May 24th, 2017 LearnDash Tips

One of the great things about using WordPress for your LMS is how easy it is to add custom functionality using add-ons.

If you have custom needs for your LearnDash powered learning program, then chances are there is “an app for that”. Okay, maybe not an “app” – but a plugin! 🙂

Whether you are using LearnDash currently or not, below are some add-ons worth checking out!

LearnDash Course Scheduler (FREE)

Author: WooNinjas

If you ever wanted to schedule future courses then this plugin is for you!

Simply drag-and-drop the active courses into the calendar, configure a few other settings on how you want to show the courses and you’re all set.

Available on

Adaptive Learning With LearnDash (FREE)

Author: WooNinjas

This plugin makes it possible to create user-specific learning experiences based on a learner’s performance in a course.  For example, you can auto-assign new courses to a user depending on the quiz score the receive in another course. This is perfect for creating unique learning paths!

Available on

Group Comments for LearnDash (FREE)

Author: Learning Templates

Having a forum is a great way to encourage interaction in your courses, but sometimes you don’t need all the bells and whistles of bbPress. That’s where ‘Group Comments for LearnDash’ comes in!

This plugin makes it possible for learners to leave comments on course content but only see comments from those who are also in the same LearnDash Group. Since this leverages the built-in comment system of WordPress it’s light-weight and easy to set-up!

Available on

LearnDash Topic Progression Using Storyline/Captivate (FREE)

Author: Discover eLearning

If you are using Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate for delivering your course content in LearnDash then you will love this plugin. Simply insert your Articulate/Captivate file into a LearnDash Topic and the Topic will be automatically marked as complete when the Articulate or Captivate files is finished.

Simple to use because neithr Tin Can API nor SCORM are needed!

Available on

Front-End Reporting & Analysis

Author: 24/7 Digital Classrooms

This plugin allows course admins to show front-end grades and student performance reports, make recommendations for additional courses and live sessions, and enables rubric-based scoring capabilities for LearnDash powered courses.

Purchase at

LearnDash Gradebook Version 1.1.0

Author: Real Big Plugins

The Gradebook add-on recently pushed out a major release based on the early adopter feedback – and it looks incredible! If you have any need for a formal gradebook then no need to look any further!

Purchase at

New LearnDash Visual Customizer Templates

Author: Snap Orbital

The visual customizer is a great option if you want to quickly and easily customize the LearnDash templates. Recently they have added new designs to their available library (one of which is shown above).

Purchase at

ActiveMember360 Connects LearnDash to ActiveCampaign

Author: ActiveMember360

You have heard of LearnDash, and you have heard of ActiveCampaign, but have you heard of ActiveMember360? This powerful plugin allows you to create robust membership programs by connecting ActiveCampaign to LearnDash course activities.

Purchase at

Interested in More?

Curious to check out some other add-ons? Head on over to the add-on page!

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Hi, great to hear about all the Add-On’s. We are building a membership site with courses, videos and other resources. We are using LearnDash for the courses. Is there a way of creating a resources area within LearnDash that would showcase the videos and other downloads for members access? Would this be a custom build or is there an Add-On that might help? Or any other advice that anyone has. Thanks

Avatar Polly Lindley

Yes, you can use the ‘student’ shortcode for this 🙂

Hi Justin,

I need to link LearnDash with ActiveCampaign, but ActiveMember360 seems to have many of the same features that already come with LearnDash. It seems like I’d be purchasing a product, but not using most of the features, since I don’t need to use more than one plugin to do the exact same thing (like dripping content, for example).

So, what is the benefit of using ActiveMember360 to integrate AC with LearnDash versus, say, using Zapier to integrate them?

Avatar Grace

Hi Justin, Thank you so much for all the information above. I just want to check if there is a way to save QUIZ results for a student. Also , is there a way to Print/ Save Quiz results?

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