November 12th, 2018 LearnDash Tips

This article is outdated. See the updated Quiz Builder in LearnDash 3.0!

Latest update takes quizzing to a whole new level in the LMS industry (plus an update on the coming LearnDash 3.0)!

First, let me address the obvious: things have been a tad quiet lately on the LearnDash update front. However, I can assure you that this is not because we aren’t doing anything… actually it’s quite the opposite!

Today we have released an update which pushes the boundaries in not just the WordPress learning management system industry, but the entire LMS industry.

And at the end of this post I will let you know where we currently are with LearnDash 3.0, the biggest update ever to come to LearnDash since our initial release.

Introducing the New LearnDash Quiz Builder

You asked for it, so here it is! 🙂

This latest version of LearnDash has many improvements to the quiz creation process. Specifically, it makes it possible for you to quickly spin-up quizzes using the drag-and-drop builder that echos the functionality of the LearnDash Course Builder.

As you can see in the video above this greatly streamlines the quiz creation process. It also reduces the resources required on your site for creating (and managing) quiz questions. For example, you can now easily re-use questions across any number of quizzes without having to make a duplicate!

For the developers out there, you will be happy to learn that quiz questions in LearnDash are now each their own individual post type, opening them up to easier modifications and enhancements.

In order to start using this new functionality you will need to run a data upgrade after updating to LearnDash v2.6.

  1. Take a backup of your site.
  2. Go to LearnDash LMS > Settings > Data Upgrade (tab).
  3. Find the “Upgrade Question Data” option (last option on this page).
  4. Click the Upgrade button.

Once complete you will now have the Quiz Builder option available when creating a new quiz!

If you want the ability to share questions across quizzes then there is a setting to enable this under LEARNDASH LMS > QUIZZES > QUIZ OPTIONS.

While the quiz is the most obvious enhancement made in Version 2.6, there are a number of additional updates included in this version. For example, there is now the ability to manually change a course enrollment date from a user’s profile (perfect for getting late joiners onto the same lesson drip-feed schedule).

See the changelog for a full list of the updates and fixes.

Let’s talk about LearnDash 3.0!

I will cut straight to the point as I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting for the LearnDash 3.0 release. Our original plan was to have this in your hands this year. Unfortunately that won’t happen. The short of it is that our project timeline was thrown off by the pending WordPress 5.0 release (Gutenberg) as well as an increase in scope for 3.0.

The good news is that we are well into LearnDash 3.0 development.

The original plan was to focus on freshening up the front-end templates. However, as we dug into your feedback more, and through having phone interviews with those of you using LearnDash currently, we felt that 3.0 was the perfect opportunity to bring you something more. The entire product is being improved on the front-end and in the back-end.

In short: LearnDash 3.0 is the biggest undertaking that the software has seen, ever.

Three is better than one.

I am a believer that no company, no matter how experienced, is good at everything. It’s important (almost necessary) to occasionally “get out of your own way” in order for true, positive change to result.

It is for this very reason that we have brought in not one, but two incredibly talented firms to work with us in bringing you the very best in learning management!

For the back-end UX/UI we brought in 10up, an award winning firm whose clients include the likes of TechCrunch.

For the front-end design we brought in 3.7Designs, a leader in instructional design theory and the team behind the custom LearnDash implementation at the University of Michigan.

With all three of our teams working together everything is starting to take shape, and it’s resulting in something really special!

When will LearnDash 3.0 be ready?

No one is more eager for LearnDash 3.0 to be released than me. While I would have loved for this to be sooner, the reality is that the shifting landscape of WordPress 5.0 does impact us, especially with the back-end updates we are working on. And of course a project of this undertaking can’t be rushed.

As of today we are on schedule for an early 2019 release.

I should note that the release of version 3.0 is just the beginning. It’s not a “one-and-done” effort. We have a roadmap of enhancements to follow that will very much follow the “3.0 ethos”.

I want to take an opportunity to thank all of you so much for choosing LearnDash to power your online course programs. The stories you share are inspiring, and they motivate us to continue bringing you a best-in-class LMS.

Until next time!

PS: If you haven’t already, I encourage you to join the LearnDash Facebook Group. It’s a great place to learn from others’ success and to network with folks using LearnDash!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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Hey Justin, nice little improvement to the quiz making process with the builder, and good luck with the version 3.0 update. Seems exciting to be bringing talent on board.
Quick question re: quiz: Will LD 3.0 include look-and-feel improvements to the quiz? I find that the quiz doesn’t inherit styles from my template and is quite dull look-wise.

Avatar Donal Elsted

Thanks Donal! Yes, quiz templates are in scope for 3.0.

That’s great to know

Avatar Donal

Hey Justin, I am from India and i found you plugin very good and soon i am gonna use it. But i would like to put some suggestion over here like Quiz section is good but we need to upload question separately. In India online quiz/test series is a very big business and we want bulk question uploading system in multiple choice question section. rest of the plugin is very good. I think you should work on it. Also in Indian market i can help you to understand the customer demand.

Thanks & Regards
Vivek Shukla

Hi Justin. Just a quick question. Is the new quiz feature still built on top of WP Pro Quiz?

The builder itself is completely new functionality, significantly modified from the previous version. For instance, each question being migrated to its own post type.

Hi Justin, does this mean we can (or expect to) tag/ categorize questions as well?

Avatar Anish Passi

Categories can already be assigned to questions (but not tags).

Is it possible to test it on your own site before you purchase?

While we don’t have free trials, if you purchase and decide within 30 days that LearnDash isn’t going to be a good choice for your project, just email us and we will issue you a refund. All we ask is that if you do encounter a roadblock that you reach out to our support team.

Looks great. However,we already have questions which have been reused in multiple quizzes. Will these appear as duplicates in the new version? If so is there a simple way to remove the duplicates without removing them from the existing quizzes?

Avatar Matt

Hi Matt, you won’t need to worry about duplicates.

Hey thanks for the update! i just wanted to echo support for pushing out your timeline in favour of making your next major update something that tackles more of what people are asking for. Take your time so that you’re proud of what comes out at the end!

Avatar Brad

I have a number of existing stand alone (not associated with any courses) quizs in Learn Dash 2.4.7. This old version has not the capability of issuing certificates at the successful completion of a quiz. Will this new version have this feature?

This looks great! And we’re so excited for the 3.0 release. Will 3.0 include cross completion for topics reused in multiple lessons?

Avatar Amber

Thanks Amber! No, it will not. LD3.0’s focus is UX/UI, template updates, and a couple new features based on e-learning trends.

Hi Justin, looking forward to it & thanks for the update! Are you able to please give us some feedback on the issues with the Notifications add on? It seems very buggy, hopefully this is on your radar to fix shortly…

Avatar Brett

Thanks Brett! Open a support ticket re: the issues you have with the notification add-on. We are continually refining based on feedback and can probably help you out.

Well done Justin, love the quiz improvement, very convenient.

I’m new to LearnDash and am about to launch our first project using the LMS.

I’m concerned that if I upgrade, it may mess up the flow of our project.

What do you recommend?

You can upgrade confidently. As always, take a back-up of your site prior to updating though for that extra piece of mind.

Hi Justin and Team!
I do not want to be unpolite, and I do not speak perfect English, but here you have my considerations:
When you have a large question bank you need to be able to bulk import your questions from a spreadsheet or database, together with options. Drag and drop would be really time consuming, even if it works for small quizzes. Bulk import would be a great game changer.
Keep up the good work!

Avatar Mariano Mompeán

I too needed this feature. I have so many questions already curated in a spreadsheet. it would be a huge time saver

Same here. I’m just now starting to build my courses on Learndash and it was a huge disappointment to find out I would need to import each of my 3,000 questions manually. I expected that for the courses, but for questions it is a reeeeeally long and tiring process. Oh well..

Avatar Baro

I hope for Version 3.0 there are improvements for users profile with their courses and sorting of them. If a student is enrolled in say 25 courses it is hard for them to navigate as to which ones are left, which ones are done and have a certificate or which ones have been started.
Would love some type of navigation inside their profile such as Active, Inactive, All and then maybe type sorting. Just food for thought.

Also, would love the admin to be able to manually add another exam attempt if someone fails or orders again.

Love that you all keep progressing and pushing the limits!

Avatar Brandi

This is vital. ‘Students’ must be able to check progress of course completions, else the responsibilities of mgmt (in any workplace here) is always left entirely with the site owner -> this needs to shift to the students to prevent such a culture of unaccountability breeding via LMS

Thank you Justin for this update. I love getting emails from Learndash on new features and your roadmap. I have a quick question, will the UI/UX changes in the front end be significant? What if our users are so used to the current UI/UX that the new update will cause them issues? Thank you1!

Thanks Mahmoud! Yes, all templates are being updated with more intelligent design, as well as new templates. If anything the templates will help improve navigation. You also can opt to keep the legacy templates, though I don’t think you’ll want to when you see what’s new.

Sounds like a well thought out plan that applies a lot of common sense. I will be using the new Quiz Builder soon. Thanks for that. Happy holidays and good luck moving into 2019.

Avatar Randy Sandberg

Thank you, Justin. You just keep making it easier and easier to be a passionate evangelist for LearnDash!

Thanks Lori, happy you like the update!

Great going. I would love to build quizzes that are divided into parts/sections (x number of questions per part), with a final grade given at the end of all parts. Is that possible?

Avatar Marshall

Categories are currently supported and we are working on the ability to specify % to display from each.

I currently use the existing categories to assist with a form of adaptive learning, in that, I assign each question to a topic/subtopic, so that upon completion of a quiz, students can focus on their weak versus strong areas.

I would still want to be able to provide that feedback to students even if its a multipart quiz. By multipart I mean, eg. 100 question but they will complete part 1 with 25 question, then part 2 with 25 question etc.

Avatar Marshall

Hi Justin, great to hear LD 3.0 is coming soon. Will it have a multi-instructors feature as offered by many other LMS? The available add-on is not satisfactory and work around is clunky and tedious to set up.

Avatar Irfantony

Multi-instructor enhancements are not in scope for initial 3.0 but we’ll be exploring additional types of roles.

Hey Justin,
Would the new 3.0 based on the latest trend in the elearning industry incorporate the feature where one can create additional tier levels. Currently you have Courses>Lessons>Topics. say for example .. Section>Courses>Lessons>Topics or Courses>Lessons>Topics>Sub-category so one can create a program pathway.

Additionally, selling at different tier / granular level within the course would be awesome.For example sell at Lesson level so the course is open and learners can buy at unit or lesson level or topic level. This would help create a great UX as some elearning courses are having this.

Avatar Ketan

Hi Ketan, thanks for the comment. Yes, sections are in scope for 3.0.

Hi Justin,

I’ve been using learn Dash for about 3 years.

It would be great to see ways to reset and delete individual coarse data on the backend.

To reset a course for a returning customer, it requires I delete all of the data even from other courses they have enrolled in.

If you would like to hear more about exactly what I am suggesting give me a call 316-243-7096 or e-mail.

Kind regards, Jeff

Hi Jeffery-
You can do this. Go to the user’s profile, click ‘details’ next to the desired course, and un-select any item you wish to remove from their profile.

Justin, great work on the Quiz Builder. Keep up the good work!

Are you planing to add separate categories and tags for the quizzes somewhere in the future? Right now they share the regular posts’s categories & tags. It would be great to have them apart.

Thanks Angel! Actually, this is already a feature 🙂

Go to LEARNDASH LMS > QUIZZES > QUIZ OPTIONS and you can activate Quiz specific categories/tags.

3.0 sounds great, but I have a question. Will it require any rework of existing lessons to take advantage of the changes? Will lessons/courses created after 3.0 be different than those before? Or will all existing content automatically inherit the changes?

Avatar Gabe

Thanks Gabe! You won’t need to rework anything after 3.0, everything will stay intact.

Anything improvements related to Quiz Reports? I use a mid-course quiz & end-course quiz for getting course related feedback. Is it possible to collate that data in one report?

I’m very nervous about this ‘question data upgrade’. I have over 3000 questions in over 100 quizzes and if it doesn’t work accurately, it will really impact my business. We have also developed functionality to be able to create questions and update questions from a google sheet, I hope that won’t need to be all redone as it was a huge amount of work. We have various other developments, so this will be a huge effort to do regression testing.

While these new features are great, please bear in mind the effort and disruption that it will makes for long time users, both in regression testing and fixing issues.

We did extensive testing, but you should always proceed taking the necessary precautions. It’s a good idea to run any update first on a dev environment, and to take backups.

Are the 3rd party add-ons collaborating with you 3.0 release? IE BadgeOS? Will the functionality of BadgeOS still be triggered by Learndash 3.0 events?

Hi Tom, BadgeOS triggers won’t be impacted by 3.0.

Hi Justin,

Is Peer Assessment functionality at the top of the list?

Avatar Ella R.

Hi Ella, peer assessment is something we are looking into further. It’s not something that’s in scope for 3.0.

On 3.0 will we be able to see the actual Image in a Question Choice (on the Back End Question Editor) , when the Question Choices Include an Image (Something along these lines ) ? Right now Only an URL shows and Its a must have feature for us, since we are using Image based question choices for Younger learners. Thanks in advance!

Avatar Ramesh

I am taking a Quiz for a specific lesson and I am already on page 10 out of 15 quizzes and accidentally I refreshed the system/page, how can I let it stay in page 10 and not go back to page 1/start the quiz again?

Is there a way?

Just a quite word to thank you for the Question Template function and the availability of the text editor for quiz question creating. I used these a lot, I maen, A LOT. They are my efficiency lifeline. THANK YOU! Sue

Avatar Sue Chen

Happy you like the update Sue 🙂

A quick question. Building quiz with 3 categories. I have 20 questions in each of them. I would like to quiz select just 10 from each category.
Then to display category score like:
Cat A – 80% | Cat B – 90% | Cat C – 78%
I figured out the display, but pooling not… Is it possible?

Avatar Peter

This isn’t a supported feature currently but on our roadmap.

Wasn’t pooling a feature in the previous version? I thought I remember setting it.

Avatar Ty

Question: Does Learndash have weighted answers in the quiz module? For example where a question have 4 answer you can choose and answer 1(option 1)= 4 points, answer 1(option 1)= 3 points etc.
I want to invest in the PRO package but this is a requirement.

Avatar Andre Groenewald

Yes you can set different point values per answer.

Great update. So excited for version 3.0. When is it coming? Any ETA? 🙂

Avatar Saquib

Q1 this year 🙂

Is there an update on the 3.0 release date?

Avatar Paul

I would love to see extra question types..

I have questions that don’t have a right or wrong answer, but I want them to make a report of them to check it out.
I need a voting score scale, so just like the single point question look but then again there is no wrong answer and I need the option to show the question on a horizontal line instead of vertical.
Math in questions would be nice also. So eg have 5 questions where they can give a number between 0-10 and create a total below the last question, ideal to replay if they have a score between x and y etc..

Avatar Jan

Have you found any solutions for this type of questionnaires? I am having the same issue.

Avatar Erica

I have more than 600 questions, but Im seeing only a few questions in quiz builder.
I liked the old version where in we copy from other quiz

Avatar Nanda kumar

Hi Justin,

do you have anything like this in your roadmap?

-Using quiz or question/s inside of the lesson/topic content (short code maybe?) instead just on own page.
-Course passage % limit that would count course quizzes points together.
-Ability to give certificate only if passage % was good enough.

Shortcode is already supported (though not tied to user progression). If you have many quizzes in a course, you can assign a certificate at the course level (instead of the quiz) which would require that a user meets the passing % for all quizzes in order to get the certificate.

How will the course grid plugin be affected by 3.0? Will it be upgraded as well?

Avatar James Maduk

Any update on when 3.0 will be out?

Avatar Scott

Hi team.

I think approaching 12 months (first heard of work on V3 in a blog post on GDPR in May 2018) for this new release/update is really starting to grate on me now.

This update is a vital thing for me to work with as I am not wanting to launch and then retrofit new features into the learning pathway or the feature/benefits of the selling or designing of the course.

I am fully aware and supportive that things often take longer, but saying an end of 2018 release, then a Q1 2019 release and now deep into Q2 2019, with no actual clear date in site and no actual clear features offered is grating on me now.

It’s like the LMS version of Brexit!….:)…..

We are all left clueless and frustrated now with no end in sight when we all just want to get on working with the update, which I know we can (with the current), but reluctant to do for the above reasons.

What gives?

Can we get concrete on this soon and move on please.

Avatar Anthony

Any updates? Waiting eagerly!!

Avatar MaryW


I just run a BD optimization and found this table: wp123_wp_pro_quiz_category and other with the same estructure, wp_pro_quiz… Can you please advise me if I can delete those or they are set for LearnDash… thank you!

Avatar Alejandro

Sounds like you have wp-pro-quiz installed possibly which could result in a known issue that we’re unable to assist with. Take a back-up immediately and don’t remove anything yet. Test on a dev environment first.

Hi Guys,

do any one of you have an idea, if a quiz has be taken, normally it would give us a notice that we can’t take the said quiz again since I/we have taken it already, I’d like to know if there is an alternative solution to these, where if a client/user goes back to that same quiz, instead of us telling that we can no longer retake the quiz, is there a way it moves to the next quiz?

is this available on the setting, or is this something we could do via hook/filter on functions.php or does this have an add-on plugin.


In this video tutorial, you ll learn how to create a new quiz and add questions to it, configure quiz options, and view quiz results. We ll also cover some best practices when setting up LearnDash quizzes.


I noticed a bug where when i update the questions via the builder, it overwrites the questions from another quiz. Have you encountered this before?

Avatar Desmond

If you’re sharing questions between quizzes then this is normal as the question is part of the question bank.

Hi Justin,

Could I clarify a point on this topic.

Are responses from shared questions independently saved? (e.g. if I have a question that is shared b/w 2 quizzes, and a user completes 1 of the quizzes, will their response be kept separate from the other quiz, when I export/download the quiz data?)


Avatar Nathan

Is there step-by-step instructions for importing a quiz into LearnDash?

Avatar Rachel A Frost

No there isn’t. The quiz can only accept a quiz exported on another LearnDash install though (so from one LD site to another).

Hi Justin
I’m going to use r=learndash for our exam. As you know in the real exam, we need to explain to students that how to answer the following questions before each section. therfore we need the ability that we can add a section to quiz like you have any plan to add this ability to Learndash?
(sorry about my English)
Thanks a lot

Avatar fereidoun

Hi Justin,
i need to set a different point for each question and negative point for wrong answer.
If the answer is right i give you 1 point, but if the answer is wrong i give you -0.2 point.

Is there any solution ?


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