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Out of all the learning management systems out there, LearnDash tops the list as the industry’s most affordable!

Capterra’s annual Most Affordable LMS listing is out, and LearnDash is at the top.

It wasn’t too long ago when getting a learning management system meant spending tens of thousands of dollars. Granted, there are still providers with this pricing model, but the LMS landscape as a whole has changed over the past two decades.

As online education increases in popularity it has created a robust LMS market. As such, today you can get a fully-functional LMS configured for a fraction of the cost — and our WordPress LMS LearnDash leads the way!

Every year Capterra ranks software across nearly every vertical according to different criteria. In the LMS industry this includes venture-backed platforms like Blackboard, Docebo, Litmos, and more. Yet despite this we see that LearnDash continues to be recognized. It’s a testament to what is possible with the world’s most popular content management system, WordPress.

What’s the average cost of a LearnDash powered program?

This is indeed a question we get quite often and as you can probably imagine the answer depends on a few factors that we have outlined in a previous article. I think the main distinguishing factor of WordPress and LearnDash is that you are in complete control over pricing, and that pricing is never on a “per course” or “per user” basis. Instead, you pay only for extra functionality needed to fit your unique goals. This kind of feature flexibility is quite rare in the LMS industry.

Even if we were to consider the most extreme case: custom developing a learning management system. If you were to do this on your own (from scratch) you’re looking at a price-tag close to six-figures and beyond. However, if you used LearnDash as the foundation then that price is significantly reduced. This is possible because our source code is open, allowing developers the opportunity to expand upon LearnDash to accomplish specific learning objectives.

However, for most people this is not necessary. If custom features are needed then there are many pre-made add-ons that can be used. Some of these come with a nominal price, but it’s an absolute fraction of the cost it would take to develop that feature independently.

Are you curious if LearnDash is a good fit for you?

We have seen LearnDash used across countless scenarios that there stands a good chance that we are good fit for your learning goals. Whether you want to sell courses, train employees internally, or supplement an offline training course with an online component, we can help!

Contact us today with more details about your goals and let’s see if LearnDash can make them happen!

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