. The path is for example But when i try to open the quiz in the course (from the frontend) the path is and it doesn’t work. Is your problem solved?

Avatar Ron van Dulmen

Please update to version 2.5.1.

I saw there is a new update that solved the problem. Thanks

Avatar Ron van Dulmen

Just one thing (as i sid i’m new here): after an update the languagesfiles (in my case learndash-nl_NL.po) are overwritten. The changes i’v made are gone (example: next -> volgende). When i upload the earlier file i changed, is there a risk that problems accure with new features? The custom labels are not enough for me and the Dutch translation could be much better. Or is there an other way to keep te translation-changes i made?

Avatar Ron van Dulmen

Language files are always overwritten on updates. You can put them in another folder to preserve them. Make a plugins folder in wp-content/languages so the path is /wp-content/languages/plugins and put your saved .po and .mo files in there.

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I asked this question only a month ago and thrilled it’s being rolled out. Quick question. I have already created courses using the current Learndash. If I update the Learndash plugin, will it impact my current structure of courses?
Want to avoid any mishaps. It’s taken me 8 months to prepare what I have so far and just want to be sure. Thanks and bravo for getting this feature in! Big time save!

Great to hear Arvind! The new version preserves your current course structure. It’s always good practice to back-up your site before making an update.

That’s super cool feature!
Thank you for great job!

Thank you Konstanty, happy to hear you like the update!

Very nice update! Saves a lot off time and makes building courses easier. Learndash is a great LMS. We going to use it for the online courses we start early 2018. But one, off-topic question, why isn’t there a “start course”-button you can put in the course-description? Similar to the “Take this course” and “resume”-buttons? Now a student, after prurchase, has to click on the first Lesson in the contentlist or navigationsidebar. But i don’t think that is obvious to everyone. Would be a nice feature.

Avatar Ron van Dulmen

Thank you Ron! Depending on how you sell your courses you can actually choose to redirect a learner directly to Lesson 1 so they don’t have to click anything! This is easy to do with WooCommerce, for example.

Thanks, i’ll take a look at that (we also use WooCommerce). Still learning the software, but as i said, it’s great.

Avatar Ron van Dulmen

Great job! Congratulations and thanks!

Avatar Alain Lesage

Amazing!!! Love, love, LOVE it 🙂
Well done Justin – thanks for blazing the trail!

Avatar Steve

Really happy to hear that you like it Steve!

Thanks Justin, This is a great update indeed

Awesome update¡¡

Thanks folks

Avatar Ximo

i need help.
I just did the update.
i go to add course,
I see learndash course builder,
I see the place called Lessons, but there is no lessons there.
same thing with topics and quizzes.
i have about 30 lessons, 10 topics and 30 quizzes, none of them show up there in new course page.
whats should i do?

Go to LEARNDASH LMS > COURSES > COURSE OPTIONS and activate the Shared Course Steps setting. Make sure to read the documentation so you know the scope of the setting and its impacts.

you’re the man,
God bless you.

You state in this article “Display non-enrolled courses with the [ld_course_list] shortcode”, however this shortcode displays all courses (enrolled and unenrolled). What is the short code to display all courses a user is NOT already enrolled in?

Use the course shortcode wizard and you will see a setting to specify non-enrolled courses.

It will then look like this:

[ld_course_list mycourses="not-enrolled"]

Hi Justin,
Thank you for this update. The possibility to use topics and lessons in more than one course is a great time and space saver and makes updating course materials so much easier.
The visual coursebuilder is an unexpected but very nice bonus!

Hi Justin!

Such great news, respect. Congratulations on all the work and soul you guys put into helping us and our courses. So inspiring and encouraging for us to keep working towards improving our own courses 🙂

Quick questions about this new feature:

– I’ve read in the comments that completing Lesson X in Course A does not grant completion of such a lesson in Course B, if both have it. How does the plugin handle this? Is it actually a new wordpress page with the same settings or does LD pull that info from the database working with just one single lesson? I’m just saying because it would be really handy to be able to use the same lesson but just edit its name on Course B, to make it look like a completely different lesson (say, for example, you want to name it differently to make it fit in better in the context of the syllabus).

– If we update our version now, will we see our existing courses with this new builder, to be able to move around existing lessons, hierarchy, etc? I’m halfway through the creation of a second course and this would come in really handy.

Feedback for you guys and future updates proposal:

– The process whereby students can see their assignments’ grading is a bit hard and slow, as they have to go to their panel, expand the course, spot the quiz, click on it, click on view, etc. It would be a lot easier if they could just open a pop-up and see the comments or have a separate section to review every assignment/essay and check the tutor’s comments.

– The Private Sessions add-on was amazing but I think it would be a game changer if it allowed student to teacher communication and not only teacher to student. This way courses would have their own “internal messaging service”, like an internal whatsapp or slack.

– An update on adaptive learning would make LD more unbeatable. It doesn’t have to use complex AI, just a way of taking a student to different lessons of a given course based on quiz assessment, even if it required us to spend more time pondering the hierarchy of the course and possible paths. I think that’s the next trend in e-learning and I’m sure you guys have already thought about this as you seem to be always ahead of everyone else. Just my two cents 🙂

Thanks again Justin!!

Avatar David Palencia

You are correct. If a lesson in one course is marked complete, it’s not marked complete in another. We reworked course progress recording to accommodate this need and allow for sharing of content.

When you update you have to turn on the Shared Course Steps setting (under Course Options) before you see your lessons in the builder. Please make sure to read the documentation to understand the scope of this setting.

Also, thank you so much for the additional suggestions and feedback!

Really great. This is a major update in the course building experience. Love how you updated the permalinks, too.
Thanks again,
Marc S.

Avatar Marc S.

Well Done! Very nice and will save a ton of time.

Great update!! Thanks!

Avatar Antoine

This is great news. These properties are not found elsewhere

Glad to hear you like the update!

This is amazing news! One quick question: if we update the permalink structure, will old links automatically be forwarded?


Avatar Eva

Glad you like it Eva! If you update permalink structure then the permalinks for all course content (lessons/topics/quizzes assigned to courses) will update accordingly.

Well done guys. Doing great things for the eLearning and LMS community with this update.

Avatar Stephen Burke

Hey Justin,

That’s really really great news! At times we were frustrated to arrange the topics and lessons.

This will boost our productivity at Feltsecure!

Keep up the good work!


Great! I’m glad that this will have a positive impact for you!

Wow – these are awesome updates, Justin! Thank you so much to you and your team — some of these changes are perfect timing for one of my client’s courses that I was going to have to clone, but not anymore!! 😀 Thank you!!

Avatar Ursula

Fantastic! Glad that the timing worked out so well for you. 🙂

Fantastic update guys!!!!
Small question:
Let’s say I want to update a topic across all courses it appears in, will updating it in one place reflect everywhere? If so, which topic do I modify?
Thanks a lot

Thanks Erez!

Yes, updating the Topic will update it wherever it is used.

Fantastic! – huge timesaver.

Avatar erez

Hi Justin,

This is a cool update. How do you suggest we handle the changes to the URL’s other than manually creating 301 redirects for all the changes? Does Learndash manage the 301s?



Hi Matt,

You should just be able to go to SETTINGS > PERMALINKS and select the updated permalink structure. This will update the URLs automatically in all your courses.

Hi Justin,

I was thinking from an SEO point of view. If you have courses indexed by Google, changing the permalink will break the link from Google’s database. I’m guessing people will have to make a list of their current URL’s and use a plugin to create redirects to the new URLs. There’s plugins that will do this in bulk if need be.

Hey Justin,

We have been using LD for some time now with our customers. We have taken the next step and taken all the LD results and passed them through high end analytical software. We do this as we are starting to introduce AI, where, based on particular LD results, automatically recommend further topics that students need to cover to improve maths. With further collection of data, we will start to predict where the student will struggle based on certain results.

Unfortunately, upgrading LD is sometime complex/impossible if there are changes to table names, introduction of new tables and new ways the platform operates. As our analytics reads certain tables/fields from MySQL and does some complex manipulations to create AI, any changes to how LD data is stored within MySQL creates huge problems.

I know that our business defiantly needs this upgrade, but scared of the flow on effects that it will have with the other parts of the business.

Looks unbelievable!

Avatar Phil

Thanks for the comment, Phil! I hope your team can figure out a way to merge in the updates while preserving your custom configuration.

This will help us create “Tripwire” mini/micro courses of our content without being forced to sell specific courses from our membership site. All courses are included in membership, but when doing lead gens we’d like to have the tripwire customized to the lead gen. Now we can, very easily. This is awesome.

The other thing this does is allows us to MUCH more easily create/update our “Roadmap”. We can now spin up courses on the fly for each stop on the map and name it specifically that stop. Add lessons (that already exist) to the stop that specifically line up with that part of our customer’s “Journey” then rinse/repeat for the entire Roadmap. Now we don’t have to redo courses/re-record/copy/change/etc. Our course catalog can stay the same, while simultaneously re-arranging content for our Roadmap. This is amazing.

I realize why you did this, and I’m glad you did, but is there a way to toggle whether or not completing Lesson X in Course A also completes it in Course B? This could be helpful in certain situations.

I love this reply… I smell a blog post coming. 🙂

Regarding your question, the short answer is “not yet”. We are gauging use of this new functionality and will make iterations based on feedback. I’m jotting down this feedback.

Most people who have an issue with this, have lessons that need to be updated for this sort of modular design (including us). So it makes sense that longer lessons should be marked in both spots. Another example, is the “Roadmap” I spoke about above. To me it makes sense to mark them complete in both spots in case they take the course later. This ultimately isn’t as big a deal as I initially thought it was though. 1) Repetition is actually a good thing for e-learning. 2) Hit “mark complete” and move on. It’s not that hard… lol. Still I’d like to have the option. But, in my opinion, it would need to be per course. “All lessons marked complete in this course will mark complete in all other courses”. Toggle it on off. Because I definitely don’t want this to be site wide toggle.

However, there are a LOT of times where we don’t need it marked in both spots. In fact it would be down right confusing if it was. And if we are making lessons specifically for this type of feature that are VERY short, about VERY specific topics, without any continuity so that they are truly modular, then marking them complete in multiple places doesn’t make sense. In this scenario, there could be multiple courses with the same micro-lessons as building blocks that don’t require much time to retake and are substantially important to the topic at hand so re-engaging with the subject matter is totally worth it.

Oh my gosh. This is AMAZING! I’ve needed this for over two years now! I’m so excited!

Since I have already created two groups of three courses that have duplicate resources associated with them, what is the best way to convert them to this new system?

I’m betting that if I delete the duplicates and associate the originals with the secondary courses, my students’ progress in the secondary courses would be lost, correct?

So, what is the best way to convert previously duplicated resources to this new system? I would love to clean up my database! 🙂

Avatar M

This sounds like a great time-saver.

One question: If I was to drag and drop some lessons and topics from COURSE A to COURSE B, and then alter the content in the lessons and topics in COURSE B, does it automatically change the content in COURSE A’s associated lessons and topics also? If yes, is there a better way to copy and edit for a slightly different course result, from A to B?

Avatar Angela

Let’s say you have LESSON X, and LESSON X is in COURSE A and COURSE B. If you update the content in the lesson, then the update will be reflected in any course that the lesson is assigned to (in this case, COURSE A and COURSE B).

Which means you will be able to change LESSIONS / TOPICS and QUIZZES only on the repository side. If you need different content (which could be very similar) on two courses, than you need to duplicate and assign the new LESSION.

Thank You Justin,

Learndash is better and better. I’m glad to support you.

Avatar palamike

This looks awesome!
I currently have 2.4.7 installed and it doesn’t have an “update” option on the plugin page. Do I need to uninstall the learndash plugin and reinstall 2.5?

If you have the correct license credentials in place you should see the notice. See this article (which includes options for updating) including how to initiate the API.

The update looks amazing, great work Justin and team! I’m particularly looking forward to trying the builder UI and being able to easily re-arrange lessons/topics within a course as the plugin I was using to re-order WP pages was very clunky to use.

Avatar Alberto

Will this update work with all the Addons Like MemberPress and the LD Visual Editor?

Avatar Michael

I’m going to update tomorrow, will the existing Courses, Lessons, etc. already created be affected and if they will how or what will we need to do?

Avatar Michael

Hi Justin,

great stuff, really helpful and a big evolvement also for our site.
Just a question, we have multiple teachers, we use WISDM Front End Course Creation plugin to separate each teacher. Is it now possible to have multiple authors per Course / Lesson / Topic.
That would be cool as well.


Thanks for the comment! Courses/Lessons/Topics can only have one published author (per the WordPress default).


This is a real game changer. Congratulations and thank you very much for all your efforts! 🙂

i already have installed the version 2.4.3 in my website so what i have to do to use this update in my website.

Version 2.4.3 of LD is quite dated. You’ll be better off manually updating.


One suggestion: It would be great to add an internal name for lessons/topics. If I have 20 courses, all have something like “Intro”, “Welcome”, “Roadmap”, “Final Thoughts”, “Thank You” etc. In the lessons-list all these lessons have the same name.

So, it would be very cool to see the already assigned courses in the list view or to use internal names instead, ie “Welcome Course A”

Good work 🙂

Avatar Marco

Waouh !
But first question… What about content dripping ?
If I create a small course using the content of a bigger one with content dripped at the 60th day of the big one, should the students of the small course have to wait 60 days to see the content ?

Avatar Cedric

Thanks Justin and Team… You’re rocks again.
Great work!

1) It would be nice if we could filter lessons/topics by tags. This would allow us to have a LOT of micro lessons/topics and easily find what we need when creating new content.

2) Let us attach topics to lessons. I realize you can select multiples and drag/drop; however, if you have a lot of lessons and a lot of topics and you use the same lesson with the same three topics a lot, it’s a bit tedious to have to find the lesson and topics and group them together each time. Especially if the topics are not sorted next to each other. This can be “hacked” using naming conventions but they still wouldn’t be associated to the lesson.

P.S. We don’t even have any topics at this point. I just foresee this being an issue. We plan to re-record all of our content to make it MUCH more modular in bite-sized pieces to take full advantage of this breakthrough. In doing so, I feel we will be using topics a lot more and it would be much easier on us if we could drag a lesson over and all it’s topics make the move. Obviously this needs to be optional. We would set up the link ahead of time. Then we drag lesson over to current course and topics populate underneath it but they are not locked in. You can remove them from the current course or rearrange.

This is an awesome update! Great work LearnDash team.

Question: The other HUGE feature we are looking forward to is the API….could you drop a hint as to whether or not we would see that this year?

for some reason ALL of my lessons aren’t showing up in on the left side? can we reuse lessons that are already used in other courses? did i miss something?

Avatar Dre

Go to LEARNDASH LMS > COURSES > COURSE OPTIONS and activate the Shared Course Steps setting. Make sure to read the documentation so you know the scope of the setting and its impacts.

Hi Justin,
I have just been recommended LearnDash
We have course in 4 different languages EN- Fr- D and ES.
Are the headers easily readable in the right language? Do we use something like WPML or can you build the course directly in the appropriate language ? Thanks !

I have a question about custom roles.
At the moment, teacher sees all existing lessons/topic/quize in the builder. Can you make him see only his own?

Avatar Oleg Buylov

Sorry, I will clarify the previous comment.
I want to say: can I make the builder look at how custom roles are configured?

Avatar Oleg Buylov

Hi Oleg,
Thanks for the note! At this time this isn’t supported, but we are actively gathering feedback so we can continue refining this functionality.

Just upgraded (including user data upgrade). The course builder is only showing 2 lessons (of at least 50) and 6 topics (of hundreds) from all of the lessons and topics I have. It lists all of the quizzes, however.
Why aren’t the other lessons and topics showing?

Avatar Donal Elsted

Activate shared course steps, but make sure to read the documentation before you do to understand the scope of this setting.

Hi Justin,

Thank you for the new awesome feature!

A question here:
Let’s say I configure/design a course page (just called it Master “template”) for a Course 123 on Domain A. Is there any function within Learndash where I can download the Master “template” (from domain A) and upload it for making the “template” page as a course page for Course 456 on a new Domain B? [both domain A & B using Learndash]

Thank you for your comments in advance!

Avatar Andrew Su

Awesome. Good work. Is there a shortcode for enrolled courses or a way to format enrolled vs. non-enrolled courses?

Avatar Rose

Yup, sure is! Just use the shortcode wizard and you’ll see options for enrolled vs. non-enrolled.

Is there a way to set different release dates for lessons in each course. For example I have a course called November and a course called December. In both those course I share some lessons but have a new lesson available everyday. It seems at the moment that this and drip feeding is not really possible in the shared model unless I am missing something.

Avatar Kevin

If a lesson has a drip setting of “24hrs”, then that currently applies to any course it is assigned to.

If you are using the “make visible on” rather than drip setting – does this still apply?

Justin, this by far must be the best update yet!! Thanks for the continued AWESOMENESS you keep bringing to LearnDash!!

Awesome work guys, this is perfect timing for me. I wanted to create a free course from an existing course to make available outside of my membership and was just about to crete from scratch.
This will make it so much easier.
Thx guys awesome 🙂

Thanks Andy, happy you like it!

Glad to see this! I was really in doubt on learndash, because testing teachable is so fast and easy to publish an online course – and I think this is really important – to be able to put a course up real fast without endless administration pain points. Now I think I’m going to buy myself a license. Thank you and I hope to see other updates on making the administration as easy as possible! We, content creators must focus on content and not the administration of a course!

Glad to hear it Tudor! 🙂

Hi, can I filter the questions by tag and do the wrong answers students performance analysis through it? Thank you!

No, that isn’t a feature in the quiz.

Hey Justin

great update! Can I ask – if I have a course and want to duplicate some lessons to a new course – but I only want to make them visible a few weeks later – will changing the “make visible on” date change it for both the lesson in the new course AND the original course? Or are you able to change the make visible date different on just one course?

Thanks Che! One lesson cannot have two different drip schedules.


My links like this –

now go to the courses link?

Any ideas?

Hi Nicola – we’d be happy to help with any questions you may have. Please open a support ticket if you need assistance.

Great update Justin and LD team. The URL change is on fleek.

Does this eliminate to buy this add-on below to CLONE/COPY a whole course?

I need to do this with quite a few things… create an exact CLONE of a courses, for tracking reasons…

Looks like that add-on makes this super-easy… Ooops, and I just notice it’s FREE anyway. (That 3rd-party add on.)
So, it seems like there is NO native function in LD to do the same thing, right?

Avatar Falk

Hi Justin,
when will this be available? I think I need this like NOW!!!!

Avatar Mike

It’s been available since the original date of the article (November 2017) 🙂

Hi Justin!
Are you going to add the ability to mark a lesson as complete in multiple courses?

Avatar Sergey

Thanks for the comment. No, lessons marked complete will only apply to the course it is assigned to.

This is a great feature, but ive found that when Enable Nested URLs is enabled the page preview when creating a course is broken. The link generated simply takes you back to yoursite/courses, not to the full url.

You are absolutely right! There’s a buggy behevior. Because in some places the new nested link doesn’t support. For example, If you have admin role you can see standalone course steps (Lesson or topic) with preview button, but if you have a non-admin role – You can’t see standalone course steps and you’ll be redirected to yoursite/courses page.
This problem doesn’t fix in LearnDash 3. And it’s terrible! Because that – doesn’t work Elementor bage builder for non-admin user’s with capacities to create and edit courses.

Do you think there will be a ‘duplicate’ lessons/courses/topic or quizzes feature in the future?

I think it would save a lot of time if you have a similar quiz structure within the same course to be able to duplicate it, then make the alterations after. There are a lot of settings to adjust every time you create a new quiz especially.

Is this no longer a feature within Learndash?

In the course drag and drop feature it only shows lessons that are specifically assigned to that individual course, and you only have the ability to assign a lesson to one course in the creator. Unless I’m missing something I can’t find a way to assign the lesson to multiple courses.

Learndash version 2.6.3

Avatar Kate

Definitely still a feature 🙂 … You have to enable shared course steps in options. Open a ticket if you’re stuck.

PS- the quiz library isn’t even searchable from the quiz builder! Major regression, or UI disaster?

Avatar Dan

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