June 20th, 2017 LearnDash Tips

76.2% of LearnDash powered courses contain video. This update will make the learner experience even better!

In early May of this year we administered a “content mix” poll to see what kind of content you had in your courses. The results were clear: video was used in some capacity 76.2% of the time.

Well, today I am pleased to share that we have pushed out a LearnDash update that is based on this feedback.

If you are using videos in your courses then you will really like this, and if you aren’t using videos yet then this update may entice you to start! 🙂

It is with great pleasure that I get to introduce you to the new LearnDash Guided Video functionality – an update that not only you will like but your learners will certainly appreciate as it improves their overall course experience.

In short: less clicking, more learning.

How It Works

The settings you see above become visible when you select the Enable Video Progression option on a Lesson or Topic.

All you really have to do now is paste the video URL and you are (pretty much) done!

You can use a URL from YouTube, Vimeo, or any video that is uploaded to your site’s Media folder.

**UPDATE 7-24-2017** – AmazonS3 and Wistia are also now supported in addition to the above.

When the lesson is published the video will display at the top of your Lesson with perfect dimensions according to your theme.

Don’t want it to appear at the top of the Lesson? No problem, you can use a shortcode to place the video anywhere in your content:


No need to remember this shortcode, we have added it to the Shortcode Wizard.

You then get to decide if you want the video to start automatically. If you want to create a “hands-free” learning experience then this is a setting you will definitely want to use.

But here is where it gets interesting…

If you set the Lesson to auto-complete after the video has played then immediately after the video is finished your learners are brought to the next video where it will start playing.

You can even decide to hide the Mark Complete button altogether to prevent people from skipping ahead.

Oh, and the “play bar” is also hidden on the video player to remove any temptation of skipping to the end of the video. 🙂 It will become visible again once the Lesson is marked complete. [Note: This option can be turned off as well so the play bar is always visible]

You have a few other options on how you want the videos to behave as well. For instance, if you have a video in a Lesson and that Lesson has Topics then you can determine when the video becomes visible (after the topics are complete or before).

Our goal with this update was to improve the course experience for your learners – making it possible for you to create a truly “hands-free” experience.

Your learners literally get to sit-back, relax, and learn!

This functionality is available for you today in LearnDash v2.4.5.

I have a small confession to make…

Last month I posted this:

And I must confess: while this video functionality is certainly useful and in many ways unique to our industry… it is not the game-changing functionality I was referring to.

We wanted to get the new video features in your hands as soon as possible, but at the same time we have been working on a significant update to LearnDash for the last few months.

I am really excited because there is now light at the end of the tunnel. Our next major core update will include these changes.

So, keep an eye out. You’re really going to like it. 🙂

Until next time!

PS: Did you happen to see our most recent webinar where we take you “behind the scenes” to show you exactly how the University of Michigan is using LearnDash

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Just saw this and it is EXACTLY what I was looking for this past weekend! Can’t wait to try it!

Thank you so much for always being clairvoyant about improvements to LearnDash!!

Happy to hear that our timing matched with yours Lynda!

having issues with the video being too large; can you help.

Please open a ticket with more details and we’ll gladly assist.

Does this feature work with h5p interactive video tool?

Avatar Junaid

Hey Justin,
this sounds fantastic! Just out of curiosity – is this using some kind of xAPI functionality on the back-end? We are using Grassblade xAPI companion today and I am trying to figure out if this will eliminate that need on some of our stuff or not…

Avatar Helma

Hi Helma, no this does not leverage xAPI so if you need that it place then I’d recommend sticking with your current configuration.

Justin, thanks for the quick response. It still sounds great for other stuff!
One question – does the video bookmark? Meaning, if someone starts watching, gets sidetracked and comes back another day, do they have to start from the beginning or will it resume where they were?


Avatar Helma

This is simply awesome Justin! I’ve just started a build for one of my clients and this was on the wish list. Made my life much easier!

Nice! Your client will be happy!

Now i can really Go learndash ! Great product !

Avatar Emmanuel Bouteiller

Great to hear Emmanuel 🙂

Justin thanks for the update. I really appreciate the work the LearnDash team does to keep this product advancing. The features you’ve introduced since we invested in LearnDash have been AMAZING. Haven’t yet had time to view the U of M webinar, but it’s on my list!

Thank you for the kind words Nikita! I think you’ll enjoy the webinar – it’s packed with great ideas.

Great new feature! Does the video progression include user tracking, so we can verify (and provide documentation) that a user watched all of the video? Would be useful for any site that provides professional credits for training.

Avatar Marcus

You can use GrassBlade xAPI Companion + GrassBlade LRS for tracking.

Avatar Pankaj Agrawal

I recommend the WPcomplete plugin that offers exactly what you need, to broaden the feedback with your students.
I deployed this plugin with LearnDash and had no technical issues.
Use BRAND THEMA as layout. And it just stayed show!


Sound like a great update! Can’t wait to start with this 🙂
Just one small detail, I think it would be better not to auto hide the video timeline. Since some people like to scroll back to watch an part again. Or seek the part they are looking for, when the watch it a second time.

So for me it would be better to have the hide-video-timeline feature as optional.

Keep up the good work 🙂

Avatar Maarten

Thanks Maarten! We will keep an ‘ear to the ground’ on the initial feedback and make iterations accordingly.

I agree with Maarten.

Avatar krista neher

Agreed. Please make hide-video-timelime optional 🙂

Avatar Pol

Actually, we’ll have an override capability for this shortly. Thanks!

I second this…
My students actually pause and rewind a section many times. A hidden timeline would detrimental to their experience. So definately keep it optional

Avatar rob

Thanks Rob! Don’t worry, it’s optional 🙂

Great update!
Would like to see option to resume the video, if it was not watched till the end.

Avatar Mario

This is great news.
One suggestion: It is awesome that you included both YouTube and Vimeo as possible video sources but many of us site developers also use jwplayer streaming accounts for our videos. We need the ability to add the video urls from our jwplayer accounts.

Thanks Andy, and very much appreciate the feedback on the video player. We will be adding support for more options in future updates.

Cheers – that is very much appreaicted. Can you pls also add WISTIA.com to the video toolbox? WISTIA delivers simply incredible video analytics that provide insights into video views, play drop-rates etc… great stuff four video optimization. Thanks

Noted, thanks Stephan!

Please add vooplayer as well.

Wistia & AmazonS3 now supported (7-24-17)

How about SproutVideo? We’ve got about 1500 videos on there that I’d love to be able to use in this feature.

Have you added iPlayer yet?

No, this hasn’t been requested (with exception of your comment 🙂 )

I seconded Andy on this. We are in the process of shifting our entire course content delivery system from Storyline files to JWPlayer since when you have enterprise level you can leverage the APIs of the actual player to send out xAPI verbs without having to use Grassblade. So excited for this update.

Great stuff Justin,

Just for clarification: Whilst auto-play, auto-complete and “hide play bar” may be useful generally speaking, I trust that we will have the possibility to decide whether or NOT to have videos paying on auto-pilot and feature a play bar if we want to? While I like auto-pilot, I also know that some users hate it to not have control over some features.

Thanks, Stef.

That’s correct Stephan, you don’t have to set your videos to auto-play. In fact, by default they will not.

Nice work, Justin. Will this feature support embedded video links from Wistia? Thanks.

Avatar Michael Coffin

Thanks Michael! Wistia isn’t yet supported. We’ll be gathering feedback in the near-term and will add support for other video options in upcoming releases.

Wistia & AmazonS3 now supported (7-24-17)

Hello Justin. Is it possible to see feature that will support VZAAR embedded video links as well? Thank you

Jee whiz, that’s fantastic. All amazing update features, that are very thoughtful and on-point to what we needed from video. Every single update on this, serves a need that I needed for my courses. THANK YOU JUSTIN!

Avatar Evan

Great update.
another one for WISTIA Please.

Wistia & AmazonS3 now supported (7-24-17)

That’s fantastic. Can’t wait to start using this! And also looking forward to this big game changer too! Thanks for all the hard work Justin (and team)!

Very good feature
The issue I got is to display on mobile both video and text for a lesson and it’s not easy to set cause in iOS for example you can’t set video size with lesson on the same time

Avatar Michael

Hi Justin,

First of – great feature you have here 🙂

Can you please clerify this paragraph?
“If you set the Lesson to auto-complete after the video has played then immediately after the video is finished your learners are brought to the next video where it will start playing.”

Does this mean that when the video ends, the user is automatically redirected to the next lesson/topic?
Or the next video simply plays on the same page?


Avatar Asaf

Thanks Asaf! This means the user is taken (redirected) to the next lesson/topic.

Had the same question as Asaf, thanks for clarifying this. Maybe you should change the text to “…learners are brought to the next lesson/topic where it will start playing.”

Thanks for a great update! 🙂

Avatar Torgrim Sandvoll

Very welcome feature.
Is there a way to move all the video url from the content field to this new field?

+1 for Wistia, please. Appreciate the ongoing innovation, Justin & Co. Keep up the superb work!

Wistia URL support would be great!

It’s so nice to be part of something that grows and grows and grows, and listens and listens and listens. Thank you for continuously developing LearnDash, adding value on our educational efforts! Can’t wait to hear the big news, although video progression support is big news of its own!

Thanks Panagiotis, we are happy to have you part of the LearnDash community!

Great, thank you. This will help my trainings!
Bella Bellies

Interesting addition. Is the video content protected somehow to avoid being downloaded?

Avatar Raf

Usually that’s handled by the player you use (for example, Vimeo has some nice settings for this). Although you can also modify your .htaccess file to prevent hotlinking.

Please tell me how I need to modify the htacces file to avoid hotlinking.
That is a good question and I am very interested, my friend!

Congratulations on the excellent work!

I met LearnDash on a Brazilian platform (LeadLovers Group Facebook) where coaches are very happy with their software.

Great success to you!

I am impressed, really!

Thank you Adam, happy to hear you like the update!

If a user does not finish watching a video and goes back to it at a later time, will the video resume where they left off? Or does it restart from the beginning?

Does this include videos streamed from Amazon S3 please? So is a video url link from any url possible?

Avatar Al

Not currently. Just YouTube, Vimeo, and any video uploaded to your site. We’ll be adding support for more players over time.

Wistia & AmazonS3 now supported (7-24-17)

Simple THE BEST!
I love you!

I’d also like to see video support for jwplayer and amazon s3, along with the option of making the play bar visible (to allow backtracking).

Avatar Martin

We’ll have an option for the play bar, just contact support. Vimeo, YouTube, and videos on your WP site can be used with this feature currently. We’ll be adding additional video program support based on feedback.

Does this work with H5P?

Avatar Asher Levin

Hi Asher, I’m not sure I understand, my apologies. The update isn’t related to H5P. Not sure if that helps.

Sorry, when I use a video in H5P, will it be treated as a video and follow the update features?

Avatar Asher Levin

Thanks for clarifying. The video features only apply to videos in implemented via the LearnDash settings and not external programs like H5P.

This is awesome. And I’ll add another request for Wistia into the mix.

Sounds great. I’m a +1 for Amazon S3 video display from url.

Avatar Marc Saxe

Two questions:
Playbar hidden… is that until complete or always?

First play hide is OK, but revisit- they should be able to skip to most important part for review if necessary.

Autoplay next video… is that just next video or the next lesson? Meaning Lesson A and B are both video lessons set to play and autocomplete. A completes… does it jump to Lesson B and play the video or just play video with no attachment to lesson?

I am coolio with all answers, but wouldn’t want to paint myself in corners prior to understanding the correct functionality.

Avatar David Glow

Scratch my second question- I just saw that you answered it with Asaf.

Hmmm…. I may be using H5P video anyhow… the xAPI options here would be great. (In absence of xAPI, the LD options are VERY good- but I have some additional reporting needs).

Great update. You continually astound us.

Avatar David Glow

Thanks David! Play bar currently can be hidden, or not hidden, but won’t switch depending on number of views. If the lesson or topic is already marked complete then play bar will be visible.

S3 support is critical. I have nearly a terabyte of video content for my courses, and storing them on my web server isn’t practical. I’d be switching from VOOPlayer, which I love, to your player – which I’m assuming could actually be used in *ANY* post, via the shortcode, yes?

Appreciate the feedback David. We’ll be expanding the supported video tools based on use-cases and we are noting the S3 interest. If something has to be done sooner (as in ‘tomorrow’) a capable developer can expand this functionality by digging into /includes/course/ld-course-video.php

Wistia & AmazonS3 now supported (7-24-17)

I’m with David on the s3, my courses are almost entirely video. As such I’ve flirted with all of the other video LMS services but continue to make LD work on my own site with wistia. Would push my videos out differently if I could pull them from S3 into a native video player. Wistia is great, but the economics are shift as we 10x the number of videos in the next 3 months.

Avatar KMM

Wistia & AmazonS3 now supported (7-24-17)

Looks like a good feature, Justin. Re timing, I wish it was here a year ago, which is when we started building our Courses in LearnDash. Our content is 100% video. We have well over a 200 videos in our courses. It seems like it would be a lot of work to add this functionality to our implementation. Is that just a glass half-empty view, or am I missing an element of simplicity built into this feature for including it in existing systems based on videos?
Thanks for the updates

Hi John, thanks for the note and for sticking with us over the past year! There isn’t any migration script currently to take videos that already exist in the content editor and place them into the video field.

Ok thanks for the response, Justin. btw – I’m in agreement with giving viewers control over the play bar.

We now have an option for this 🙂

Another vote for Amazon S3 support and for the ability to display the play bar if desired. Making things optional (like hidden play bar) is always a good thing, in my opinion.

Also, resume video functionality would be a HUGE user interface breakthrough!

Avatar Nick

Hi Justin,

You mentioned, “Oh, and the “play bar” is also hidden on the video player to remove any temptation of skipping to the end of the video.” Do you mean it also disables the other functionalities of the video like pausing the video or skipping backward? I already have a training portal site and I’m currently using Vimeo API to disable skipping forward but allows pausing and skipping backward. I wonder if LearnDash will be able to accommodate that without relying to VIMEO API.


Avatar Charles Cabalin

I was going to ask this exact question too!

Hi Charles! The video can be paused but there is no play bar so navigating back isn’t possible. Once the lesson/topic is marked as complete the play bar is visible.

Thank you, Justin. This is a great enhancement to LearnDash. I have one request: Is it possible to allow a URL for the video hosted on Amazon AWS? You mentioned that only video URLs from Youtube, Vimeo, and Media folder will work. I host all of our videos on Amazon AWS because it makes streaming so much better. It would be awesome if I could use the lesson video feature for my videos from Amazon AWS.

Hi Elena, thanks for the comment! Not at this time but we are gathering feedback now that this feature has been released so we can add other video platform support going forward. Thanks for providing some input!

Wistia & AmazonS3 now supported (7-24-17)

Brilliant work Justin.

We are just getting started but we all feel confident that we are using the right product given your visionary drive. Keep up the great work.

Thank you Stewart, so happy you all selected LearnDash!

Hi Justin.
This looks interesting. One question though. Only YouTube Vimeo or the media folder? I have been posting videos that are in my Google Drive account. Would be nice to be able to use these videos – many people don’t realize you can embed videos from Drive but you can and it works well.

Initially, yes. We are gathering feedback from users now so we can start to add support for additional options.

I am excited about this new feature! When play bar is disabled, will that also affect turning captioning on and off? I am using Vimeo. Thanks!

Avatar Daniel Beeler

It is great news.

do you plan to add some help for courses that allready have videos but with the old way?
I have 70 courses in diffrent sites and to move everything to the new video fitcher is a big work.

I bought a license exactly one year ago – it expired two days ago, 19th of June – and my faculty does not see any reason to renew.. This was a functionality that we absolutely needed, so last year I decided to code it myself on top of LearnDash and it has worked well for a year. Now it just sucks that I can’t try out your version :/

Nice update… Bad timing though..

Avatar Mirnes Tulic

If you’d like to renew Mirnes then send us a message and we’ll honor the discounted renewal for you.

Great feature. I inserted the video shortcode into the post, but the Vimeo video expands over the navigation sidebar. I am using the Avada theme. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a way to set the video size?

Avatar philip

Open a ticket with support and we can assist.

Was this issue resolved in a ticket? Having the exact same problem and would love a solution.

Avatar Max

Hi Justin,

Love the fact that you guys are always innovating and creating new stuff. But I have a course with a lot of video content already… and I’m not sure what this feature adds?

I may have missed it or may be just “not getting it”?

I have a link to a video URL (embedded from Vimeo) at the top of each lesson…

Is it that they have to watch the video before they can mark complete to ensure engagement?


Avatar Howard Cooper

Hi Howard, the feature allows for a hands-free experience with videos (if preferred) in that the lesson automatically marks as complete upon completion of the video. If you don’t need that feature, and you don’t want to prevent people from skipping ahead in the actual video then you certainly can continue using the videos as you have them now.

Ahhhh I see… can prevent them skipping ahead… and auto completes… hands free! Thank you… I’m sorry if I was a little slow on the uptake!

Thanks for clarifying… great stuff

Avatar Howard Cooper

Played around a little with it now… how do I stop them skipping ahead if I use vimeo? Still looks like I can fast forward to end of clip and then it auto completes?

Avatar Howard Cooper

No it shouldn’t – raise a ticket with support and we can look into it further.

+1 for Wistia support please Justin, keep up the great work! Excited for what the game changer might be!

Avatar Liam

Wistia & AmazonS3 now supported (7-24-17)

That’s great! Maybe stupid question, but I have not received an email or WP notification to update the plugin. Going through my emails and back to the download page I see no version for the plugin listed, so, not knowing if it’s an updated version of the plugin I’m downloading or not.

Avatar TF

Hi TF, thanks for the comment! See these instructions for options on updating (and how to trigger the notification if you’re not seeing it).

+1 for AWS S3 support!

Avatar Mike

This is pretty cool. 2 quick questions:

1) What video file types are supported?

2) What security is involved? I had been looking at a solution like s3flowshield to deal with piracy. Does this native solution have a security angle?

Avatar Chris


1. YouTube, Vimeo, self-hosted on your WP site (more to be added based on feedback)
2. Nothing specific for security – that comes from the platform you use to host the video.

Hi, Justin, this feature is great and I hope you expand it to be more useful adding other video sources.

My vote goes for S3 and Vooplayer 😉

Another vote for Vooplayer – I love their analytics and some of the extra features I can have pop up before, during and at the end of a video.

Avatar Dave

Hey presale question.
if the instructor can access back end then he can access appearance, users and plugins settings but he should not.
instructors only should have front end access. Cant you fix it in the next update. that would be a great aesthetical development.

Avatar ME

There is no instructor role in LearnDash. If you have the Instructor role add-on, then they have the ability to create their own courses.

When will the next exciting core update make us happy? In weeks or months? Wisdmlabs is also bringing something exciting new soon. I got a mail from them today with that message. Has that anything to do with the coming learndash big core update?

Avatar Wilco

Not in the immediate future, lots of testing to do as we are revamping a lot of the way courses exist in LearnDash which has impacts across a variety of areas.

Hi Justin, this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wonder is the auto-complete function works with SCORM as well 😀

Avatar Jill

Hi Jill-
Thanks! I don’t believe it does (that would need to come from the TinCanny plugin), but I’m not entirely sure. You may wish to confirm with the UnCannyOwl team.

Thanks for another great update. Security wise, I was wondering if it possible to disable the download link for local media. When I right click the video I can select ‘save video file’, which is not really something I like considering the videos are in a paid course.

If you use Vimeo then there are security settings for this. Otherwise, you can alter your .htaccess file to prevent hotlinking.

Pre-sale question here too– is there video bookmarking available?

Avatar Pamela

Hi Justin,

would in the near future the functionality of a playlist be added that is shown either below or on the side of the video?
This feature is awesome but I use many videos in my lessons and a playlist helps to keep the lesson page nice and clean. If you want I could send you some screen shots how it looks on the front end and how we did it in the back end with ACF.

In any case, great great feature!


Ps this is a repost, for some reason my last post never showed up

Pleased to see you’ve added Amazon S3. But, do you have the functionality to accepted encrypted S3 files?

Avatar Bradley

Hi Bradley-
I’m afraid I’m not sure what you mean.. Normally people just host the video on S3 and display it via the site.

Hi Justin,
Is there a way to allow students to view any topic video in any order they wish and to have that topic video auto complete? Currently, with this new “Enable Video Progression” feature checked, topic videos are now only loading in progression – students cannot watch videos out of order. I have updated on the Lessons page to show videos “before completing sub-tasks” but videos are still not loading with this new feature activated (only the “next” video can be viewed, I want any video ready to view). What am I forgetting to do? Great feature! I’m excited to get it working on our site.

Avatar Lirie

This is a great feature! I noticed, though, that when I use this feature, the video is smaller than the rest of the content. Would love it if I could make the video occupy the full width of the main content (excluding the sidebar).

P.S. I’m using Beaver Builder — do you think it could have anything to do with this?

Avatar Daryl


I have seen this at digitalmarketer. Can you also use this to sync notes to Video play (e.g. Note X belonging to 3 min 23 seconds).


Avatar LARS

Thank you so much for this amazing plugin!
I really did not know the importance of reading the blog comments. I’m impressed with the features of your LMS plugin.

Please, I have problems with the “learn more” button! Well,
I need to put it in Portuguese and I’m not accepting it.
When I update the translation disappears, and the space is empty!

Could someone please help me?

Please open a support ticket and someone will assist you.

Thank you so much!!!
Muito obrigada Guapo!

Hi there,

I would like to know if Learndash is working on WordPress.com?
Many thanks!

Avatar J

I think if you use their business account you can upload LearnDash. They will need to confirm.

I’m not seeing an option to enable Video Progression. I have the latest version.

Scratch that…I found it…I actually didn’t have the latest version. Ha.

Second note…is there a way to hide/grey out Lesson/Topic quizzes until the video has been watched? If I wanted to have both, students can take the quiz without watching the video and move on to the next topic.

Hide controls isn’t working for the YouTube videos I’m using. What am I doing wrong?

Please open a ticket and someone will be able to assist.

I’m looking to use Amazon S3 video with FV Player from foliovision, for the great video security settings. Will this work with LearnDash?

Avatar Brad

Support for sproutvideo.com video would be great for me as this is the service I use.

Many thank

Avatar Ken

I bought LearnDash partly to use this feature. I get that you have shortcode as a way to control where the video posts (essential since there is no way to add context like instructions to the video that just appears). How do I control the “sub tasks” dependencies that determine whether the video will start playing or not?

Avatar BT

I must apologize as I don’t quite understand the question. Please raise a ticket with support with a bit more detail on what you’re attempting to do and someone will reply accordingly.


It doesn’t work for Topic 🙁

Please check it again

Avatar Hung Pham

It should. Open a ticket with support and we’ll assist.

Thank you for adding this feature! It was added shortly before I decided to start using LearnDash and I am very happy and from what others have posted, I’m not alone. I am using Amazon S3 which you have added since this announcement was posted and I was wondering if it would be possible to hide the timeline without hiding the fullscreen and play/pause buttons. (To be completely honest, I’m not sure if this would be a change on our end or the way Amazon S3 displays videos) Thanks in advance!

Thanks Brad! Specific elements can’t be hidden in the player at this time, but perhaps in a future iteration!

At this moment is not embedding Youtube videos. Any particular reason?

Avatar Raffaele Colleo

Please open a ticket with more details and someone will assist you shortly.

Nice, thanks!
It would be great if we could disable showing related YouTube videos.

Hi Justin
I don’t understand the 2 “when to show video” options.
Could you explain when it must use one and the other ?

Avatar Ludovic

“Oh, and the “play bar” is also hidden on the video player to remove any temptation of skipping to the end of the video. It will become visible again once the Lesson is marked complete. [Note: This option can be turned off as well so the play bar is always visible]”

For my website this is a bad thing. Thats the exact reason why I cannot use LearnDash. Should Always be able to see all bars because when hidding this my students can also not few video in full screen.

Avatar Jan

btw I am using Amazon S3 but….. Show Video Controls. By default controls are disabled. Only used for YouTube and local videos.

Avatar Jan

Hi Justin, I have issue with this feature. In some of my lessons and topics after someone watched whole video the auto-complete feature doesn’t work and the “mark complete” button is still inactive. It’s strange because in 4 of my topics 2 are working properly and 2 are not. Any idea why?

I am using shopisle theme. I even moved my whole membersite to another domain because I thought that other plugins are making the issue, but I still doesn’t work. Now I only have memberium + learndash plugins

If you encounter an issue please open a support request with details and we can assist.

Hi, just curious, because we have the same issue. Did you find a solution or cause of this problem?

Avatar Jane

There is no doubt that it is an important feature.
Taking into account the importance of video lessons, I have the following suggestion:
ProPanel should report which video was watched by each user, total video views, and the amount of time watched. This allows you to track your most popular content and assess course effectiveness.

Please let us know is does Learndash support video bookmark? I meaning, if someone starts watching, gets sidetracked and comes back another day, do they have to start from the beginning or will it resume where they were?

Avatar Sawan

Thanks for the comment. We don’t have a bookmark feature for videos.

This feature doesn’t seem to work for me no matter HOW I try to embed my Wistia videos. I think I’ve been able to identify that it’s a problem with Wistia because I did it with a YouTube video and it worked.

Is there a special way that I need to format the Wistia video code for this to work? PLEASE HELP!

(Thank you)

Contact support and provide temp admin & ftp access so we can have a look. Thanks!

Concerning “Enable Video Progression”, is it possible do ad option to resume video at the last viewed location or prompt user what to do?
Resume settings:
Prompt to resume
If learner previously viewed part of the video, this option displays a prompt, asking learner if he wants to pick up where he left off.
Always resume
This forces the video to open at the place where learner left off. He won’t see a prompt; it just happens automatically.
Never resume
This forces the video to always open at the beginning, even if learner completed part of the video previously. He won’t see a prompt.

Hi Justin

Do we have a roadmap to support sproutvideos? if yes can you please let us know when do we expect that.. All our videos are on sprout and when we try to use that in video progression it does not work.

Putting them in the actual content is not of great help as that really voids the purpose. We want the users to be able to see the progress of the courses as well as the resume from where they left if needed.
IF this support is not there it will be a huge work load for us to move over 1500 videos from sprout to some other provider.

Avatar Ali Abbas

I’m sorry we don’t have plans to support SproutVideo at this time.

Hi! Do you know Publitio? Will this feature work with videos hosted there? Best regards! Achim

Avatar Achim Kirchmeier

Hi Achim, no this won’t work with our video progression.

Hey Justin,

Love the product and thanks for the video progression. Has the resume video from last play position been added to the feature? I see a few people on the list have asked for it but not clear what the answer is. Once again thanks.


Avatar Robert

This is a feature that has to be controlled by the video players themselves and is outside of LD specifically.

First, thank you for all the hard work you guys do! You’ve made a great product.

On our lesson level, we would like watching the videos to be optional, so they can hit complete whether they finish the video or not. Is this possible? Is there any easy change we can make?

Thank you so much for your time

Avatar Adelaide

In your single course settings page the you can edit the course progression to Free form.

Avatar Fabianski

This could be extended to soundcloud audios

Avatar Fabianski

Is Vooplayer integration with progression in the works?

Avatar Tracey Lorenson

No, Vooplayer does not currently work with video progression. Here is a list of video options that do.

I really like the video progression, but has the resume video from last play position been added to the feature? I see you mention that it is controlled from the player, but I’m not sure what player you mean, what about self hosted videos from WP Library?

Avatar Nikos Mvr

Hi Justin,

When are you planning to add JetPack to the list of supported Video Progression platform formats? I’m sure many others can use it as well, but we are really interested in this capability…

Hi John, we don’t have plans to support jetpack. That could change, but as of now it’s not on our radar.

Definitely another vote for Jetpack / Videopress. This is the most affordable video streaming option available outside of YouTube, and is developed by the people who made WordPress so it already integrates directly with the WordPress Media library. I’m surprised it isn’t the first on the list.

I wanted to check in and see if you are close to releasing Video Progression to work with SproutVideo?

Sorry but we don’t currently have plans on this.

Hi, when I activate the video progression inside a Lesson or Topic the additional options don´t appear and I can´t place the video link. We hace several courses set on the website and in all of them it worked perfectly. Recently we are having this problem and can´t seem to figure out whats wrong with the website, can you think of something that could cause this. The topic materials are not working either. HEELPPP

Send a note to support with access to your site, as well as steps to recreate, and we can have a look.

Hello Justin, I like this feature quite a bit, however I am wondering if its possible to add these same features to the “before completed substeps” option. Seems like it would make sense to want the video to show in the lesson prior to taking the following quizzes or topics, since the lesson comes first. Does this make sense or do I not understand how this whole thing works?

We really need videos that have assessment questions baked into them like you can set up on Flipgrid. That’s a game changer. 🙂

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