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One of the most attractive aspects about elearning is the opportunity to create a course once and then sell it over and over again. The ability to create and sell elearning is easier than ever today, especially when you consider how it is growing in use across a variety of industries.

For example, there are many organizations out there that require their members to acquire a specific number of continuing education credits. There are many savvy entrepreneurs who have built a business offering training to these individuals.

Software training is another great way to get involved with selling elearning. You can create training on how to do certain tasks with the software. You can Sell monthly access or perhaps just a one-time purchase.

How You Can Get Started…

The elearning industry is full of possibilities. Every day I talk to people who want to learn more about creating, and selling, elearning courses for profit.

A simple internet search doesn’t yield many results on how to get started with selling elearning. There are bits and pieces out there, but nothing really dedicated to helping people get started.

Until now  🙂

We have created LearnDash Training – a site dedicated to the elearning industry.

Getting started is easy:

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account
  3. Join the free course How to Profit from ELearning

That’s it!

Over time we will add more courses to the site (feel free to make recommendations).



Justin Ferriman is the co-founder and CEO of LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Twitter | LinkedIn

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  1. Justin could I turn pricing options off? Looking at using this for a solution for a company needing some training modules setup. In house course stuff.


    1. Hi Mark-
      Thanks for the note. If you’re referring to course delivery with LearnDash, yes you can offer free courses.

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