June 14th, 2016 Announcements

LearnDash Updates latestToday we are happy to announce that we have pushed out the latest LearnDash core update.

The focus of these updates are mostly “under the hood”, but we also made sure to throw-in some new functionality for you to use when managing your LearnDash courses.

These enhancements are a direct result of the feedback you all have provided us as you use LearnDash for powering your learning programs.

As always, we thank you and appreciate your continuous input!

Admin “Mark Complete” Capability

Sometimes there are situations when you need to mark a topic, lesson, or even course as complete for your users, and this is now possible with the latest version of LearnDash!

Simply navigate to to the user’s profile and you will see their enrolled courses.

Next to each course there is a checkbox available. If you select the checkbox then the entire course is marked as complete after you update the user’s profile.

Don’t want to mark the entire course complete? No problem, just expand the course details and select the items (topics, lessons, and quizzes) that you want to mark as complete for the individual.

If you make a mistake, you can also un-mark an item as complete. 🙂

Improved Course Enrollment Interface

While you are in the user’s profile you will also notice some improvements to the way you can enroll a user into a course.

The drop-down menu has been replaced with a list of your courses. This allows you to search and select more than one course for enrollment at a time.

In addition, you will see that below the course list there is a similar method for assigning the user to a LearnDash Group (or multiple groups). Once you select and assign the desired courses and groups just click “Update User” and you are all set!

This new UI has been applied to the LearnDash Groups section, and we extended it to the Edit Course page as well. This means that now as you create (or edit) a course you can easily associate it to a LearnDash Group at the same time.

Significant Performance Improvements

While the new course and group enrollment features are more user-friendly from a UI perspective, they also have a significant impact on LearnDash speed and scaleability.

But it didn’t stop there. Changes were also made to the way course content is called, including the use of lazy-load logic resulting in quicker page-loads.

We tested these changes on sites running many LearnDash courses with upwards of 40,000 active users and we are pleased to report that the LearnDash experience was quite snappy – undoubtedly quicker than previous versions.

These improvements are available for you today. If you don’t see this from your admin dashboard, please reference this support article for some guidance on updating.

For a full list of updates please reference the changelog.

Exciting Developments Ahead

Today’s release is also exciting because we have made some additional changes to LearnDash in preparation for new functionality coming your way!

One of which is in relation to user interaction while the other is with regards to the (much anticipated) ProPanel version 2.0 – both are already in development!

To wrap-up this update I want to personally extend a thank-you to all of you using LearnDash for your learning programs. We are privileged to have you all as customers and humbled that you have chosen us as your WordPress LMS.

Until next time!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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Congratulations for the upgrade and many thanks for your team. I am looking forward to the new version to be upgraded.

Could you also do some upgrade on your add-on Learndash Course Grid? I find if I add some content into the course description in a course edit page, I cannot upgrade that page. Another issue is the list display all the course with a price free no matter what the price is. Maybe this is because that I use woo commerce integration?

Anyway, I love all the functions from Learndash and your support is so good.

Thank you Shiyi, and appreciate the additional feedback 🙂

This is really great Justin,

Thanks for you (and the team) commitment on making this better.

Avatar Estêvão

Thanks for the kind words Estêvão

Awesome work Justin ! Love the way you keep adding features .

Avatar Vishal

Great updates Justin, thanks for the continual development.

Any plans in the pipeline for admins to be able to manually award certificates to learners?


Thank you Alex. In a way this is now possible since an Admin can now mark a course as complete for a user (which awards the course certificate). But we’ll look into additional capabilities related to this – thanks for the suggestion!

Great update! Thank you to you and the entire LearnDash team for these important upgrades.

Its awesome to see the continued focus on performance and user functionality that benefit course creators and students.

That’s so awesome Justin! I’ll make sure to tell the rest of my followers that they can expect even more performance when using LearnDash

Avatar John Ross

Appreciate it John, thanks!

Congratulations for keeping a steady update scheme and listening to your users. Nice update with cool features on both usability and integration. Looking forward for the rest of the goodies you also mention. Keep on rocking!

Glad you like the update Panagiotis, we’re excited to continue evolving LearnDash!

Thanks for the continued support to this excellent plugin.

My only request is that you add some sort of theming functionality like with Sensei’s template system, so that I don’t have to keep re-editing the UI elements every time I update. Otherwise, I end up ignoring minor updates due to all of the work involved.

Many thanks for all of your hard work thus far.

Appreciate that feedback K Knight, thanks!

I love how fast the updates and new features are coming out. Keep up the great work Justin.

Avatar Justin

Thanks Justin, we’ll keep them coming!

Thanks Justin,
Really appreciate your and your team efforts. Now Learndash is a part of my life.

Happy to hear you like the update Sharif!

LearnDash – continually making the best LMS better!

Avatar Nick Liberati

Super update. Marking students are completed in the admin section has been top on my wishlist. Thank you.

Great Greg! Glad to hear that you’ll be able to use the new admin feature.

This is awesome news at a perfect time 🙂
This will make some things so much easier to set up on the Admin site.
Thank you for all your hard work on this LMS – wonderful!


Avatar Helma

Thank you for your continued support Helma!

Hi Justin,
While I love the new features – is there any plan to extend the Mark Complete capability to the group leader 🙂
Never content… I know… 😉


Avatar Helma

Will 2.2.1 appear as an update or must be reinstalled?

It will appear. See instructions here.

Hi Justin
Thank you for the functional update

Avatar Durga Prasad Dande

You’re welcome Durga 🙂

Awesome Justin! Thank you so much for building this great WordPress LMS.

Thank you for choosing LearnDash Angel!

Amazing.. many thanks Justin, fabulous roll out

I cannot tell you how appreciated the new course enrolment UI is within groups. It will save us hours!

Think about extending admin capability to reset an individual quiz for an individual user. This will help to give poor quiz attempts another go without allowing every user in the database 2 attempts.

Great! Happy you like it Aaron, and thanks for the recommendation.

Awesome! I’ve been waiting for this. Can you also make group leaders able to mark content complete? This would help me greatly.

Avatar David Mount

Another great option would be to allow group leaders to enroll users in their groups into courses. It would be even better to allow group leaders to add users to their group from a list of all users.

Great job on!

Avatar David Mount

Thank you David, alterations to the ‘Group Leader’ are on our radar – will be sure to reference your suggestions as we get to it.

The admin “mark complete” function is an excellent addition. I previously cloned an entire course (and was about to have to do it again for another course) just so that I could let some users move around at will while keeping the majority on a linear progression. Now I can just have the one linear progression course and mark it complete for specific individuals. Saved me a lot of time! Thanks.

Thank you Jack. Happy to hear that this new functionality saves you time!

Great update! Thank you to you and your team for these important upgrades.

When I try to update I get this error: “An error occurred while updating LearnDash LMS: Download failed. Forbidden”

Avatar Brandon

Hi Brandon-

See this article and if you still encounter an issue send support a note.

This is awesome!

I’ve wanted this functionality for a while.

Congrats and thanks a lot!
Keep up your great work.

Hi, Justin! I updated, but I do not see any of the changes. Is there a help document that is available to walk me through finding the information?

Hi Anthony-

First make sure the version is “2.2.1” from your PLUGINS menu. You can see the changes if you navigate to a user’s profile. Look for the panels for assigning the user to a group or a course. If you still encounter an issue or don’t see the changes, please open a support ticket.

Excited about these updates, especially the group functionality (which I have already talked to you about), so thank you. I’m looking forward to better integration with MailChimp in one of the near future releases. 😉

Sounds great Justin! Will this update impact the sending of xAPI statements from LD to the LRS? The Mark Complete button? I have over 150 topics and lessons in one course.


Hi Dale-

New actions were added with relation to GrassBlade LRS and the quiz. Mark Complete button already connects to GBLRS via the xAPI launcher.

Love to see the ongoing improvements! Is there a roadmap somewhere that shows what’s coming in the new Pro Panel? I’m looking at some custom programming, and hoping some of the issues will be addressed in the new version. Thanks.

Avatar Ellen

Great to hear Ellen! ProPanel v2.0 is a complete overhaul of the current solution. If there was something specific you were interested in knowing as it relates to your custom programming please do send us the details.

Hi Justin, as always you make steady great improvements to your platform.
I have two questions as a developer.
1. Will this update break any custom extension that connects to the LD hooks and functions?
2. Have you added any new action and filter hooks? I think that this is still an area where you need to improve

Thanks Giulio. If you created a custom extension we cannot say whether it will impact it or not. The update works with all of our extensions. Also, please don’t hesitate to submit any suggestions for action and filter hooks.

Such a great program, I wish it would work with optimizepress.


Thanks for the kind words Gregory. There is a beta integration with OptimizeMember. just send a request to support.

Have created a full OptimizeMember integration feature ?

Avatar Greg

We have a beta integration with their membership plugin, but that’s it.

Awesome work Justin and team!!

Avatar Ben Ramsden

Once again, a great update! Thanks for your hard work on continual improvements!

Question though – since I updated, my course Content Cloner add-on no longer appears to be working. Is anyone else having this issue? Tips for solving it?

Hi Halle-

Thanks! Regarding the item you mentioned, you may wish to bring it up to the vendor of that add-on (WisdmLabs). For what it’s worth we haven’t heard of this elsewhere, but I shot them a note as well just in case 🙂

congratulations, Justin. Really great team.

Avatar mohamed kamal

Is it possible to copy or duplicate an existing course without downloading a third party plugin?


Avatar Shawn McElroy

This is great! So if a user completes something and is able to move on, and then admin marks it incomplete later, will they be prompted to go back and redo that lesson?


Avatar Justin

Thanks Justin! If you mark something as incomplete then the user will need to complete that item again.

We’re (just about) ready to launch a new site with Learndash at the core. Perfect timing.

Just so that I am sure, when using learndash groups for group enrolment, I select the group first (from LHS box) and then add then to the course (right hand box)?

Is that the way it is done? Very, very easy way to get 400 users enrolled at once!
Thank you.

Avatar john reynolds

Hi John-

Thanks for the comments. Yes, that’s how you add the users to the group.

Hi, great updates! But – I can not mark courses/lessons/topic as complete for users. Everything else are in place…?

Thanks Mikael!

Please open a support request if you are encountering an issue and we’ll be glad to help out!

Congrats for the new release! We have at the moment more than 2.000 students enrolled in our courses, and we know that this is possible thanks to LearnDash!! Thank you!!

Thank you Turi, and congrats on having a successful course! 🙂

This is great! And once again, right at the perfect time!

However, while I do have the updated version, I do not seem to have the mark complete capability as described. There are no checkboxes. It just shows the enrolled courses, and an [Edit][Details] option.

Any suggestions would be great!

Thanks for the comment Halle! Might be theme related. If you’re running the Social Learning theme by BuddyBoss, you’ll need to update to the latest “Boss for LearnDash” plugin. If you still don’t see it (or if you’re running another theme) just shoot us a note.

“If you make a mistake, you can also un-mark an item as complete.” – I am not able to find that option. Can you please explain how to do it in detail?

Go to the user’s profile. There are checkboxes next to the courses/lessons. Open a support ticket if you still cannot find it and we’d be happy to help.

We have a problem. Whenever we create a user, irrespective of whether I select courses for that user, all courses are automatically listed under courses enrolled.

Removing the courses and then updating the user profile does not work.

We are trying to grant selective access to courses for each user. We are using the latest versions of WordPress and of LearnDash.

Any answer to work towards solving this problem shall be appreciated.

Avatar Satadru Sengupta

HI Satadru-

We are happy to assist. Please open a support ticket with more details, steps for recreating the behavior, and temp admin/ftp info. Thanks!


wondering why I don’t have this option available. Simply it does not appear. Thanks!

Avatar Fernando Frayre

The ability to manually manage the students course progress from the dashboard is a huge improvement and a fantastic update.

Keep up the good work guys!

Good Day! I have a question about the learndash. Can I add a sound effect on the mark complete button in every lesson?

Avatar Ralph

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