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Creating an online course is tiring and at some point we all suffer from a lack of motivation.

Even if we really love what we are working on there can be times where it is just impossible to sit down and put in the work.

This is usually the sign that we need a break. Some people take vacations, while other may just pick up a new book just to give their brain a rest.

But when the vacation is over and the book is done – you have to find motivation to jump back into your online course project… and that can sometimes be extremely difficult!

When you consider the time it takes to create an online course it becomes quite clear why people often get overwhelmed and give up.

But I have good news!

There are some small things you can do to boost your motivation and gain momentum for your course.

In fact, I personally find that once I start to get a little momentum in any project I am working on that it becomes easier to do over time. This blog post is a perfect example. I didn’t really know what I was going to write about originally but after a few sentences I have built up some momentum! 🙂

If you are looking for ways to get motivated again then consider using one of the 14 different methods below. The one I identify most with is number six. Start off with “small wins” and they will snowball into bigger accomplishments.

When you’re done, use your new found motivation to build your online course!

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JUST what I’m needing right now! I’ve got just one more Lesson (two Topics and an Intro), and my course is finished! But I find myself either procrastinating my motivation, or motivating my procrastination. ?

One more week – just one more week! I know I won’t be able to leave well enough alone, and will be doing frontend site tweaks, but the content will be done.

Jumped in with both feet – developed, designed, wipe the content, shot and edited the videos (learned as I went, there), and made all of the slides and supplemental materials. You need to add one more suggestion to your list – Learn to Delegate. ?

Here’s a great motivater – be naive (dumb?) enough to presell your course with just one Lesson (six topics) fully developed. Then spending countless hours trying to keeping the momentum to stay ahead of class with drip fed Lessons.

Thanks for the final push!

YES! Pre-selling is the PERFECT Lori 🙂 – nothing like knowing you have customers waiting to get you motivated.

How do you collect their information based on the course they are interested in?

I have read several options from mailchimp, gravity forms, to a button that links to a “contact us page”.

I would like to show the course, course introduction video, and course description. On that same page, I would like them to be able to type their name and email to be notified when the course content becomes available.

Can you provide guidance on how to set up the form within the course description page?

Avatar ian

I suppose any email platform designed for capturing leads will work (OptinMonster or ThriveThemes are both popular options). This can be put on the course page using the ‘visitor’ shortcode in LearnDash.

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