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game-iconIf you are running an online training program, then there are multiple ways to implement gamification components into your elearning. If you are new to the entire gamification trend, then it is probably a good idea to start small and expand from there. Poll your users and monitor its effectiveness first so that you can tweak the program as needed to maximize results.

One of the easiest ways to add a layer of gamification into your elearning is by implementing points and leaderboards into your quizzes. It is pretty basic, but a great way to start and something that is familiar with most everyone. Think back to the times you played an arcade game as a kid – one of the first things you noticed were the high scores. It was great seeing where you measured-up and it acted as continual motivation. The same can be done with online quizzes.

Below I have included an example of a quiz that uses a point system and leaderboard (taken from the LearnDash integrated Advanced Quiz). In this case, implementing this type of gamification takes just a few clicks. That said, there are other rapid elearning development tools that allow for a similar, rather easy set-up.

A couple items used with this quiz that enhance the experience includes the point system, the timer, and the use of images for possible answers. If you are using a quizzing feature that lacks points and gamification, then you owe it to your users to find something more robust, capable of these elements, various media support, and more. Quizzing modules, be it in a rapid elearning tool or a learning management system, really should not be restrictive with today’s technology.

Having a robust, modern quizzing component in place will enable you to explore various methods for measuring course effectiveness, plus give your users the chance to engage with the material on different level.

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I’m developing a reading reading program for kids who failed to learn to read in school. Leaderboards and playing them against one another won’t help at all. I need a way to build in gasification in a different way. What can I use? Where can I turn? I’m using Captivate 8, with lots of extra videos and cool books. But I still want it—gamish! I want them to have goals for themselves. Any thoughts? I don’t know how to build it in myself.

Paula Bright

Hi Paula-

Look into using a program that allows you to issue badges for various activities. Many learning management systems allow for this – it’s a good way to add a sense of achievement.

Hey Paula! I’m a fellow teacher. This may not be the exact thing you’re looking for, but it has the option for badges and rewards –

Avatar Steph

hello justin,

im using Learndash LMS and i’ve a problem in my LMS.

when user take the course and doing the quiz, it shall have been list on the leaderboard quiz.
but, i can’t find list of user in Leaderboard Quiz.
however, when I checked in the user menu in wordpress admin. there is a list of courses that have been taken by the user.

sorry for my bad english, thanks.

Does LearnDash have any plans to make a MyCred integration? There are only very basic hooks right now, unlike the BadgeOS addon which is awesome!

Avatar Michael

Hi Michael-
No, not at the moment. Perhaps someone can pick up on what has been done already though.

I’ve gone and hired the team at WisdomLabs to create a full set of integrations. I’ve done work with them before and they did good work. I’ve also made a kickstarter to help fund it, so if anyone else is interested, they are welcome to help out.

LearnDash integration with myCRED is available now. You can purchase the integration addon from the below link.

Hi Justin … Greetings from Charleston SC 🙂

Was keen to see the example quiz you mention in the article, but instead it looks like all i can see is a shortcode.

Do you have that quiz (or a similar example) available anywhere else I might be able to see it?

Thanks in Advance,

Hi Chris-

Thanks for pointing that out. Feel free to write-us if you have any specific questions relating to the quiz and someone will be able to provide assistance.

Hi there Justin. I´m so close to launch my course that I´m about to blow up. I´m setting the last things up and I need to choose wisely.

1. I´d like my students to work in small groups and in different topics. Which forum or group discussion would you recommend?
2. I´m ready to use some gamification, but I would like the students to rate their own work, peer evaluation with stars, ie: 10% of the course would come automatically from the ratings they got from other students, any insight you could give me about this?
3. I´m teaching lots of new vocabulary in my course, any plugin to make the flashcards and games to help them memorize them?

Thanks a lot!!

Avatar Javier

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