April 23rd, 2014 Announcements

LearnDash Updates latestThings have been a bit quiet on the LearnDash update front, but it isn’t without good reason.

We have been carefully planning a phased revamp of the LearnDash admin experience by analyzing the feedback we have received since first launching.

Today marks Phase 1 of this process.

Many of the updates in Phase 1 are meant as preparation for Phase 2, which will bring about some more noticeable back-end changes (more on that at a later date).

That said, even though we are working in revamping the code as preparation for what is to come, we still wanted to give all of you a new toy to play with!

Course Content Shortcode

As many of you know, when you create a course in LearnDash, the lessons, topics and quizzes appear in the course content table at the bottom of the page – as shown here:

This functionality will remain intact as it provides a super-simple way to get your WordPress LMS set-up quickly.

However, starting today you also have the option to insert this same Course Content table onto any page (or post) of your site! After creating your course, all you need to do is insert the following:

[course_content course_id="123"]

That’s it!

As a reminder, you can also place the enrollment (i.e. purchase) button for any course anywhere on your site using a the LearnDash Payment Buttons shortcode, allowing you to get creative in how you present your courses.

If you are using a shopping cart to sell your courses, you can now include the course content table in the description.

We owe a big thank you to LearnDash customer Pavel for sponsoring this update!

Important: Updated Profile Shortcode

If you recall, the last update we released a front-end user profile. This profile still exists, but as many of you (rightly) pointed out, the shortcode itself was poised to conflict with other plugins.

We updated the shortcode to avoid any potential conflicts, it is now:


If you are using the front-end profile on your site, make sure you update the shortcode so that it is visible again.

Going forward, you can see all the current shortcodes in the OPTIONS FOR COURSES menu.

What’s Next?

We are excited about the back-end redesign, and we think you will be too. We will be sure to provide you with updates on our progress, as well as some pleasant surprises along the way 😉 .

Thank you all for your continued support, suggestions, and overall enthusiasm for LearnDash!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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Hi Justin,

That sounds great. I wonder if the back-end redesign will take up less space in the WP backend> e.g. Just one panel on the left navigation instead of several.



Avatar Joe Williams

Thanks Joe! Yup that’s part of the plan 🙂

Cool beans 🙂

I’ve played around with Learn Dash having tried a few WP LMSs and like it best! June is when I have free time to properly implement it and get content on there, so looking forward to it and all the updates.


Avatar Joe Williams

Will the new update include a Moodle import feature ? I have close to 2,000 questions and answers I would like to import from my Moodle question bank.

Avatar Michael

Hi Michael, thanks for the note! This is something we have on our radar for sure.

Thank you for continuing to improve LearnDash. I love how easy it is to use.

Does the course content shortcode get around the 10 lesson limit that WordPress applies to the dynamic course pages?



Avatar Don Pezet

Hi Don-
Thanks for the comment! It will show as many as you like (you can adjust the number of lessons shown in the OPTIONS FOR LESSONS menu). Feel free to reach out to us on the support site if you have additional questions!

I am new to learndash, and I have reached out to blog post about how to setup a course, the lesson, then the quiz, and it’s not user friendly. I’m shocked that there is not a customer service number or some one to speak with. I wasted a month of time looking through articles and blogs and time is money.

Avatar Kennedy

If you don’t think this is user friendly you should honestly be doing something simpler with your career. It’s starting to sound like you work for a competitor. Justin; I suggest you delete and stop approving eric/kenndy comments. I’m fine if you don’t approve mine…prob. best, actually. I don’t think it would be good for your forum to turn into a battle round. I recently bought your product and LOVE it. I have a history as a Technology CEO and am now a business professor and own a publishing company. Your product is incredible. I think you can add a line to your blog post that “only constructive comments will be added to the discussion.” Just a thought. Keep up the good work!!!

Avatar Bob

sorry….typo meant “battle Ground” not “battle round.”

Avatar Bob

Bob, I absolutely love LearnDash, it is fantastic. People like Kennedy (and me) just need extra time to get used to the ropes. LearnDash is, indeed, intuitive and user-friendly, but if the user is a newbie, they have to accept it takes some time to get used to it. I suppose Kennedy was just frustrated.

Avatar Elena

Hi Justin,

that sounds great!

I checked Pavel’s site to see how it looks (I read Russian).

I am wondering if the RTL fixes are included in this update?

And also how do i keep the styling customizations I made, during the update. Is there a child-plugin option..?

Thank you

Avatar Milena

Hi Milena-
Yup, got some RTL fixes as well, you can see a list of all the updates made here. If you come across anything else, just open a help desk ticket 🙂

Thank you for the update. As a LearnDash client I really appreciate the attention to detail you take to listening to your customers, on-going updates and offering such a great elearning platform. Thank you!

Avatar shane serra

Why don’t you tell us what you have planned?

You are sending this announcement to your paying customers who are trusting you to make changes in our best interest. Our careers and businesses depend on learn-dash at this point. However you don’t seem to trust us enough to be forth coming.

Honestly, I find this type of behavior both offensive and insulting.

Hi Eric-
Thanks for the note. I’m sorry you find our communications offensive. It would be quite pre-mature to share all details until the product is finalized. I can say that the redesign updates will be UI related. When possible, we also will be adding suggested features from the Ideas list in the support site. Feel free to add to this list as we keep a close eye on it.

I don’t think that the lack of sharing all details can fairly be considered “not being forth coming [sic].” The only thing that is offensive and insulting is your comment which shows an utter lack of understanding of the software industry (ie. release press strategy, new product development and much more). I’m guessing that you have yet to make much money in your business. I’m right aren’t I? Additionally, if you were a business person whose “career AND business depends” on ONE piece of outsourced technology w/out a back-up LMS…well; I think I’ve already made my point.

Avatar Bob

Agreed, I’m seriously thinking about a refund

Avatar Kennedy

A refund? Because you got more information that wasn’t as much as you somehow thought you should get? This comment is nearly as ill-conceived as the earlier comment by Eric. The only thing that makes sense is that you and Eric are the same person. It bothers you that I figured that out, doesn’t it.

Avatar Bob

Everything sounds, Great. To make things simple, how about making a teacher to post lectures and assignments from the front end and also generate important reports for the course form the front end. I am pretty sure this would be a biggest USP for learn dash if things can be brought front end. Just a thought. Nice update. Thanks

Avatar Satish

Very cool idea Satish, thanks! If you haven’t already submit it to the official list on the support site so we have it documented.

A really important feature would be the add freeform long answers (that don’t get graded) into the quizzes…


Yes a open ended answer that then sits along side the students profile. We get students to download activities then get them to upload them. The problem we have is our students are adult learners with not much IT skills and even getting them to fill a form out and post it back is such a hassle. It would be much easier if there was that open ended question

Avatar Jonathan

Thanks for the suggestion Jonathan, we are certainly aware of the interest in open ended answers and have plans in this area as well.

Hi, would be perfect if I can set “expand all” or “close all” per default view in the shortcode. Best, marco

That would be very useful, indeed. Hoping we get that some day.

Avatar Art Lader

Hi Marco,

Did you ever find a solution to expanding all course content per default view?

Thank you!

Great news !
I do have a question which I didn’t find the answer : When I upgraded the LearnDash pluggin last time it seems to replace all my personalized translations with the default translation. Does an upgrade overwrite my PO file ? What steps can I take to ensure I keep my personalized translations?.
Thanks !

Hi Michael-
Thanks for the note. If you save a copy of your .po and .mo translations, you can upload them via FTP after you update and all will revert back. Feel free to contact us via the support site if you encounter any issues.

Thanks for the continued improvements. I am getting ready to launch LearnDash as the LMS for a 911 center. I think the future of LearnDash is going to be good!!

Wow, that’s really great! Send us a note when it’s done – would really like to take a look at it.

Hello Justin

There seems to be no manual that explains everything, since the admin panel in bad to navigate i lost hope. Speed is everything and getting know what to do quickly is important. I don’t have any themes or templates , can you recommend one and notes so that its easy to follow. Getting info from reading blogs is frustrating , i have to google my answers individually. Basically i cant understand the backend and frontend. is there a pdf instructions. Also the spacing and padding is too big. Seems childish to look at

Avatar dale

There are lots of video manuals in the support secrion.

Hi Dale,
Thanks for the note. If you haven’t already, send a note to our help desk letting us know where you are getting stuck and we’ll happily provide assistance and point you to the applicable documentation on our support site – I’ll keep an eye out for your message.

Justin, thank you for update)

Hi Justin,

Thanks for the update.
What will it cost to sponsor a “Viewed, but not completed” feature in LearnDash?
Green for completed, grey for not viewed/started, yellow for viewed but not completed.

We also need to know the tables variables for this, so we can query the database for green, grey and yellow courses, lessons and topics … and do stuff like send reminders for started but not completed, congratulate for completing, etc.

Avatar Torgrim Sandvoll

Hi Torgrim-
Thanks for the note. Feel free to contact the help desk to discuss potential sponsorship and availability.

Justin, are you the brain behind OpenMooc? Or maybe a twin of yours?

Avatar Elena


Love the diversity, but the backend seems a bit clunky with having 2 separate modules needed in order to achieve the 1 goal; quiz creation/management…It would be nice to have it all in one area where we can see all the quizzes listed together and ordered….Can we expect an update on this? Or am I missing something?

Hi Jon-
Thanks for the note. Yup! We are re-designing the back-end at this moment 🙂

This is a great feature, but I am not sure where to find the course ID. It’s not showing up where I would expect it to be. – http://i.imgur.com/9zZBRrJ.png

Any advice for me?


Avatar Art

Hi Art,
Happy to help, please submit a ticket at http://support.learndash.com

Hey, is there a way to ise ld_profile shortcode for a specific user ? I am looking for something like this [ld_profile user_id=”1″] . Thanks 🙂 !

Hii Andrei,

Thanks for the note. There is not, but it’s a good idea. 🙂

hi Justin,
Hope you are doing well and happy holidays.
I just bought Learndash enjoy learning it.
Here’re two questions:
Where i can find my course code?
How should I incorporate other payment option with learndash such as Stripe?
Thanks in advance for your reply.

Avatar fatemeh

Hi Fatemeh-
See the FAQs for where to find the course code. You can use stripe if you decide to sell courses with a shopping cart (WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, etc.).

Great work with the plugin, btw. Is there anyway to add individualized content to each user’s profile. For example, we make short personal welcome videos for each customer and would like to add that either before or after the “registered courses” in the profile page for each individual user. Is this possible without using some type of restricted content plugin? It looks like some people have had some luck with UPME, but b/w the woocommerce and learndash profiles it would be nice not to have to worry about another profile sync. Thanks

Avatar Matt K

Any plans to add some shortcodes to insert the Lessons, Topics & Quizes on any page ?

There are some plugins that can do this, but with the plugins the “Mark Complete” buttons are not displayed..

Avatar Stefan

Thanks for the note Stefan. We are adding some additional shortcodes, although at present none include the mark complete button. I’ve noted the idea.

Hi, Stefan,
I’m interested to know the plugins you use for posting LD lessons individually on your post/page in the same manner as for courses – if that what your comment was meaning.
Even if “Mark Complete” isn’t there, I might still be interested in this.

Avatar Kaloa


Can you give us name of this plugins ?? Are they integrated with LD ?


Avatar Michael

Hi Michael – this is built into LearnDash.

thank you for the awesome work. If we could have a possibility to add lessons to posts & pages just like for courses [course_content course_id=”123″], it would be great and solve many issues for me and probably for teachers trying to recycle the stuff created and dispatch it to various students and classes 🙂 – unless it already exists, of course.

Avatar Kaloa

how do you find course ID

Thanks. I found it, really helpful.

This is a stupid question – but where do I find the course ID????

In my version of WordPress 4.5.2, the course id is not displaying as shown in the FAQ. Title, Author, Date, Tags and Comments are shown under the ‘Courses’ tab but ‘ID’ is not.

Avatar Chris

If anybody else runs into the same issue, you can find the ID by right clicking the text and ‘inspecting’ the code in the browser. You should see something like this;

Avatar Chris

Something like what? (no image or text in your comment).

Struggling with the same issue.

Avatar Joel

hi Joel-
Happy to help, please open a support ticket and we can assist.

Hi Justin,

I have bought your product yesterday. I am able to do creating course from learn dash. I want to do call this learndash courses from my own wordpress server. My own server has student/comapny configuration. So I want to take this course to login mysite. Kindly mail me steps.


Avatar Ayan Pramanik

Hi Ayan-

Please open a support request and someone can assist you.

Thanks. This is just what I was looking for. I’m planning to use Divi theme. The problem is on Lesson page. The lesson Topic list displays below DiVi Sections.

Is there a short code this?

And…. How do we find the course id?

Avatar Andrei

Can we move a course in a BLOG post back into courses?

Good morning,

I am in the process of developing a blog and would like to include a glossary/dictionary page for commonly used finance terms. Does learndash offers this feature, or at the very least a workaround to have a similar setup?

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