December 3rd, 2014 Instructional Design

Creating quality elearning is tough. You need to pay attention to many different areas in order to ensure that the key points are not only being conveyed clearly, but that they are also retained.

Fail to do this, and what’s the point of elearning in the first place?

Every course that is created has a primary objective (sometimes multiple). The goal is to explain this objective, reiterate it, and ensure (via quizzing perhaps) that it has been received.

Most objectives involve getting people to change their behavior, or to comprehend something differently. The end result of making the necessary changes needs to be clearly articulated so that there is reason in doing so.

It is because of this that there are many design tips, tricks, theories, and best practices.

There have been massive papers, books, and manifestos written on the subject of quality instructional design – reading through everything (and remembering it) would take quite some time.

Luckily, as you create more courses, the better you will become at identifying these areas. However, if you want a reminder, or perhaps you are just entering into the elearning industry, then the infographic below is a great place to start.

What I find most useful is that in just addressing these five areas, you’re likely to vastly improve the quality of your elearning. Specifically, you will increase the likelihood that learners will walk away with the key concepts in mind.

The one that resonates the most with me is number four. Everyone needs to be given a reason that resonates with them about why the training is important, but often it isn’t given (or perhaps not given clearly enough).

Effectively answer the question “what’s in it for me?” and you will certainly see a positive impact.

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Justin, you have a great site…love it and will add it to the resource section on my site…soon. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Thanks for the kind words Josephine! 🙂

I can not agree with number 4 more!! I used to do a lot of front end software training and it was painfully clear that if I did not include real life examples of how to apply what we were working on learners would forget the content two seconds after you cover it.

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