May 7th, 2014 Announcements

LearnDash Updates latestAs we mentioned in our last update, we are currently heads-down with a pretty exciting redesign of the LearnDash administration experience based on user feedback and UI best-practices.

We are making progress here, but there is still work to be done. So, we figured that until then there wasn’t any reason why we couldn’t provide you all with some additional tools to play with!

Today we are happy to announce the latest LearnDash integration, Event Espresso!

What is Event Espresso?


If you are in need of live event registration and ticket management, then you need Event Espresso.

Simply put, the team behind this powerful WordPress plugin are the industry leaders when it comes to this kind of thing. Recently, they released their latest version, Event Espresso 4, boasting all the options you could ever need when it comes to hosting an event.

Anyone who has the need for attendance and ticket management will benefit from this product. Anything from fundraisers, schools programs, classroom registrations, and more can be easily handled by Event Espresso.

Why LearnDash & Event Espresso?

One thing we know to be true about the elearning industry is that often elearning courses are accompanied by live training events:

  • Seminars will have an online component to supplement the training.
  • School classrooms will encourage students to log into an elearning course during off-hours as a means for enhancing learning.
  • Certifying programs provide continued post-event training to attendees.

With this concept in mind, we have created a way for you to easily deliver this online component with your live training.

What Does the Integration Do?

  • Easily map an event to a course: When creating your event, all that is needed is for you to select the course that is associated with the event.
  • Associate one, or many, courses: You can associate just one course, or multiple, with this integration. As soon as someone signs-up for the event, they are then enrolled into all of the associated online courses.
  • Drip-feed course content leading up to an event: Leveraging the LearnDash drip-sequence feature, your event attendees can be delivered valuable training content leading up to the live event, or even the weeks following the actual event.
  • Works with any Event Espresso payment gateway: Whether you are selling events or giving away free tickets, the integration will still auto-enroll event attendees into online courses.

How to Use The Integration

1. Purchase and activate Event Espresso Version 4 (keep reading for a special offer).

2. Download, install, and activate the LearnDash-Event Espresso integration from the LearnDash support site. The integration will create a new “LearnDash” menu option under the Advanced Settings so that you can associate your event with LearnDash courses.


3. Once you publish an event with an associated course, registered site users will be auto-enrolled into the course once signing-up for an Event Espresso event.

Don’t Have Event Espresso 4?

In light of the launch of this integration, the kind folks at Event Espresso are offering LearnDash users a 10% discount (expires May 31, 2014) for their PERSONAL and DEVELOPER licenses.

Click Here for the Personal License.

Click Here for the Developer License.

What’s Next?

We are excited to get this integration into your hands, but we are just as excited about what is around the corner for LearnDash.

Based on your feedback, we are continuing the redesign of the LearnDash admin user interface. As always though, you can expect some pleasant suprises along the way.

Thank you all again for your continued support and commitment to LearnDash – we couldn’t do it without you!

Until next time!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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Thanks for another great update justin

Good work Justin! Although this particular update doesn’t apply to my business, I’m always impressed by your commitment to improving your product. Looking forward to seeing what comes next!

Thank you David, much appreciated!

Just wanted to say thanks for the update! Your product is SO great, I can’t wait to see what other things you have in store.

One idea (perhaps this is already possible and I am unaware); I have other people that add training and it would be great if there was a front-end solution for them to submit it themselves – it would go into a draft and alert me to review. Just a thought!

Otherwise, love!


Thank you Amanda, that is a good idea too!

This would be a great addition. Allowing content contributors to submit to a draft would save a lot of time and effort. I imagine some sort of template or structure would be required. The only real alternative now is to allow contributors access to the backend. While our contributors are wonderfully expert in their professional area, they aren’t experienced with WordPress and LearnDash.

Avatar Steven

Yes, this looks interesting and will help better monetize the special/guest lectures.

Great idea Darshan! Having two versions of the same lecture, except one has the up-sell of continued elearning – lots of possibilities!

Thanks for a great update. Any chance there will be similar integration with Event Manager?

Avatar Jonathan Ballou

Thanks Jonathan – it’s possible, I suppose we’ll need to gauge the response to this integration before adding similar solutions.

Any news on integration respectively compatibility with OP2?

Avatar Anna

Hi Anna, thanks for the comment! Some users have indicated that they are using the OP2 theme with LearnDash – that said we haven’t built out any specific integration.


Does this plugin allow us to host events directly on our websites? Sort of like a gotomeeting?

Avatar Manuela

Hi Manuela-
Thank for the note. Event Espresso is ideal for event and ticket management for physical locations. This integration adds an elearning component, which could be leveraged to deliver live training (using a WordPress gotomeeting plugin, or something similar).


I like the way how LearnDash keeps evolving and I am certainly glad that I made the purchase of LearnDash. Looking forward to more additions. Just to check, will there be an easier way to add quiz questions? it is rather tedious now!

Thanks for the comment – once we get the UI redesign in place, we’ll be in a better position to enhance the quizzing. If you have any specific suggestions, make sure to submit them on the support site!

Oooo – this sounds like a great thing! Can’t wait for easier quiz set up!!

Hi Justin,
Your LMS is the reason we’ve decided to develop our new site in WordPress. Prior to your announcement, we recently made the decision to use Event Espresso as well, so this is welcome news indeed! Keep up the great work!

Avatar Brent Ross

Good timing! Thanks for the kind words Brent, glad to hear that we are part of your LMS plans, we’ll keep chuggin’ away to improve the offering 🙂

Great to be on board with a developer who has a really strong vision for the product. Look forward to te next update!

Avatar Vik

I was just having a conversation with our business partners this week about using both these plugins but how using them together might be difficult. This is SENSATIONAL NEWS!! Event Espresso rocks – I used it in another project and it’s powerful and is a great complement to Learn Dash!

Great to hear Stephanie!


I want to say congrats first.
I’m also hoping that you can update learndash plugin for quiz soon.

Avatar rnedivi

Hi Justin,

Great feature. I am in the process of setting up a new LMS and was struggling with this exact issue. “What if some of our training is face-to-face?” None of my solutions was particular elegant…. So good to hear that the solution was to… well… Get a good night sleep! 🙂

Will you be adding this to the Learndash demo website?

Actually, thinking even further, perhaps provide the content of the demo site as a reference implementation?
Similar to what the THE7 theme guys do:
One (=you :-)) could implement a couple of obvious use cases to show you think the content should be structured and linked.

Anyway, great to see the progress!

Btw: The discount code didn’t work for me. I’ve asked pre-sales to look into it. The error was: “Sorry, this coupon code cannot be used with this product.” when buying a personal license. I’m sure they’ll fix it.


Hi Stephan-
Many thanks for the note and I appreciate the suggestions – something we can definitely consider. For the discount code, it should be automatically applied (there is a notice on the page when you click one of the links). Send them a note though and they’ll get you squared away.

I’m wondering how this works with some of the other LD integrations? For example if PMPro is being used does a PMPro membership level associated with a LD course or courses also protect access to the Expresso event?

Hi James, thanks for the comment. This integration doesn’t directly integrate with PMPro. Another integration would be needed as Event Espresso operates on custom post types as well.

The correct discount codes:

Don’t tell them until I’ve bought it, but it’s actually 50% off!!!
$49 for a personal (1 site), $199 for a dev (5 sites) license!


Thanks Stephan, those links look similar to what we had originally, but I updated the post just in case 🙂

Hi Justin,

Yeah, I had to copy them (new and old) above each other in notepad to compare. There was a “?” changed to the a “&”, which made sense to make the URL valid 🙂

Have fun!

Just to be clear, this integration works with EE4 only, not EE3, correct?

Avatar Bob

Hi Justin,

Since this integration only works with EE4 how does this integration allow access for a Learn Dash customer profile. EE4 doesn’t currently integrate with the WP user functionality and as far as I understand Learn Dash does. So my question is when an event is purchased in EE4 does the Learn Dash integration create a WP user account to allow access to the Learn Dash course?

Hi Joseph-

In order to be mapped to a course, a user must be logged in when purchasing the event – then they are effectively mapped to the course. We have seen people require registration on their site before event registration is permitted to go through.

This is a fantastic addition. Does the integration work both ways? I am curious if adding a LearnDash Group to a course will also add them to the event created in Event Espresso.

Avatar Nathan

Hi Nathan-
Thanks for the note. The integration works one-way. That is, if someone signs up for an event, they are also enrolled into the course(s) associated with that event.

I was wondering if anyone has used this integration yet? I would like to create a live event but I can’t wrap my head around how to go about doing so within LD. Could someone expound on the drip campaign feature?

Hi Adrianne-
Thanks for the note, happy to answer any questions you may have. Send us a note 🙂

H Justin,

Thank you for this helpful integration since i’m about to have both Learndash and E.E for my upcoming website. There’s 1 issue I’d like to have your guidance which is among outcomes of this integration, the ” drip feed course content leading up to an event ” – could it be understood that lesson as drip-feed content could be associated with event ? From what i’ve been consulted by Learndash staff there’s only 1 way to make this happen is to associate course itself with the event. If I’m taking this outcome in a wrong way then please guide me with suitable example of this explanation: “Leveraging the LearnDash drip-sequence feature, your event attendees can be delivered valuable training content leading up to the live event, or even the weeks following the actual event.”

Best regards,

Avatar Samuel Ng

Hi Samuel-

Yes, your lessons drip-sequence begins at the time of enrollment. If a user enrolls into an event that is associated with courses, then the lesson drip-sequence begins. If you have additional questions as it relates to your project, open a ticket here and someone will be able to provide further assistance.

when i integrate my event to leandash course can it be possible for event owner to print certificate for attendees

Avatar Hayatu Abubakar

No, only Group Leaders and Admins can print certificates.

ok, , dose learndash allow for example if i want the presenter of an event to enter his paper title. the question will be (enter your paper title), the the answer field will be a text area where paper title can be enter.

Avatar Hayatu Abubakar

Hi Hayatu-
No that is not a supported feature.

one more, dose learndash allow adding two or more certificate to one course?

Avatar Hayatu Abubakar

Just one certificate to a course.

after purchased of event espresso ee4, do i have to buy learndash before i can get access code to learndash support site where i can download the learndash-event espresso add-on?

Avatar Hayatu Abubakar

You can request a manual password reset here.

can the learndash certificate add-on work with learndash-espresso add-on, to assign a certificate to a course,
do i have to purchase sperately or is include with integration ?

Avatar Hayatu Abubakar

please be patient with my questions because i want to purchase it this week your answer by GOD grace..

Avatar Hayatu Abubakar

Hi- I am trying to figure out what this program would cost me and if it is what I need.

Via my LD, Students register for programs that have both live face-to-face events as well as online work. Several of the courses start with a face-to-face. I would like to both manually add students to the course, as well as have them sign up on their own. I am particularly interested in the ability to drip pre-course information to registrants. Is this function an additional cost? We use Woocommerce, will this integrate with WC?

We also have courses that start with online components before the face-to-face, however it’s the live event that they are signing up for. Does this allow for that kind of flexibility?

Will new registrants will be added directly into their LearnDash Groups?

What is the cost for the above functions?

Avatar Michael Jospe

Hi Justin,

Does this allow to make on-line live courses/lessons?



Avatar Raphael Daligny

Hi Ralph-
No it doesn’t. The integration enrolls users into course after an EvenEspresso event is purchased.


Is there any way to make live on-line courses with learndash?

Avatar Raph

Hi Justin,

Any way to use Learndash for live webinars?

Thank you


Avatar Raph

Hi Justin

If user register on Event Espresso then it’s possible to auto registered learnDash course and how we set the option? Note: LearnDash course have assign with Event Espresso.


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