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The biggest promise we make to our customers is that we will continue to build-out the LearnDash offering based on user feedback and industry best-practices.  One best-practice to emerge in recent years is the concept of gamification (points, badges, awards for completing certain tasks).

Quite honestly, gamification is not just a “bonus” feature when it comes to elearning, it’s an expectation. We know you expect your LMS platform to perform these tasks out-of-the-box.

As such, we are excited to bring this feature to you 100% FREE of charge!

Issue Badges with the LearnDash Add-On

LearnDash Add-on for BadgeOSWith the “LearnDash Add-on” members of your site can earn BadgeOS achievements and badges from course, lesson and quiz activity in the LearnDash. You set the rules or steps required, and learners automatically earn badges when conditions are met.

The free add-on creates a seamless bridge between LearnDash and BadgeOS. When activated, BadgeOS admins will see a new “LearnDash Activity” menu in their “Required Steps” manager when editing or creating any achievement or badge.

Turn LearnDash Lessons, Courses and Quizzes into Required Steps in order to earn Badges

Leverage the power of BadgeOS to issue badges and record achievements for activities including:


  • Complete a specific Course
  • Complete any Course
  • Complete a course from a specific Tag


  • Pass a specific Quiz
  • Pass any Quiz
  • Achieve a minimum percent grade on a specific Quiz
  • Achieve a minimum percent grade on any Quiz
  • Fail a Quiz (i.e. useful for rewarding the passing of a previously failed quiz)


  • Complete a specific Lesson
  • Complete any Lesson

Defining Achievements Could Not Be Easier

LearnDash Activity Menu in BadgeOS

Managing achievements is easy. Just look for the new “LearnDash Activity” menu in your BadgeOS “Required Steps” manager.

When activated, BadgeOS admins will see a new “LearnDash Activity” menu in the “Required Steps” manager.

Easily define achievements that rely on BadgeOS, WordPress, and LearnDash actions, crafting just the right combination of steps to earn a badge or mark an achievement.

With LearnDash enabled on your site, badges are not only awarded by activities such as making submissions, earning points, completing required achievements, and making site and community contributions, but also by completing LearnDash courses, lessons, courses and quizzes. Define the achievements, organize the badge requirements any way you like, and choose from and combine a range of BadgeOS and LearnDash activity options to determine whether each task or requirement has been achieved.

LearnDash Required Steps for Badges

Make any LearnDash activity an achievement worthy of a digital badge.

Storing and Sharing Lifelong Credentials that Matter

This is huge.

Digital badges earned using the BadgeOS LearnDash Add-on can seamlessly be sent to Credly where learners store and manage lifelong achievements, and share badges on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, their own blog and other sites — helping to market your courses and programs.

Earned badges are Mozilla Open Badge compatible and sharable via built-in Credly support. Credly is a web service for displaying, storing and managing lifelong credentials and badges.

While this is certainly not a requirement for your LMS, it is becoming industry best-practice to have a means for your users to “save” their earned achievements in some capacity.  Credly gives your users this ability!

Note: The LearnDash plugin and the LearnDash Add-on for BadgeOS. Version 1.2 or higher of the free BadgeOS plugin is required.

For more information about BadgeOS, head on over to their website.

For more information about Credly (you really need to check this out!) head on over to the Credly site.

Onward and Upward!

Here at LearnDash, we are committed to you – our customers.  Thank you for your faith and dedication in the LearnDash team, as well as sharing your ideas.

We also want to personally thank the team behind BadgeOS, a truly stunning WordPress plugin.

Thanks again, we look forward to bringing more value to your WordPress LMS experience!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide. He is currently founder & CEO of GapScout. Justin's Homepage | GapScout | Twitter


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This sounds great. I am integrating the Achievements plugin into a learning site at the moment.

Does this replace the achievements plugin used for gamification with Learndash?

Can you use both …. if yes why and what are the advantages of using both.

I will be trying this out asap


Hi Kevin-

Thanks for the note, glad you like the new feature! The BadgeOS integration is pretty robust and allows for easy connection to social networks, Credly, and OpenBadges. It also allows for nominations (users can nominate other users for badges/points), earning achievements for assignment submissions, and an option to manually award them.

On the other hand, the WPAchievement integration is good for getting started quickly (pre-made badges, fewer settings/options to configure). In the end, it comes down to how you plan to use your LMS, and what your users will benefit from the most.


Just looked over the links to BadgeOS and Credly. It does have more features than the achievements plugin for sure. Some at cost but quite a few free. Looks very interesting. I will finish the install with Achievements first and then look at BadgeOS…

Just another great addon from Learndash, keeping me busy!

This is great Justin. I was wondering if I can also include an activity where a user is required to start a new forum thread or answer a forum question before he gets the badge? I’m using bbpress for forums.

Hi Manish-
Thanks for the comment – that type of activity would likely require an integration with bbpress. You can, however, require someone leave a comment in order to obtain an achievement.

Thank you for the amazing product, I’m definitely gonna put this to good use.. amongst the standard features, this and the content dripping has put more product leagues ahead of the others in my opinion.. Thank you for the incredible work..

Hi Michael-
You’re very welcome, thank you much for the kind words.

Dear Justin,

Thanks for this wonderful integration.

>> Quizzes:
>> Pass a specific Quiz
>> Pass any Quiz
>> Achieve a minimum percent grade on a specific Quiz
>> Achieve a minimum percent grade on any Quiz
>> Fail a Quiz (i.e. useful for rewarding the passing of a previously failed quiz)

It will be soooo cool when this is applicable too to TinCan imported quizzes!!

Thanks Stephane! That is something very much on our radar 🙂

Hi Justin,

Integrating with BadgeOS is a great feature. Thanks. As far as quiz creation is concerned, since LD uses WP Pro Quiz, is it possible to make question creation faster through ajax or some other technique? Cos it takes ages to save a question, then add a question, waiting all the time while the page keeps loading.

Ability to instantly add a new question without reloading the page will really save a lot of time. Your thoughts?

Hi Trishan-
Thanks for the note. We are working on specs for a feature to help speed up the quiz/quiz question creation process (although we do not have an ETA on this quite yet).

Does this integration work both ways? I’d like to have making a comment a requirement of completing a lesson. i.e. the student cannot move onto the next lesson until they have commented on a specific page.


Avatar Janine

Hi Janine-
Thanks for the note. This integration allows you to set-up requirements for earning badges (i.e. making a comment). You can add steps for users in order to successfully get a badge for a course… Step 1 could be leave a comment, Step 2 could be complete lesson 1, Step 3 could be complete lesson 2, and Step 4 could be pass the quiz – only after all these are completed will a badge be issued (thus making the comment piece mandatory).

Hi Justin.

I love this new addition to LearnDash LMS.

Just one question, can you use this in the same way were other systems name there’s CPD points?

Many thanks
Keep up with the excellent enhancements!

Avatar Christiaan

Hi Christiaan-

Thanks for the note, happy that you find value in this update. There is a lot of flexibility in how you award, record, and store the points your users earn. Take a look at the badgeos site for a bit more detail, or better yet, you can download it for free and have a look 🙂

I am looking to award badges based on the correct answering of a questions within a quiz, will this be possible?
Also is it possible to enrol a group of students into a course based on the group they belong to?


Avatar Richard

Hi Richard-
Thanks for the note. You can currently award badges for successfully passing a quiz (but not at the question-by-question level). You can maually enroll users into a course that are also part of a specific group. In the future we’ll look to make this more automatic.

Hi I am a uni student in NZ and I would like to use LearnDash with digital badges feature to do research in Education. Where do I start from?
I have 24 students in my class from a school who will also be enrolled in the course via Learn dash. Help!

Avatar Seema Prakash

Hi Seema-

Thanks for the note. You can absolutely use LearnDash for this purpose. If you have specific questions regarding set-up, reach out to us on the support site and someone will reply shortly.

Hi Justin,

I bought LearnDash and installed BadgeOS plugin with LearnDash add-on.
When I add a step with LearnDash, for ex. a quiz, the link don’t work (it seems to be a normal row with no link)
Thanks in advance

Avatar Alessio

Happy to help! Make sure to open a ticket here.

Hello, BadgeOS LearnDash Add-on hasn’t been updated for more than 2 years. Is it still a working solution? A lot has changed in WordPress, LearnDash, and (I guess) in BadgeOS for all that time.

Any idea what is the state of the matters currently?

I try to find a good gamification solution for a possible LearnDash + BuddyPress e-learning site…

So, is BadgeOS a still valid option, taking into consideration that its integration addon has been maintained for a long time? What are the other alternatives?

Avatar ivo

Thanks Ivo – we sent a note to the vendor of this add-on (Credly). Haven’t heard of any issues to date.

Hi< justin,

Thank you for your feedback! What about of any other gamification options for LearnDash. I'm new to the e-learning and would like to know what options LearnDash can offer

Avatar ivo

You can use MyCred to help with points. BadgeOS is great, but myCred is more geared for Gamification. Learndash hasn’t been officially integrated with MyCred yet, but there are work arounds.

LearnDash integration with myCRED is available now. You can purchase the integration addon from the below link

I contacted Credly to get more information, and had an on-line presentation, at least, that was the idea. When I asked about BadgeOS that was played down very much, and they pushed us into a corporate credly solution for enterprises. When we again told them that we were looking for an integrated solution, and not a enterprise level aPI based platform, we were told that we could program that ourselves and there was no api available for BadgeOS. In fact, not only BadgeOS was downplayed but so was LearnDash (“not very many people use it”). After again pushing the question about this “previous generation, obsolete system” (as they put it) and asking for continued support of that it got really weird. The COO was called in to confirm that is was still a viable option, but it is not supported by Credly by but one of their affiliated companies.

I contacted Credly because of the link in the integration description. Bit of a cold shower.

Now I see that the integration is from 2013, and the last updates on the BadgeOS site are not that recent. Is anybody using it and is it a viable option still?

correction: they said that there was no standard interface available for the Credly Enterprise solution.

Could anyone from Learndash answer this question? Why did you not correct your original article? It is full of “Credly is free service”…”free”… (with bold letters) but if someone wants use Credly integration, he must pay 1500 USD a year (if he has over 50 students)…It is not free or low-cost at all!! Correct your article up to date or try to find another solution for using badges for small Learndash websites – otherwise you pariticipate on unfair business practice…

Avatar Pepe Novako

Pepe, please know that the original article was written over 4-years ago, back when Credly had a free plan. The LearnDash integration is still free. Their service is no longer free. Mozilla OpenBadges is free though.

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