December 18th, 2013 Announcements

LearnDash UpdatesThe end of 2013 is right around the corner, but before it comes to a close, we wanted to get one more final LearnDash update into your hands!

Before jumping into the details, I want to personally thank you all for partnering with LearnDash for your WordPress LMS sites.

Your continued support, suggestions, and general dedication to our mission has given us tremendous motivation to serve you and to improve LearnDash. We certainly could not do it without you!

Now, onto the final round of updates!


New Course Shortcodes!

These particular updates are the direct result of the feedback we have received in our support forum from all of you. We think that you will enjoy the added flexibility. After you update, you will find these shortcodes listed on the “Options for Courses” menu.

Visitor & Student Messages

Check out the following video to see an example of these shortcodes in action:

What are the Shortcodes?

[visitor] and [/visitor]


[student] and [/student]

What Do They Do?

With these shortcodes, you can now display a unique message on your Course page to those who have not yet enrolled, and an entirely different message for users who have enrolled into the course.

This is great if you plan to sell courses using LearnDash!

For example, you can include a sales message or video on the Course page, enticing users to sign-up or purchase. To do this, all you have to do is put the desired text or media between the shortcodes “[visitor]” and “[/visitor]”.

Now, when someone comes to view your course, only the content between these two shortcodes will be displayed.

After the visitor purchases or enrolls in the course, you can change the Course page content to something else. To display a specific message to an enrolled user, just put it between the shortcodes “[student]” and “[/student]”.

Special Thank You

We owe LearnDash customer Troy Dean a huge thank-you for this one.

He was doing some custom development on his own LMS and submitted the code back into the forum. We liked it so much that we have leveraged it to make this new feature for all of you!

For those of you who don’t know Troy, he is the brains behind WPElevation – the world’s first business accelerator program designed specifically for WordPress consultants.

They help WordPress consultants attract better clients, better projects and better fees through training, coaching and community – some pretty great stuff!

Course Purchase Button

There have been quite a few requests for this one, and since we were in the shortcode frame of mind, we decided to roll it out in this update. If you are looking for some more flexibility with the way people purchase or join your courses, you’ll like this.

What is the Shortcode?

[learndash_payment_buttons course_id="###"]

(replace “#” with the actual Course ID number)

What Does it Do?

If you are selling your courses using the built-in PayPal or 2Checkout options in LearnDash, you can now place the purchase button for your course anywhere on your site using this shortcode.

This is perfect solution if you want to create a custom purchase page.

All you need to do is insert the course number into the shortcode, and wherever you insert it the PayPal button (or 2Checkout option if you are using that integration) will appear. If the course is free, then the JOIN button will appear instead.


File Restructuring

In addition to the new shortcodes, we took some time to begin restructuring the layout of the plugin so that it is more user friendly from a developer standpoint.

What Does this Change?

If you are using LearnDash “out-of-the-box” so to speak, there is a good chance you will not notice anything different. The updates make it easier for developers to template LearnDash.

If you are using LearnDash in a language other than English, this restructuring may require you to re-translate a few of the items. We provide instructions for how to do this on our support site.


What’s Next?

A lot has happened in this past year, and it has been fun to work with you to mold LearnDash into what it is today. Thank you for your continued involvement in its growth!

But with every ending comes new beginnings, and we have some really exciting things in the works for 2014, some items we believe will really shake-up the entire elearning on WordPress industry.

Thank you all again, and have a safe holiday!

Justin Ferriman photo

About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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Great news !
Do you have any roadmap to share with us ?
It would be interesting to think about the roadmap and the new features we would add to our site.


Hi Frederic-
We are in the process of finalizing some of our plans, thanks for the suggestion, we will consider post a high level roadmap for current customers.

Hi Justin :

This is a really good update. Sometimes I think you read my mind.
Shortcodes are a powerful tool for most of us. Even most of the best templates for WordPress are using this alternative , cause give to us a lot of flexibility and I think is necesary make a difference with others LMS and this is good option.
Thanks again. You and your team are doing a very good job.

Feliz navidad y propespero año nuevo 😀

Hi Patricio-
Happy to hear that you will find it of use for your site!

how do i find the course id number for the shortcode? i put in the name of my course and the page id number and neither works for me .

Avatar Holly

Hi Holly-
Thanks for the note. I’d be happy to help. Go ahead and submit a ticket at and we’ll get you squared away! 🙂

Why cannot you just tell us how it works *here*, as it is not that obvious how this works, I guarantee thousands of people will be confused about this. Tell us, telling us we can use ID is next to useless, if it is not at all clear how do use the ID system.

Avatar Dwayne DAvie

Hi Dwayne-

Thanks for the note – easiest way to find the course ID is by hovering over the course title, it appears in your browser at the bottom. If you need any further clarification, feel free to contact us on the support site.

Hi Justin – just to clarify, do you mean hovering over the course title from the dashboard, or the site itself? If from the dashboard, we just get the post ID. If from the site itself, and pretty permalinks are active, we don’t get the course title – just the name. The course ID should show in the course admin dashboard list, ideally.

If you hover over the course name, you can get the ID. If you are having trouble getting these, feel free to submit a note on the support site and we can discuss further.

Oh – OK, so for the sake of other visitors here, you mean the Course ID is the Posit ID (which you can see when you hover over the Course title in the dashboard. Thanks!

Hi Justin,

These are some really useful updates. You guys are really giving much more than what we paid for. Thanks.

Any plans to implement some suggestions for speeding up quiz creation in 2014, like adding option to “add new question” on the same page instead of hitting the return button every time?

Hi Trishan-
Many thanks for the kind words. Yes, we do have plans to further develop the quizzing functionality in 2014. I’ll be sure to note your suggestion regarding question creation for future reference.

Does the Course Purchase Button work with the Jigoshop integration as well?


Avatar Rodrigo

Hi Rodrigo-
Thanks for the note. It does not. JigoShop has their own purchase process and ways for displaying products that are unrelated to the LearnDash purchase button.

Justin, you and your team have done a great job this year. In 2014, I will be moving one of my clients to strictly LearnDash for their LMS. They like what I have shown them. We look forward to 2014!!!

Many thanks Jeff! Hope you have a relaxing end-of-year… and get ready for an exciting 2014!

I Justin,
It would be great to extend the [visitor] shortcode capability to display its content even when there’s a prerequisite course the visitor hasn’t passed yet. Or, better, to add a new shortcode to display specific content for this kind of users. This would help us delivering a more thorough explanation about each prerequisites, right on the course page.
What do you think?

Hi Stephane-
Thanks for the note and suggestion regarding the shortcodes, it is a good one. I have noted it for future reference as we continue to refine LearnDash.

Where can we find a complete list of Shortcodes? I’m a developer for a client taking over for a previous development company who won’t hand over the login information for us to get support.

Avatar Spencer

Sure are! Shortcodes are documented on the support site.

Are there any lesson shortcodes like the course [student] [visitor] ones. I want to display a differnet message if a lesson as been completed and can’t see any mention of such a thing.


Hi Chris-

Thanks for the note. There are not; these only apply at the course level.

How to stop duplicate/double emails when student enroll in course ?

Avatar Shahid

Happy to assist you Shahid, please open a ticket with support.

Great job with this! My agency has really found this useful, but I need help with LearnDash, what is the best way to get through to the support? How do we access this?

Avatar Anastasia

I never registered for an account, so I can not log in, where do i do this?

Avatar Anastasia

Thanks for the note. I’d be happy to assist. Please see this page for instructions on how to regain access to the support site.

Avatar Anastasia

Hello, I’m sorry to keep pestering, but I have taken over the account, and do not have the information on the person who originally set up the account (email, etc. ) . I included my information in the reply, but have not heard anything yet. Is there a # I can call, or a way someone can reach out to me directly (my email is included) .

Avatar Anastasia

which short code is used to display the courses… the default page isn’t created in my site… please help me.

Avatar iqra

Courses display on their own (no shortcode needed). Please open a ticket with support if you need additional assistance.

Just curious, where could I find the list of all the shortcodes?

I have a problem in Learndash Plugin. Courseinfo short code doesn’t work in certificate. How may I fix it?

Avatar Shahana

Happy to help. Please contact support and we’ll be able to assist.

Can we get a shortcode for the course name?

Avatar Mario

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