LearnDash Launches The WordPress LMS Total Solution

LearnDash is Live!

It has been a long road, but we are finally at the point where we can release LearnDash (Version 1.0)! A big thank you to those of you who have been following this project along the way. We are excited to hear about your projects and for you to use LearnDash for accomplishing your LMS goals.

LearnDash is truly a unique in that we don’t just offer a plugin, but we can provide you with practical advice, gained from experience consulting Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. Federal Government. Even more exciting are the plans we have to bolster the Tin-Can API capabilities – something that hasn’t been done yet in this industry!

In version 1.0 you’ll get an integrated learning record store, compliments of our friends at SaltBox Services. However, Phase II will be the organic generation of Tin-Can statements from LearnDash itself! Phase II is currently in the works, so keep an eye out for future communications.

To thank you all for having so much patience, we are offering a 30% promotional discount. See the Pricing & Purchase page for the coupon code.

As always, contact us if you have any questions, be it related to LearnDash, or your project in general. If you are still wondering if LearnDash is the right solution for you, please let us know what you need out of an LMS and we’ll provide you an honest answer (heck, it doesn’t do us any good to “sell” you on a solution that isn’t the correct one, does it? 🙂 )


Justin Ferriman is the co-founder and CEO of LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Let's Talk! | Twitter

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    1. Yes, there are some screenshots on the site. We are working on building out a demo site (probably in the next day or so it will be available).

  1. Congratulations!

    Quick question: Can I include a discussion forum for each course/lesson. Can you provide a screen shot for that.

    1. Hi Amr-
      Thanks! You can provide discussion for each course/lesson in the form of comments (just like the one you left here). You can toggle these on or off as you wish, but it’s a great way to generate discussion on the topic at hand. Simply encourage course participants to do so.

  2. Itl be great if you can create a demo for this and maybe do a comparison of where LearnDash stands compared to other LMS software in the market. There has been a boom in LMS Softwares in past few weeks.

    1. Hi Rahul-
      Thanks for commenting. We are working getting a demo site up. While there is certainly some overlap b/w LearnDash functionality and other “LMS” plugins, we do differ in a variety of ways. Two that come to mind:

      1. We are a specialty shop. We have experience consulting Fortune 500 companies and divisions of the U.S. Government with their learning programs. We offer more than a piece of software, but advice/guidance based on real industry experience. We write for eLearning Magazine’s blog, have articles coming out in Training Magazine, and attend learning conferences. This industry is our passion.

      2. Tin-Can API… if you haven’t heard of it, it’s the new learning protocol as developed by Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL), a division of the U.S. government responsible for the original SCORM standards (any serious learning management system adheres to these standards). As a result of integrating tin-can api, you will get insight, analytics, and reports about your user’s activities. You can also easily upload any courses you made in Articulate, Captivate Studio, or any other rapid e-learning development software.

      Let me know if you have any specific questions.

      1. Thanks for replying. I mainly want a demo site to see how many checks I get on my list of features i want. Maybe some of those can be incorporate din phase II or maybe addon plugins. Some of things I want are:
        1. Awards/Achievements of the users who give the test. Say Award for completion for 1st module/test/section and then another awrd for getting 100% and then another award for clearing 10 tests in a day something like this.
        2. I want to be able to embedd HTML codes in the question area.
        3. In the Options for teh questions in the test itl ebgreat if we can have images and not just plain text.
        4. Buddypress Integration would be nice
        5. Itl be great if we can categorize tests/Modules under various subjects.
        6 There should be some free and some paid modules. Example: There will be a chapter called OUR EARTH with 10 modules so in this it should be possible that ADMIN can have all the modules free, all paid or first 2 Modules free and rest paid.
        7. I would also like to see how detailed the result a sudent or teacher can see.
        8. There should be tests where A question is shown and user will have to submit the answer via attachment and then Admin/Teacher can grade at his convineience.

        I have some more ideas. Just want to see how complex and easy this plugin is.


  3. Congratulations!
    1) What kind of questions are available in quizes?
    2) Is it possible to customize the front end (learner end) to spanish messages or instructions? [all the cycle, from registration and payment to getting the course certificate]

    1. Hi Pedro, thank you!

      1. Multiple choice, “choose all that apply”, and T/F

      2. We are working on internationalizing our code to make the entire process easier for native speakers.

  4. Congratulations, Justin. Releases create a mix of positive and negative anxiety:)

    One quick question. Looks like the plug-in is open to use any LRS endpoint (noting the Wax reference in the screenshot). I’m guessing folks will need to configure their own Wax account to use xAPI in LearnDash (or use another endpoint)?

    Is this a correct assumption, or does LearnDash contain an endpoint / LRS?

    Your pricing is pretty irresistible if LD works well. I expect to be buying this one even though I don’t have an immediate need for it.

    1. Congratulations, Justin. Releases create a mix of positive and negative anxiety:)

      You got that right!

      Regarding the LRS, currently WaxLRS is the integrated LRS in the backend. Soon LearnDash will generate tin-can statements organically, and these will be sent to the integrated waxlrs as well. When you create a course in Articulate (or other similar software), you can specify the LRS in LearnDash, or another one should you choose.

      More big news coming on the tin-can front as well… so keep checking in.

  5. Hi, can you expand a bit on what Phase II will be able to do compared to Phase I ? I don’t really understand what this means 🙂 “Phase II will be the organic generation of Tin-Can statements from LearnDash itself!”. I want to confirm that Phase I will do everything that is outlined on your Features page. Looking forward to seeing the demo!!!

    1. HI Bryce… sure let me explain.

      Currently, in order for Tin Can statements to be recorded in the learning record store, you would need to generate them. For many people, this means creating an e-learning course in a software like Articulate Storyline. When publishing a course in Articulate Storyline, you can choose to publish to “tin can” . When someone takes the course and tin can statements are generated, they will find their “home” at the end point you specified during publishing. You can specify the integrated waxlrs as your end point and therefore analyze/see the statements in your WP backend.

      For Phase II, organic generation of tin can statements means that you wont need to publish courses to tin can, or use any rapid elearning development software for that matter. As users interact with the site, certain functionality will trigger statements to be sent to the LRS. This gives you real time insight into what learners are doing on the site and how they are interacting.

      Hope that was helpful, let me know if I can clarify.

  6. I just discovered LearnDash a few days ago.

    I’ve bombarded Justin with email questions on his product before and after purchase and I don’t think 10 minutes passed before he responded to each one regardless of the day or the time. He even made recommendations to me for issues I’m having out of the scope of this plugin. It is clear Justin cares about the product and making sure the people who purchase it are satisfied. As they say, “People do business with people” and Justin is definitely a person I would continue to do business with.

    I look forward to watching this product evolve.

    1. I agree with you Sandy the support is amazing. I am receiving a personalized world-class support. The product functions really well and very intuitive.

  7. Hello,

    I like your plugin, but I miss the demo site. And is it ready for a translation (something like .po/.mo files)?

    Thank you for your answers and good luck with sales! 😉

    1. Hi Rene-
      Thanks for the commment. We are working on a demo site and internationalizing the code. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

  8. Hi! My company is interested in selling elearning courses and I was curious to know if Learndash supported that or if it could be integrated with a payment gateway.


    1. Yes it does, we built it to work in conjunction with membership plugins, specifically wishlist member, but also S2 Member.

      1. Hi Justin, I’m a bit confused now about the combination of membership plugins and Learndash. I know I asked you about the price to integrate IDEAL in LearnDash. But if I can use, for example “MagicMembers” IDEAL is included.
        Is it possible to use this membership plugin and then skip the standard payment possibilities from LearnDash? Thanks!

          1. Right now PayPal and 2CheckOut is supported in the base version of LearnDash (will be expanding this). What middle party did you want to integrate?

          1. Not as of today. If you’re interested in custom development, we can set this up for you.

  9. Looking forward to seeing the demo…

    Are there course categories.?
    Can our current user base be auto enrolled in a course or multiple courses?
    Is there a user profile page showing course progress?
    Are there any widgets?

    1. we have a basic demo at http://platinumlms.com … currently running LearnDash v1.0, but to be expanded upon with more in depth functionality.

      There are indeed course categories. You can upload your user base and assign their user IDs to the applicable courses to grant access. Course progress indicator will be in an upcoming release. The plugin currently comes with three widgets that show a list of courses, lessons, and quizzes.

  10. Justin- just want to say a few things about you and LearnDash.

    First- I really appreciate you and how you work with people. You are quick to help, always provide a helpful answer, and if you don’t have an answer (yet!), you find the solution. I’ve also seen that you operate with high integrity and kindness. Good to know someone like you.

    Secondly- I’ve been working on developing my online art school for a few years now, looking for the ideal (read: easy to understand, implement, and use) LMS solution. I’ve tried private and open source (e.g. Moodle), and the more I heard about what you were aiming to do with LearnDash, the more I was inclined to hold off selecting an LMS until I could see what LearnDash had to offer.

    I’m glad I waited! LearnDash is proving to be exactly what I was looking for: easy to install, learn, and implement. It has the intuitive feel that WordPress offers, and you’ve laid it out nicely. Plus, you continue to hone LearnDash, and knowing you (see my first point above), I anticipate LearnDash will continue to impress and grow. It’s a good thing to be confident in something because one can trust the person/people behind it. You’ve got a good thing going, Justin. Thanks for pluggin’ away. (yes, pun intended). 🙂


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