ELearning Advice in 140 Characters

As instructional designers, we are all learning new techniques and tricks to the trade as we build out our elearning courses. Some are in relation to the tools we use, the visual techniques, and the process of getting relevant information from subject matter experts. Chances are, if you have done this long enough, you have a technique or two up your sleeve.

The infographic below, created by Tim Slade is just that. Tips and advice from other elearning professionals, but in the form of 140 characters or less via Twitter.

The one tip that resonates the most with me is in relation to the subject matter expert shared by Melanie Sobie. In my experience, SMEs usually say “no” because they just don’t understand – so in reality this response is “maybe” since all that is needed is a little extra explanation.

As most instructional designers know, there are a variety of SMEs out there – it just is a matter of building a solid relationship. At this point, their “no” will begin to shift to “yes”. If you expect to sit in your cubical and get all the information you need without forming a solid foundation with the SMEs, your elearning course will struggle mightily!

What about you? Do you have something that you have learned along your instructional design journey that others could benefit from? Feel free to leave this in the comments, and if you have a Twitter account, you may make the next infographic – just add “#elearning140” to your tweet.

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