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Ready to start your own online cooking course? Here’s a few more resources to help you out.

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One thing we’ve learned from researching options for online culinary instruction is that while there are many resources for would-be culinary students, there are far fewer for instructors. However, high-quality, learner-based resources are still valuable for teachers as they can showcase how to teach an engaging online cooking course, even if they aren’t design for teachers.

Of these, America’s Test Kitchen offers excellent culinary instruction, both through their YouTube channel and their online cooking school.

For health-focused instructors, Food & Health offers “creative culinary resources for health educators” that may be useful. Similarly, Nutrition Educators offers “stunning visual tools for dedicated health educators.” Both are worth looking into.

If you’re interested in teaching younger audiences about food and nutrition, Food Corps has various resources on their website. Teachers Pay Teachers also has a variety of resources on sale, mostly targeted toward younger demographics.

Finally, there are any number of popular culinary magazines that can provide inspiration for new recipes or help you stay abreast of food trends. Just to name a few:

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Hi Laura.

How can I upload PDF documents for my students to download on my LearnDash Course?

Hi Natash, you can actually upload a PDF via the WordPress Media menu, and then insert the file with the ‘insert media’ option on the LearnDash lesson.

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