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See our Page Builder documentation for information on using LearnDash & Divi together.

Using LearnDash and Divi together requires that you activate custom post type support from within Divi.

Elegant Themes has since published instructions for enabling custom post type support.

Please follow the steps outlined by Elegant Themes and contact their support if you have additional questions.

One of the reasons why WordPress makes a fantastic platform for a learning management system is because it is flexible, has a ton of free and paid resources, and is one of the most supported open-source applications around.

In other words, you’ll never be short of assistance no matter what your project!

For LearnDash users, the biggest decision they often face is what theme to choose. There are literally thousands of potential options which is quite overwhelming.

Some themes are generic one-size-fits-all themes, some are tailored specifically for LearnDash, and others give you ultimate flexibility by including robust page builders.

One of the most popular is the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes.

This particular theme has been used to create thousands of websites. It’s the flagship product for Elegant Themes, a theme shop that has been around for eight years and has served almost 300,000 customers.

I think it’s safe to say that they are onto something.

Using Divi with LearnDash

One of the main draws for using Divi is that it comes with a page builder that makes it possible to create some pretty nice looking designs.

The only difficulty that people face when trying to use a theme like Divi is that often their page builder doesn’t apply to the custom post types of third-party plugins (such as LearnDash).

That’s the bad news.

The good news is you can implement some quick changes so that you can use them on LearnDash courses and lessons!

As with anything WordPress related there are often multiple ways to accomplish the same thing 🙂 . Below are two methods that LearnDash users have found useful for applying the Divi custom builder to LearnDash post types:

The best solution for you could depend on a variety of factors, including your site’s current plugin and code configuration. But for many, one of the options above has allowed for Divi and LearnDash to be used together for creating online courses.

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Justin started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide. He is currently founder & CEO of GapScout. Justin's Homepage | GapScout | Twitter


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I researched this theme and found a fatal flaw for me was they had no plans to connect it to more of the major email autoresponder systems out there like ActiveCampaign or Ontraport. Real bummer or I would have purchased it. However, I have found Thrive Themes FAR more flexible than any of them out there and has a way more robust interface for building pages that is WYSIWYG. They are also geared towards marketing so you get superior opt in tool platform…

I know this is a late reply but when you get Divi you also get access to the Bloom Plugin which provides integrations with 16 (as of this writing) mail systems including ActiveCampaign and Ontraport. The only one that my clients want that is not included yet is ConvertKit. That is coming. I am glad you found a solution you like, I just wanted to clear up this (I agree important) issue. I have used Divi and Bloom on over 20 sites and have been satisfied.

Avatar Mark Mayes

Mark Mayes – about Ontraport – you just saved the day!!!! By the way – any thoughts about Xtheme vs. Divi 3 ?


Hi, which one is the best for LD plugin: BuddyBoss, Divi or something else?

Avatar Jotta Müller

Yes I agree with you Thrive is great

I’ve used Elegant Themes for years, and I’m building a Divi site now. I plan to create a subdomain soon and considered using Divi but wasn’t sure it was practical. Thank you for the tips. Any chance we can get a look at examples? It’s tough to know what theme will best meet my needs for my LMS site,and it would be great to see some options. I know LearnDash offers some sample web addresses, but I can’t see the LearnDash pages without signing up for those programs. So, please and thank you. 🙂

Avatar LaCharla

Yes, this has been a major tipping point on not yet implementing LearnDash, much as I like it. I want to see sites that use it. I don’t want their courses. Screenshots would be fine.

And Add-Ons. Screenshots of how Grassblade integrates Adobe. Things like that. Other than the simple quizzes (which are excellent at showing the pluses), there’s no real way to SEE what various purchases would do.

Grassblade is expensive (to a teacher financing her own free program for poor kids), and I just have no confidence it will work. I’ve written them, but have not received a reply.

Point is, I hear your plea, LaCharia! ;D I’m just afraid I’ll be pouring in more money, with no evidence yet of whether it will work out. I wish I could feel confident about it.


Any live website with those used? (Divi and any of the plugins mentioned above + LearnDash)



Hi Adame-

We are only aware of sites that our users let us know about. LearnDash users ask about Divi quite often so I know they are being used together.


I must say I am very surprised that none of those users as mentioned above have come forward and offered solutions or examples where Divi and Learndash have been used together. Having a tested and bespoke solution to the post and Divi builder challenge is surely the way to go and would be a BIG plus for both providers. Why is this so difficult?

Any assistance and guidance would be greatly appreciated.


We are using both Divi and Learndash with no problem . Our website http://www.pmvision.ca

Thanks for posting this. Great example and looks like a profitable application of it. Nice work!

Avatar Bill

Add this code to functions.php of your child theme.

add_filter( 'et_builder_post_types', 'rbs_et_builder_post_types' );
function rbs_et_builder_post_types ($post_types) {
$custom_post_types = array (
$new_post_types = array_merge($post_types, $custom_post_types);
return $new_post_types;

Avatar sharif

I just updated to the latest version of DIVi 2.7.3 and there seems to be a major conflict with the page builder now.

When Learndash Plugin is enabled, the Page Builder sometimes loads and other times it doesn’t. When I go and try to edit an element, the element editor hangs.

Hi Steven-
Might want to raise that with Divi support (specifically, how the new version handles custom post types).

Was the Divi problem solved? (Details)


Yes; however, the plugin option is no longer supported. You must add the code snippet. I found the idea of adding a child theme a bit daunting; however, I found this site which makes it as easy as uploading a new theme. (http://designsbytierney.com/2015/03/divi-child-theme-customized-footer-credits/)

You can then go into the functions.php of child theme and add the code mentioned above. I have done this and it works well.

Does LearnDash have quizzes that can automatically email results back to a learner? I’m looking for a plug-in that will enable a learner to take a quiz and then receive an automatic email immediately after completing the quiz.

An example of what I’m looking for is a personality test like Myers-Briggs. You complete the assessment and receive a 10-20 pages detailed PDF with results. The PDF includes text, graphics, links to sites, etc.

Does LearnDash provide this type of capability?

Final scores can be emailed to the user after completion. Their individual responses can be accessed from their profile.

Can you tell me more about how I can access the individual responses of quizzes.

Avatar Dee

I’ve just found a plugin that let us use LD + Divi : http://acmemk.com/acme-divi-modules/
Great !

I’ve followed the instructions on how to add custom post types in Divi. However, I can’t figure out what the names for the custom post types are in LearnDash so that I can change the “YOUR_CPT_HERE” in the Elegant Themes podcast/post referenced above.

function my_et_builder_post_types( $post_types ) {
    $post_types[] = ‘YOUR_CPT_HERE’;
    $post_types[] = ‘ANOTHER_CPT_HERE’;
    return $post_types;
add_filter( ‘et_builder_post_types’, ‘my_et_builder_post_types’ );

Hey Trevor,

Trust you have found a solution to this by now. If not (or for anyone else) you use ‘sfwd-lessons’ and ‘sfwd-courses’. Have just activated the builder myself and it is working really well with Learndash. You can also include certificates, quizzes etc. using the same sfwd reference.

See code below:

function my_et_builder_post_types( $post_types ) {
$post_types[] = ‘sfwd-lessons’;
$post_types[] = ‘sfwd-courses’;

return $post_types;
add_filter( ‘et_builder_post_types’, ‘my_et_builder_post_types’ );


This is a brilliant guide to divi theme. Learn dash never disappoints. A similar resource full of informative guides is WPblog. I recently discovered it. You will find it useful.

Avatar Mohammed Moeez

I am using LearnDash, MemberPress, and Divi Theme with its Divi Builder on all the Custom Post Types and without a Child Theme.

I use the WordPress “Code Snippets” plugin found here https://wordpress.org/plugins/code-snippets/
and insert this snippet of code into the plugin.
function et_pb_extend_supported_post_types( $post_types ) {
$new_post_types = array(

return array_merge( $post_types, $new_post_types );
add_filter( ‘et_builder_post_types’, ‘et_pb_extend_supported_post_types’ );

Using Versions:
WordPress 4.7.3
Divi 3.0.39
LearnDash 2.4.0
MemberPress 1.3.4

Is there a way to also have a blank page template so i can totally control the LD posts?
Now i can use divi builder, but i also want to create my own header etc in lin ewith the rest of my website

Avatar Jan Everts

To create a blank page you need to use the Divi ‘Blank Page’ Template. For example, Add Course -> click on the ‘Page Template’ dropdown on the right panel and select ‘Blank Page’

Does anyone have a lead of a developer who will set up Learndash with Divi or another theme per our specs?

Hi Glenn

Jess Dohm helped me out. You can find her on Facebook.

She’s a bit of a Divi / Infusionsoft / LearnDash whiz and worth talking to if you’re still looking for some help


How To Use Divi Theme With another way?

There is not another way. Either of these options should work.

I use Divi to build all my client sites (currently around 30 sites). It’s a great theme to use if you’re a designer more than a developer because you can build visually. I use LearnDash for a client, and while I’ve never had a problem integrating LD with Divi, the release of the Divi LearnDash Kit (https://divibooster.com/divi-learndash-kit/) is a huge boost to any site that uses Divi and LD.

Now I can build custom LearnDash pages right in the Divi builder. And Dan, the brains behind the Divi LearnDash Kit, is amazing! Incredibly professional. Excellent support. Overall great human being. (For the record, I don’t know Dan personally, but just interacting with him via email about the plugin makes me want to go have a beer with him.)

So yeah…get Divi (https://www.elegantthemes.com/join/) and then get the LearnDash Kit (https://divibooster.com/divi-learndash-kit/). If you’re new to Divi and need some help, shoot me an email, and I’ll see what I can do to point you in the right direction.

I am planning Divi + Learndash.
I need your help for the complete installation.
Awaiting your response.

Avatar Hasanuj Jaman

I’m using Divi and LearnDash (Business License) but there seems to be an issue with Divi and the ProPanel reporting in the dashboard. I activated another theme and reporting works fine.

Has anyone experienced this or know of a solution?

Same problem here. ProPanel no longer works with Divi theme.

ProPanel works with Divi, please raise a ticket with support.

lease i would like to know if LD and DV is capable of handling a multi tutor learning site. that is different tutors registering and uploading their training contents. Can they also have a dashboard where they can monitor payments, course contents and so on

Avatar Ebenezer

Hi Justin, maybe it is time to update this post / site, seeing that we are in 2020. I would really appreciate content / guides that help non- or new- WordPress users build a course with Learndash 3.0, in for example Divi.

Avatar Estelle Toerien

Now that is a great idea if anybody is listening?

Avatar Paul

Plus one on that!

Avatar yuda

is there any other way besides using LearnDash?

You don’t need LearnDash to use Divi.

I think that is one of the such a lot important information for me. And i am happy reading your article. However should statement on some common things, The site style is perfect, the articles is in point of fact excellent

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