September 29th, 2013 Course Creation

logoWhen working with a team to create elearning programs (or even to deliver training), there is likely a chance that you have attended an online meeting. For many people, the de facto online meeting program is GoToMeeting – if for nothing else than they have a solid marketing program.

Since GoToMeeting’s success, there have been countless of new players to join the fray.  More often than not, these other services hit the scene for a little while, then disappear due to going out of business or being bought out by the bigger platforms.  That said, there are others (such as to come along and set themselves up as an alternative for GoToMeeting.

All these new programs are well-and-good, but in start-up culture, it isn’t always practical to be spending monthly retainer fees for virtual meetings.  Consider that GoToMeeting is $50 per month.  If you average one online meeting a week (for an hour), you’re spending $12.50 per meeting.  Sure that’s not going to break the bank, but considering the possibilities of the internet, it is a cost that isn’t necessary.

Free Alternative to GoToMeeting

If you need a basic online meeting platform, and don’t mind a few ads in the sidebars, then you should seriously consider using AnyMeeting. 

Unlike the other programs out there that claim to be free, AnyMeeting gives you nearly the same functionality as their paid accounts – even allowing for up to 200 attendees!  What is great about this program is that it allows you to ease your way into the paid plans should you want to as your organization grows.

Below you can see the high-level details of their free account:


Sure, there are ads, but that’s nothing new and shouldn’t deter you from trying their service.  Heck, if ads mattered all that much, then YouTube would have gone-under quite some time ago.  What I find most impressive are the max meeting attendees allowed.

If you’re looking for a free alternative to GoToMeeting, or any similar program, then you should really check out AnyMeeting.

Note: This is a NON-SPONSORED review. Just a tool we thought you may appreciate 🙂

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I am new to reading this article and greatly appreciate the work you’ve done to present low-cost alternative services. That said, it appears there has been a change to the plans offered by It is now free for up to FOUR collaborators, which is wonderful for many of us. From that point there is a monthly fee, ranging from $18/month (for up to 30 participants) to $78/month for the aforementioned 200 people.

Avatar Amanda

Not sure why all the chat apps aren’t mentioned here, as well as things like Hangouts, Line, even venerable Skype, as well as WeChat, Viber, etc.

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