October 18th, 2018 Course Creation

E-Learning automation is still somewhat in its infancy, but if you are using WordPress then it just grew up in a big way!

Not many people really have heard of e-learning automation. I have discussed this concept before and believe it to be important to the evolution of how learners experience an online course. In short, the concept has to do with what happens behind the scenes as the result of the behaviors of a learner creating a “give and take” relationship between the learner and the learning management system.

Here is a simple example: when a learner fails a quiz, send them an email to schedule a one-on-one tutoring session. The trigger is the learner failing and this initiates a response in the learning management system (an “action”). In this case, it’s a notification with the invitation for a review session.

This kind of automation has been present in e-learning for quite some time (though unfortunately it’s still not utilized as much as it should be). There is one trigger and one action. But what if you want a unique trigger of a learner to result in multiple events?

Uncanny Automator Plugin makes it possible to easily automate multiple triggers and actions.

Using the same trigger as in the example above (“failing a quiz”) the Uncanny Automator plugin makes it possible to initiate several actions at the same time. For instance:

In this scenario, the failed quiz results in three actions: enrolling the user into a new course, resetting the progress of the course, and marking another course as complete.

Are you starting to see the potential here for your online courses? And you know what? It gets even better!

The triggers you use with the Uncanny Automator plugin don’t have to be specific to LearnDash or your course. They can be from other popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, BuddyPress, bbPress, and more!

So as another example, you could initiate a sequence of events as soon as someone purchases a specific product.

Watch the Uncanny Automator in action!

The Uncanny Automator tool is a WordPress plugin. Once you install and activate on your WordPress site then you are ready to start creating “recipes” (what Uncanny Automator calls these trigger and action sequences). Here is what it looks like when creating a recipe for LearnDash:

Pretty neat right?

You could spend hours playing around with the combinations available to you with this plugin. To date I have yet to see any other solution that seamlessly connects this many WordPress plugins in a way to create true e-learning automation.

Ready to get started?

If you are using LearnDash and want to take your online course program to another level then this is the plugin for you. Purchase it today from the Uncanny Automator website and you will have your own e-learning automation up-and-running in no time!

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Hi Justin,

Thanks for the kind words and overview of our new plugin! We’re really excited about Uncanny Automator and we’ve already seen some great applications on LearnDash elearning sites.

Is there an automation tool that can do: “Been in course for 3 weeks” but not “completed course” then “send reminder email” but stop reminding after 5 reminders?

The Notifications plugin has a “Has not logged in” trigger, but it is not specific to a course and does not allow for reminders to be turned off after a few instances.

Avatar Kim Pomares

I would also like to see such a feature. I need to send an email notification, a reminder, to all participants in an Uncanny Group who have not completed the course yet.

Avatar Jessica Öberg

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