August 6th, 2013 Announcements

LearnDash Updates latestOur customers have spoken, and we have listened! Today marks the release of the latest installment of LearnDash, Version 1.4.0! One thing is for sure, we didn’t hold back on this one – Version 1.4.0 includes some pretty BIG features.

Before jumping into the updates, I want to first thank you all for being so active in our forums and help desk. We value your opinions and are dedicated to making this product truly yours. Because of your dedication and investment with LearnDash, you can expect us to continue to release updates on a pace that is simply unmatched anywhere else in the WordPress LMS industry :).

Without further ado, let’s get to the updates that we have packed into LearnDash Version 1.4.0!


Introducing: LearnDash Groups!

Click PLAY Below to Watch The LearnDash Groups Overview Video:

This is one of our favorite updates because of what it allows you to do with your learning management system.  Many of you are using LearnDash in an educational setting, and as such have multiple teachers with their own classes.

Using the new LearnDash Groups feature, you can now assign Group Leaders to manage any number of users. So, using the example above, you can have a teacher manage and track their students’ progress.

This update isn’t limited to just educational institutions. If your organization has multiple departments, you can easily create a Department Group and assign one (or more) Group Leaders.  Once the leader is set-up, simply select the users that belong to the group!

Group Leaders receive a special administrative access when they log into their account.  Under the new COURSES > GROUP ADMINISTRATION menu, they will see a list of the groups that they are listed as the lead.  With this list, Group Leaders can view the users in their groups, and even check on individual progress by selecting the user of choice.

Group Leaders can pull reports on their group’s performance, including course progress and quiz data.  Need to communicate something to the group? We made it easy by including a group email feature!

You can create an unlimited number of LearnDash Groups and Group Leaders. In additional, your users can belong to an unlimited number of Groups, make the possibilities here truly endless.

Last, we made sure that you could easily let users know to which groups they are enrolled.  Simply insert the new User Groups shortcode on any page and your user will be able to see the group name and description for their assigned groups – a perfect addition to a user profile!

The best part about this new feature is how simple it is to use.  You can literally create your groups in a matter of minutes.

Enhanced Certificate Shortcodes

To this point, you have had the ability to customize a certificate using some of our User based shortcodes. For example, this has allowed you to create a certificate with the user’s name on it, ready to print.  Over the past few weeks we have been gathering request for additional certificate shortcodes. Based on our customers’ input, we are happy to announce that you can now include the following information automatically inserted on your users’ certificates:

  • Score obtained on the quiz
  • Quiz percentage
  • Pass/Fail information
  • Obtained ranking
  • Timestamp for when certificate was received
  • Time spent taking the quiz
  • Total earned points

Putting this information onto a certificate is easy – just insert the shortcode.  You can find these shortcodes on the “Options for Certificate” menu.  Also, make sure to watch the updated Certificate video on the support site for more information!

Assignment Delete Function

In one of our previous updates we added the ability to accept assignment submissions from users.  The admin then could go to the lesson and mark the assignment as complete. We realized that managing all these assignments could get rather messy, so we added a convenient way for the administrator to delete them.  Click the link and *POOF*, it’s gone!

Delete LearnDash Course Data

When building out an LMS, it is essential to test the lesson and course flow. Many of you do this from your Admin account, others create dummy accounts.  In either case, we have added the ability for the Admin to delete all LearnDash Course data from the user of their choice. You can find this feature located on the LearnDash LMS License page under SETTINGS.  Be careful though, once you delete the data, it cannot be undone!



Did You Know…?



Did you know that LearnDash is WordPress Multisite compatible?  You can create a WordPress multisite network and grant the child-sites access to the LearnDash functionality so they too can create their own elearning courses!



Here at LearnDash, we take pride in being a specialty shop for elearning and WordPress. Our product and service is based on real experience consulting Fortune 500 companies with their international training programs. This means that our customers receive only the best, most relevant features. What’s more, you benefit from continuous enhancements on a regular basis.

Thank you all again for your continual support of the LearnDash mission. You will be prompted for the update from your Plugins menu. New videos have also been added to LearnDash Support.

Until next time!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide. He is currently founder & CEO of GapScout. Justin's Homepage | GapScout | Twitter


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Great!. It’s incredible how often you are releasing updates.
Thank you very much

Valuable information. Fortunate me I discovered your website by chance, and I’m shocked why this twist of fate did not took place earlier! I bookmarked it.

Justin and Team,
Congratulations on your progress with LearnDash and I look forward to your continued growth on the buildout of this solution. It’s nice to see something fresh and unique in the LMS space.

Great additions….

Looking forward for many more features in future updates.

Justin! I’m always so impressed with these features updates. Groups really is a HUGE step. It adds an entire layer of possibilities!

Avatar Michael Kocher

That you Michael, we think so too, and feel that it will provide our customers tremendous value. Thanks again for the comment and for actively contributing feedback so we can continue to make LearnDash better!

Hi Justin,

I am very impressed with what I see here. In my scenario I have four courses that make up one certification. I want students to be able to take, 1,2,3 or 4 of these courses at the same time – as per their choice. I am struggling with how to get this done. Can courses be assigned to groups, so that a group only gets to see one course. Then in addition, can a user be assigned to more than one group at a time?

Keep up the awesome work.


Avatar Guy

Hi Guy,
Thanks for the compliments. Yes, you can assign courses to members in a group – feel free to reach out to us at and we can discuss your use case a bit further 🙂

And another question about groups. When students sign up for a course, can they automatically be assigned to a group together with a pre-assigned tutor, so that assigning members does not have to be done on a one-by-one basis by admin? The idea is to allow tutors to be authors so that they can create their own groups and then have students sign up for their courses. If this is not a feature, maybe it could be in an update?

Appreciate it.

Avatar Guy

Hi Guy,
While we don’t have a “tutor” feature as you mention, can assign more permissions to the Group Leader user role as you see fit by using a free plugin like Members, Role Scoper, or something similar.

Great update! As a university professor, I am really happy to see this as now my co-professors may be able to build lessons on my website. One question, do group leaders have the ability to create new lessons within their group, or can they only monitor the students and that information?

Great work on the new updates- I really look forward to seeing this evolve more. Best money I’ve ever spent on my website!

Hi Robert-
Thanks for the comments, happy to see you find the updates useful! If you would like to give Group Leaders more permissions, you can use a free plugin such as Members to grant more permissions to that role.

Love that certification update. The best LMS plugin just got better!

Avatar Darrel Dressel

Wonderful! Amazing work. Thanks!

You’re welcome Krista, thank YOU! 🙂

Nice job, guys. The group function just helped me with a decision I was making to host all my classes on my own site vs a different platform. You rock!

Many thanks again for another update, it gives me so much thrust in Learndash! I really Love it . I’m stil working on my site, but the way you build Learndash, the logic, makes it a pleasure to do that.

Avatar Wilco

Thank you for your kind words Wilco, we are happy to hear you are enjoying LearnDash!

Great Job on this! Is there a way to assign the ‘group leader’ role capability permissions to an existing role?

Avatar Kyle

Thanks Kyle! More than happy to help you further with your specific needs, just post in our forum at

Keep up the good work Justin. I can barely keep up with all the updates, but I’m really thankful I chose LearnDash as my LMS as I know it just keeps on getting better and better!

Thanks, Justin, for such great updates and for being so responsive on the support site. You rock!

Thanks Patricia! It’s our pleasure, thank you for putting your trust in us!

Justin, it keeps getting better and better! Thanks for your devotion to LearnDash and it’s users. I am glad we chose this as our learning solution!!

Thanks for a GREAT LMS! I do have some newbie questions, though.

1. How do you create a quiz? E.g.where are the multiple answers set up?
2. How do you associate a certificate with a quiz?
3. How do you associate a course with a menu?

Thanks you very much.

Avatar Steve Colucci

Hi Steve-
Thanks for the note and for the feedback! We’re happy to assist you with your questions, just head on over to

I came back to this posting because I remembered somewhere in the recesses of my mind the statement above in which you said “Did you know that LearnDash is WordPress Multisite compatible? ”

Would you be willing either in a reply to this comment or in some kinds of future blog post go into what “WordPress Multisite Compatible” means, and why that is important, and/or conceptually how to leverage this benefit?

Steve Carlson

Hi Steve-
Multisite means you can create a “network” with a “Mother” site and “Child” sites. You can read more about this functionality here:

LearnDash being multisite compatible means you can install it on your “mother” site and grant use access to the child sites. So, for example, if you have a school and individuals sites for each classroom, you can grant access to the teachers to use LearnDash. This is not possible with all plugins.

Would love to be able to sync up these groups with a private BBPress forum or similar for course-based discussion with fellow students.

Groups 1 and 2 = Global Forum
Group 1 = Private Forum 1
Group 2 = Private Forum 2

Best way to achieve this (without BuddyPress)?

I wanted to know how I can give my group leaders access to reports and the group leader access without letting them in my backend WP? Only admins have access to the backend of WP, I don’t want group leaders in my backend at all.

Avatar shukri

Hi Shukri-

Thanks for the note. Currently the reports are only available in the backend. That said, we are investigating ways to create front-end reports.

Are front end reports available at this time?

Hi Andy-
No, front end reports are not a current feature.

Hi Justin,
Is it possible for group leaders to see any sort of reports or an overview of how their students are doing on the frontend?

Either by ShortCode or otherwise?

Avatar Mike

How to get all quiz data wuth question,answer and score obtained by user from the database in a query on the basis of user id?

Happy to assist – please open a support ticket with your question and someone will reply shortly.

I am considering using Learn Dash on my multisite network which uses BadgeOS as an important part of its functionality.

Will each subsite have its own instance of Learn Dash? (Its own users, content, etc) Completely customizable and independent of the main site and other subsites?

In regards to groups, I am trying to make it so that each subsite on the network is run by a teacher. That teacher should then be able to create as many classes (groups) as they need and then allow students to register into that group. (For example, if I teach 4 sections of the same course, I want to have 4 groups, all led by me, that all have access to common course content but giving me a way to easily find users by class if I need to troubleshoot or review their submissions). Ideally, this would integrate with BuddyPress and BadgeOS seamlessly.

Is any of this possible?

Avatar Erica

Hi Erica-

When using WP multisite, each ‘child’ site is its own install of WP with its own database, users, and content (independent of the main site). To give group leaders (teachers) more permissions, you’ll need to alter the permissions using a plugin like User Role Editor, or perhaps this one. For additional questions, please send us a note from the contact page and someone will reply shortly.

Hi Erica,
I am working on a similar project with multisites and BadgeOS. I am also trying to find a way to create sections of classes so that teachers can easily communicate with and grade their own students. I am currently looking into the groups feature of LearnDash to see if that would be a good solution (rather than creating a sub-site for each class). Lining up with badge triggers with the LearnDash triggers is a little tricky though. If you don’t mind sharing I would love to know if you have come up with any ideas!

Avatar Kelsey


I would like to reach you through Support, but my webmaster has the account into, not me, so I’m trying my luck here.

I would love to see an integration so that users could log into their courses via their Google or Facebook accounts. Does this exist? If not, is it on the horizon?


Ami Steinberger
Founder and CEO of Ulpan La-Inyan

Avatar Ami

I plan to extensively use this group feature, and need it to be closely integrated with google groups — I think it would be a very useful feature. For example,have the learndash group map to a google group, and once somebody is added to the LearnDash group, he/she will also be automatically added to the google group. This will make google drive access control so easy if I want to embed google drive content as part of the LearnDash course material.

Please make this possible!!

And also it would be nice to designate an email address to each learndash group (such as [email protected] so that we can send email to the whole group from any email client (not within wordpress/learndash admin portal).

thank you.

Avatar LW

This is super useful feature, is it in the pipeline?

I am working with LearnDash Seems the “Delete LearnDash Course Data” function is no longer on the LearnDash LMS License page. Where can I find it ?

Avatar Daniel

If you edit the user’s profile it is available there.

Good afternoon Justin!
Congratulations for the excellent plugin!
I have a little doubt, I need to put in some certifidado shortcode that automatically take the name of the student and the course. It’s possible?

Avatar Taciara Furtado

Hi Taciara-

Thanks for the comment! Yes this is possible with shortcodes.

Is it possible to assign students to a group automatically upon sign up? I have tried the Gravity Forms Add-On, but that only allows sign up for courses and not groups.

Avatar cameron

Hi Cameron-
Not currently with LearnDash Groups, but yes for BuddyPress Groups using the LearnDash-BuddyPress integration.

My IT folks are intrigued, but had one key question: we have 3K+ users on our platform. So, a few questions here:
1. Can you bulk import users?
2. Can you accept/read login tokens from another tool?

We have a front-end site with “customer only” resources and an installed program that talks to the web, both of which need coordinated login/pw. We’d just prefer to not add another login to the mix 😉

Hi David-
Yes you can bulk import users. Regarding connecting to another tool, I suppose it depends on what it is and if integrations exist already with that tool and WordPress. Worst case scenario is that it would need to be developed.

I am stoked about the bulk upload feature. We will be experimenting with it very soon.

Avatar Zee

Hello, Is there an option to create a “classroom/group code” so that people can add themselves to the course without logggin in? I am interested in setting up classes for my minor students and need to have a login capacity that doesn’t rely on email.

Avatar Marianne

Hi Marianne-

Thanks for the comment. Not currently with LearnDash Groups but you can configure this if you use the LearnDash-BuddyPress integration.


I have not purchased yet but am seriously considering between your platform and a competitors. I have a question regarding “Groups”. Can the same course(s) by applied to multiple groups. For example, my client will essentially have only one or two courses. All groups will be taking the same course but may have different start times. In addition, is it possible for one group to be on a drip program while another is not? (again, assuming it is the same course)

Hi Kevin-
Thanks for the comment. Yes, the same course can exist in multiple groups. If a group is created and assigned a course one day, their drip schedule will be different compared to a group you create at another point in time.

Just a thought… I was brainstorming on how/whether to set this up. I’m thinking about doing a freemium-type model where with an added membership level you would be able to interact with the instructor on a course forum. Would groups give me the capability to do something like that? Thank you

This feature is very helpful. You people, are doing a wonderful job.

Hi! It looks great and we are close to purchasing but I have a few questions.

I don’t see an option for the group leader to create courses? Am I missing something? How could this be achieved?

Avatar Elli

Group leaders cannot create courses by default. You’ll need to give them permissions to do so using a User Role Editor plugin (or something similar).

Word Press: 4.1

Love the idea of the Group function.

When trying to assign users to a particular group past Page 1 of 10, I am unable to navigate to additional pages to assign those users. The pagination states, Page 2 of 10, Page 3 of 10, etc. but clicking “next >” does not display the next set of users? The first set of users remain displayed. They display as already assigned to a group but I have no way of assigning more, only one at a time in the User admin panel.

Is it my Word Press version? I’ve tried different browsers, but no luck.

Avatar Chris

Hi Chris, please open a ticket with support so that someone can provide assistance.

Hi Justin!

Not sure on how to integrate Learndash Groups with Buddypress Groups while using BuddyPress for Learndash.

Is there any way to assign more than one course to just one buddypress group?

We would love some advice here. Thanks!

So now are groups able to be used on the front end? And how do we set up users to access the groups on the website page and not the backend?

I plan to extensively use this group feature, and need it to be closely integrated with google groups — I think it would be a very useful feature. For example,have the learndash group map to a google group, and once somebody is added to the LearnDash group, he/she will also be automatically added to the google group. This will make google drive access control so easy if I want to embed google drive content as part of the LearnDash course material.

Please make this possible!!

And also it would be nice to designate an email address to each learndash group (such as [email protected] so that we can send email to the whole group from any email client (not within wordpress/learndash admin portal).

thank you.

Avatar LW

Hello. remarkable job. I did not expect this. This is a splendid story. Thanks!

Hi, how can I use the new editor to edit groups (I think it’s the Gutenberg editor)? It only gives me the Classic Editor option. I am using WordPress version 5.4.2.

Avatar Luther Richards

I agree that consistency of content is important. Unfortunately, the possibilities of responsive design lead away from that. Any tool or technique can be used in an ineffective way. If your site’s width is fluid, is it a responsive design? Yes. Sites have been designed like that for years, and it’s a simple, fast, easy change. When this new idea popped up, a lot of design already were providing a different design for different browser widths.

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