September 14th, 2016 E-Learning

No matter what your line of work, communication is essential. It’s why we rely so much on tools like email and messenger apps.

One such app to rise to prominence recently in this area is Slack.

In a sentence, Slack is a free messaging app for teams and companies and its popularity is growing at a staggering pace. In fact, we use Slack at LearnDash for our own team collaboration (messaging, file sharing, and activity tracking).

The really cool thing about Slack is that you can connect it to other applications quite easily – and that includes LearnDash!

Why use Slack & LearnDash Together?


By simply setting up a ‘channel’ (or multiple channels) in Slack, you can consolidate information on your learners’ activities so that you are always in the know as to what is happening.

  • Need to have a list detailing who hasn’t logged in recently to take a course? No problem!
  • Want to see who has been failing quizzes? Done!
  • Interested in viewing all earned certificates? Easy!

Your LearnDash courses can communicate exactly what is happening and in real time. This kind of information is golden!

Connecting Slack & LearnDash

You might think that this kind of powerful integration would be challenging to configure. Well, I’m happy to say that you would be wrong 🙂 .

The folks at Real Big Plugins have created a dead-simple way to connect LearnDash to Slack. It’s really as simple as installing, activating, and configuring a few settings.

Once up and running, you can begin creating notifications for things like:

  • Course enrollment
  • Course completion
  • Lesson completion
  • Lesson availability (drip-feeding)
  • Topic completion
  • Quiz completion (passing & failure)
  • Assignment uploaded
  • Assignment approval
  • Learner inactivity
  • Course expiration
  • Essay question is graded

Ready to Get Started?

Want to enable this for your own LearnDash courses? Grab your copy of the LearnDash-Slack integration from the Real Big Plugins website.

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Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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This would be awesome if you could separate the information for specific learn dash groups. With notifications for members of each group going direct to the group leader

Avatar Edward

I know this is old as heck but is the question posed above possible? Only getting my head around this type of functionality now…

Avatar Rory

Not THAT old, the post was released this month 😉

I’d recommend reaching out to the add-on creator Real Big Plugins with your question(s) – they’d be your best resource.

Hey Justin, team,

Isn’t this the same set of triggers you baked into Notifications? (I know that doesn’t involve slack, but just checking on the trigger notification aspect)

Avatar KMM

I believe the team at Real Big Plugins used similar triggers as our Notification add-on.

Hey there,

Just wondering whether you can use slack with LearnDash as a forum feature? i.e can you have a LearnDash specific workspace so that people enrolled on a course can be part of a channel and talk to each other/ access FAQ’s?

Thank you in advance, and also thank you for the great post!


Hi Briony, this type of integration isn’t possible as far as I am aware.

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