November 26th, 2013 E-Learning

quizthumbDespite all of the great advancements in technology today, learning new concepts still follows a predictable format:

  1. Deliver content
  2. Practice content
  3. Verify learning occurred

Across every industry, both in education and in the corporate realm, this is the standard.

Information is delivered to a group of users, they are given some time to understand and practice the new information, then they are assessed on the concepts.

Like it or hate it, quizzing isn’t going anywhere. Quizzing is very much an important part of the learning and certification process. That said, there is no reason why you can enhance your quiz experience for the learner.

Traditional Way

For the most part, quizzes are administered as multiple-choice, and occasionally fill-in-the-blank. These formats both serve their purpose.

Unfortunately though, there are way too many quizzes out there that rely on just text. That is, there is a question in text followed by answer options that are all text as well.

It is very one dimensional, and in many cases today it does not cut it.

At the very least (the absolute bare minimum), your quiz should allow for images to be included in both the question and answer selection. Again, most providers will allow for this as it is pretty basic – but you would be surprised at the number that do not.

But your quizzes should do more than the bare minimum.

Don’t Limit Learning

The reality is, depending on the content you are delivering, your quizzes should not limit you. You should be able to upload all types of media, including various video and audio files. It is really an expectation today.

Video entices users to think about the content differently – from both a visual and auditory perspective. If your content is conducive to this type of learning, then questions set-up in this manner can reinforce learning comprehension and retention.

Learning industry professionals understand this, which is why you will notice programs like Articulate Storyline allow for this type of quizzing. In a similar fashion, we have ensured that our integrated quizzing functionality allows for the easy use of videos (as easy as copy & paste).

I genuinely believe that elearning service and solution providers will catch-up to this in time – or risk being seen as irrelevant. Having flexible quizzing capabilities is a necessity.

This goes beyond just supporting various media though, such as point distribution and custom learning paths (a topic for another time).

When searching for your elearning solution, really look into the product and quizzing features. A progressive solution will give you flexibility in quizzing capabilities.

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Happy to see this great content you’ve put out Justin.

We’ve found that once our eLearning clients use video in their courses and quizzes therein, they begin integrating it into many of their other courses and content. You hit the nail on the head when you said that it really is an expectation today. People want to learn while being engaged with, and video (and audio) bring that engagement to a whole new level. Not to mention that it simply increases the learning and the content’s effectiveness overall, and that’s the most important point of all.

Anyhoo, Happy New Year to you! :]

Kindest regards,

Crystal A. Place
p: 617.529.0090
e: crystal[at]

Hi Crystal-

Thanks for the note. You are definitely right, engagement is key to retention nowadays, especially given all the distractions and relatively short attention spans for digital learning.

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