Customizing Courses with Astra Theme

Use Astra Theme to create visually stimulating online courses.

I have said it many times: the most important part of your course is the content. If the content isn’t any good then you have bigger problems to take care of before you can worry about the look of it.

However, assuming that your course content is of high quality, then the next logical step is to make that content visually stimulating. Luckily you have many ways to do this when using LearnDash and WordPress, and one very popular option is to use the well-respected Astra Theme.

If you are familiar with WordPress then you know that by default every WordPress learning management system uses custom post types for the course content. This gives you incredible flexibility, but it also means that by default your course content will adopt the same template as blog posts. This isn’t bad in itself, but understandably you may want your content to be formatted a little differently.

You could modify the templates with a few simple template changes, but if you’re not particularly savvy with modifying theme templates then the Astra theme makes this possible with their LearnDash specific settings. In fact, the them comes with a catalog of settings specific to LearnDash, especially if you opt for their pro version (which is $59 as of the writing of this article). They even have a lifetime option available which is practically unheard of nowadays so if you like the theme then I would highly suggest getting in on that deal.

If you are interested in seeing how Astra can be used with LearnDash then have a look through the tutorial above where you will see some tips and tricks for optimizing the Astra theme for your LearnDash courses!


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