October 30th, 2014 Grow with LearnDash

Today marks the release of LearnDash ProPanel version 1.5!

When we first introduced ProPanel last year, it was designed to present an easier way to view user activity and to download the reports from the WordPress admin dashboard. In addition, it came with three unique admin templates.

Since our major 2.0 update to the LearnDash core, we made some changes to the structure that now allows us to add some additional reports and capabilities with the ProPanel add-on.

ProPanel Logo normal

New Dashboard Layout

Instead of two separate widgets, we have consolidated ProPanel’s layout into one “dashboard” experience that is visible upon logging into your site. This mini-dashboard includes three tabs.

Overview Tab

The first tab has two main sections: the left menu and the course selector. On the left side of the menu you are presented with the following information:

  • Total Courses – Number of courses on your LMS.
  • Total Students – Total number of enrolled students.
  • Most Popular Courses – Your courses listed in order of popularity (according to number of enrolled students).

Also located on this tab is the Course Reports section. Upon selecting a course, you will be presented with a snapshot of your users’ progress.

 [Click Image for Larger View]

Below this overview, every user enrolled in this course is displayed along with their individual progress. From here you can easily filter by user progress, or search for a specific users. In addition, you can export this course user list, or drill down further into their profile if necessary. This makes it easy to manually remove a user from the course, view their progress, or review their quiz scores.

Finally, on this tab is an email feature so that you can easily send course updates and messages to all enrolled users – including any reminders or even cross-promotions for other courses!

Activity Stream Tab

The Activity Stream tab displays the real-time activity of users’ interactions with your courses. Anytime a lesson is marked complete, quiz completed, or a course is finished – it is captured in the activity stream!

For your convenience, there is also an export option on the Activity stream so that you can quickly download all course and quiz data.

Assignments Tab

All uploaded assignments will appear on the Assignment’s tab. From here, you can download the assignment, delete it, or approve it. If you need to leave comments or manage the assignments further, there is a button to take you to the LearnDash Assignment manager.


The unique admin templates are still available with ProPanel and can be accessed by going to USERS > YOUR PROFILE.

Going Forward

With the version 1.5 redesign of ProPanel, we have made it possible to further extend the functionality. We feel that these new reporting aspects will help you gain additional insight into your courses and user activity. Now that this update is released, our plans include extending the reporting.

Added Capabilities

Whether you have ProPanel or not, you will also see an update released to the core LearnDash plugin. In addition to some necessary tweaks that had to be made to ensure compatibility with the new ProPanel release, this update also includes revamped capabilities for Group Leaders.

As a quick reminder, LearnDash allows you to create groups of users, and then assign specific users as Leaders. These Group Leaders can download progress and quiz scores for their group, as well as send messages.

If you want to give Group Leaders additional abilities, this update makes it easy. All you have to do is use a plugin like User Role Editor and you can completely customize the Group Leader’s permissions.

As an added bonus, you can grant access to the new ProPanel to your Group Leaders. ProPanel will then display the activities, assignments, and progress for users that the Group Leader manages.

How To Get The Updates

If you have ProPanel, you will be notified via your email of the new version and how to update. Don’t have ProPanel? Grab it here!

You will see an update notification for the latest version of LearnDash when you log into your site under DASHBOARD > UPDATES.

What’s Next?

While we are fast approaching the end of 2014, we have a couple more updates we are looking to get to you before the year’s end.

We are currently doing some final testing on additional integrations, as well as preparing for an exciting new offering for the new year (actually a handful of new offerings 😉 – but more on that at a later date)!

Thank you all again for your continued support, feedback, suggestions, and overall enthusiasm. Your suggestions have undoubtedly helped shape LearnDash into what it is today, and we hope you are as excited as we are at what it will become in the future.

Until next time!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide. He is currently founder & CEO of GapScout. Justin's Homepage | GapScout | Twitter


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Great release.

The biggest opportunity I see with groups is the ability to select a user field and for groups to be created and populated automatically by that attribute. Example- group users by state.

Avatar Scott Thompson

Thanks Scott! We have plans to bolster groups as well 🙂

Is what Scott describes above a real thing yet or in development? That would make my life so happy!

Avatar Tanya Bagley

FYI Justin, for us it would be great if we could have Groups automatically populated by users based on the learning center they are currently enrolled in. We’re running much of our user management through the toolset plugins available at wp-types dot com. It would be nice if it were more closely coupled with LearnDash, though.

Avatar Th

This all looks great! Are quiz category reports on the horizon with future updates?

Avatar Deirdre

Thank you Deirdre! Yes, we are scoping out the enhancements for additional quiz reports as well. With ProPanel’s new updates, we are better configured to do this.

I did the propanel update, and the learndash update but now I am having issues with the groups. Group leaders can see all the students in the propanel, but on the groups tab they can’t access anything 🙁 Any suggestions?

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the note!
Make sure to submit a ticket here so we can get this taken care of!

Thanks again!

As usual, great features..

Please clarify the new Group leader functions.

Am i Correct in assuming:
1) – if I have user Role Editor (or something similar) I can add additional privileges to Group Leaders
2) So I could allow them to create Courses and Lessons

If yes to all of the above It would mean I could actually have a teacher (Super Group Leader) manage a class (Their Group)

Is this correct?

Hi Kevin-

Many thanks for the note. To answer your questions:

1. Yes – using User Role Editor (or something similar), you can grant the Leader access to do other things on the site.
2. Yes. So you could create a Group Leader and allow them to manage courses AND create their own.

I’m impressed Justin at the rate LearnDash is pushing out these updates and almost always they’re good features not just “nice to haves”.

A question more related to my specific situation, is there a possibility Learndash will expand/improve the dripping feature?

Thanks for a wonderful product!


Avatar Andre

Hi Andre-
Many thanks for the kind words, I’m happy to hear you find value in the updates! Regarding the drip feature, I suppose it depends on what you need. Send us a note here with more details and I’ll keep an eye out for it.

Pro Panel is not updating for me. I’m still on 1.06 as it seems to not update automatically like the core plugin.

Any help?

Hi James-
The new version should be in your email with update instructions. Send us a note if you don’t see it.

Great update. Keep up the great work. Love this plugin.

Very happy with the 2.0.5 update!

I was just looking through the code and realizing that I won’t have to bring over most of my custom mods into this latest version, especially concerning role capabilities, and also that you’ve added more filters. 🙂

If I may offer a few suggestions: If you would prepend each new capability with ld_ or learndash_ then we wouldn’t have to search through a hundred or so capabilities in the Members (or similar) plugin when editing a Role such as Group Leader. WP Pro Quiz does this, as does Gravity Forms, and it’s really helpful.

And we could always use more filters. 🙂

On that note, do you accept code suggestions/bug fixes/modifications somehow or somewhere? Like on GitHub, perhaps?


Thanks for the comment John!

If you have suggestions, please do send us a note, or add them to the ideas list on the support site.

I did consider Pro Panel but I didnt like that it changes the look and feel of the wordpress dashboard. I thought that was all it did. I did not realise that it did reporting aswell. Anyway to get the reports without bloating the code and css please ?

Hi Steve-
Thanks for the note. ProPanel won’t change your admin CSS if you don’t want it to – it can be used on the default and still provide all the reporting features.

This is great, for a long time I have been comparing several ways and plugins to do certain things in future ecourses I am building, and learndash is one of the leaders so far. I am super picky and critical in evaluating such products and that is just because what is on the market doesn’t do all I need in one package. Even though learndash is not 100% in line with features I need, its for sure one of the leaders and with ideas pouring in from the community on how to improve and add features it won’t be long until everything will be included in one package. I like these type of forums and will become more active here because this is really a company that listens to what the users of their products needs.

Thank you guys, and keep up the good work.


Avatar Daniel


Great update!! The pro-panel is nice!! Looking forward to what you have coming in 2015!


Hi Justin.

Thanks for the on-going up-dates. I’ve now purchased PP and am using it with multiple group leaders.

Can you answer two questions please:

1. The group leaders seem to experience their activity overview filtered by course. Is there any way that this can be filtered by group?

2. I was hoping that the activity stream would incorporate not only the quiz question score but the actual quiz % score. Is there any way of achieving this or any plans for it in the future? I would also apply this same question to the reports capability.

Thanks again for the on-going work.


Hi James-
Thanks for the comment!

1. Now that the new version is in peoples’ hands, we can start gathering requests such as this. Thanks for sharing this as it’s something we’ll look into in more detail.

2. Both valid suggestions – I’ve noted them for our team to discuss further.

Thanks again!

Does Propanel works with Grassblade LRS? I mean can Propanel collect data from Grassbalde LRS? The reason is that I create my lessons in Articulate Storyline which use tincan.

Avatar Lars

Hi Lars-

The two are currently independent in terms of tin can statements, but when tin can sends the the LRS that a lesson has been marked complete, that is also capture in ProPanel at the same time (not via tin can, but the internal tracking method). So if you have an Articulate course inserted into a LearnDash Lesson, and the Lesson isn’t marked complete until the entire file has been viewed, the tin can statement will be sent when the mark complete has been triggered, and that will also be recorded in ProPanel (again, not via tin can, but recorded nonetheless)

I haven’t received the new update and I paid for it. Is there a way this can be sent to me? Thanks.

Hi Kreig-

Thanks for the note. I saw your message on the support site and have provided a link with instructions for how you can contact us to get everything updated.

Is it possible to show the dashboard on the front end similar to profile?

Avatar Mike

Hi Mike-
Thanks for the comment. This is not currently a feature of ProPanel.

Will LearnDash ProPanel track storyline 2 quiz data? I believe I have to also plug-in GlassBlade Pro and GlassBlade LRS to make this happen? I don’t want to create a quiz separate from the course.

Avatar Ann Godmer

Hi Ann-
A learning record store (LRS) is needed to capture data generated within an Articulate course. You can use the LRS of your choice, although we recommend GrassBlade LRS. GrassBlade xAPI launcher is always needed.

I have used avada theme with Learndash but the Propanel isn’t working.

Is there a newer version of it? I have version 1!


We are plan to use learndash for our LMS systems. Now we are using Bridge theme that have own plugin for LMS but the functionality is limited and we want to grow our website,
Now we have verification with mobile number and we can get report from there.
In your plugins is it posible to show the phone number near the user name and show this info in reports?

Avatar raha ab

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