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LearnDash Updates latestToday we are excited to release two new features that are the direct result of the requests we have received from all of you using LearnDash to deliver your elearning.

As always, we would like to thank you for your creative ideas and overall enthusiasm for the growth of this software. The direction of LearnDash would not be possible without your input, so thank you!

And now onto the updates!


Dynamic Course Navigation

With this update you will notice a new Course Navigation widget. When installed on your site’s sidebar, it will dynamically display the lesson and topic progression for the course that is being viewed – as shown here:

As your users take the course content, the widget will update to reflect their course progression. They can also use the widget to quickly jump to any lesson or topic within the course, as well as return to the course page.

The Course Navigation details will update to reflect the course that is being viewed, and will automatically hide whenever viewing another page.

To implement this new functionality, all you need to do is to go APPEARANCE > WIDGETS and activate the widget for your sidebar.Β 

User Profiles… With Style!

In January of this year we gave the Course Content display an overhaul, incorporating best practices in both instructional and visual design. We have extended this new layout to the User Profiles:

(click hereΒ or the image for a larger view)

To use this new profile design, all you have to do is insert the following shortcode onto any WordPress page or post:


That’s it!

Besides the new visual component, the profile also includes:

  • General profile information pulled from the WordPress profile page
  • Course transcript details, including overall progress and quiz scores
  • Reprinting of certificates functionality
  • Easy navigation to all registered courses
  • Responsive design so it can be viewed on mobile devices

With the new profile, your users will immediately know which courses they are enrolled and their current status. They can easily get to the course content, view past quiz results, and reprint their certificates – it is their “home base” for all things course related on your site!

Since this profile is generated via a shortcode, you can add whatever you like to this page!

What’s Next?

Again, we want to extend our gratitude for your enhancement recommendations. We will continue to include relevant functionality based on the feedback you submit.

We are excited about some of the upcoming improvements to LearnDash, including new ideas around the back-end user interface and quizzes. As always, if you have any questions, or would like to submit some ideas – hop on over to the support site.

Until next time!


Justin Ferriman is the co-founder and CEO of LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Let's Talk! | Twitter

77 Responses

        1. Pavel,

          How did you make the LearnDash shortcode only display the courses and not the profile section of the LD profile? I’d like to do the same setup for my site using UPME.


          1. Aaron, you can add the following to your custom CSS:

            #learndash_profile .profile_info, .learndash_profile_heading {
            display: none;

  1. I’m so happy I bought Learndash. All those great updates, month after month, every single of them is like having a party. I feel like dancing! Thank you so much, Justin!

  2. Hey Justin, your plugin seems incompatible with ithemes. Even if I hid a member in the membership, the course countdown and “mark as complete button” still shows. So technically, a non-student could mark a course they have not seen as complete. I’m not even sure how this would create junk data in the database.
    Sorry for posting here but finding your technical support is difficult and I did submit error this in the forum before.

  3. This is a great update. Thank you for the certificate reprint ability. This is something I needed. I am looking forward to the continued improvement of LearnDash. You are building something really special.

  4. Justin,

    Nice update. I’m having trouble finding the dynamic course widget. Also, it is possible to put this on lesson pages?



    1. Hi Joe, thanks for the comment!

      The widget is labelled “Course Navigation” (as seen here). Currently this feature is only available via a widget.

        1. Hi Katie-

          Thanks for the comment. You’d have to alter the widget code in order to have the link open in a new window.

  5. Great update, i/m liking the profile pages, although the course navigation sidebar widget doesn’t have the same box round it as the lesson widget is replaced.

    I am wondering if this will sort itself out, or if I need to kick something gently?


    1. Hi ant-
      Thanks for the note! The widget will actually adopt your theme’s CSS for the widget section. If you want, we can send you some custom CSS for the box so you can give it a try on your site – just post a request in the support forum.

      1. Justin – How do we sort the [ld_profile] shortcode? It is defaulting to a sort order that I don’t want. I am trying to use the order or orderby codes like the [ld_course_list] and it isn’t working. Any ideas?

        1. Hi Jeff – I achieved this using the following:

          [ld_profile order=”ASC” orderby=”menu_order”]

          Replace ASC with DESC for a reserve sort order.

  6. Thanks Justin! I am so impressed by the constant updates! Love this LMS

    I do need some help however with getting my website set up nicely as it currently uses a custom theme which seems to distort some of the features (for instance, my lessons show as blog posts). It is all a bit confusing for me without a technical background.

    Do you have any advice with where I can go to get specific help on setting up & enhancing my LearnDash LMS and course content?

    Thanks so much πŸ™‚


    1. Hi Katie-
      Thanks for the note and kind words – we’d be happy to help you out! Go ahead and open a request on the support site and be sure to include screenshots/examples where applicable

  7. Great,

    Now it would still be helpful to attain compatibility with OptimizePress 2.0 as not only me, but a lot of other folks have designed their membership sites with that theme and have included some course, which we would love to do with LearnDash instead of your competitor’s tools.

    Please, work on that, too!

    Thanks a lot in advance!


  8. Could the shortcode be prefixed with “ld” so that it doesn’t potentially conflict with other plugin shortcodes? I have none in mind but just being proactive here. So [ld_profile] instead of [profile].

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Belal –
      Thanks for the note and suggestion. We can look into this as people start to use the new feature and provide feedback.

      1. Yes, please change the profile shortcode to [ld_profile] or similar. I’ve seen other plugins using [profile] and it is always better to just avoid problems from the start, eh?

        PS: love the new widget. Always nice to give the learners a bit of context.

  9. The course navigation is a nice feature! One suggested enhancement is to just show the toggle arrow, if possible, when there are topics.

    Otherwise, as in our case where some are lessons only, it looks like there may be topics but clicking the arrow does nothing.

    I can post that on the Idea area as well, if that helps.

  10. Great update! I think that the the traingle shaped toggle button may not be very obvious for users (no clear indication for users that it would expand upon pressing). For my course I would rather have all the lessons and topics displayed without having to press any button. Hopefully you can provide this option in future releases.

      1. Greetings, I just purchased learndash and I have a word press. I have a captivate file to upload and I am completely lost

  11. Integration with Buddypress would be awesome!
    *Automatically adding a user into a Buddypress Group based on enrolled courses.
    *Linking the Learndash Profile with Buddypress profile (simply a Learndash tab on the profile – is this possible?)

    Thanks for all the hard work!

    1. BuddyPress would be great!

      Also the possibility for other members to publish their own courses and manage that course / students / group / forum πŸ™‚

  12. Justin,

    This looks fantastic and is a very welcome update – Thank you!

    I agree with the direction of sorting out the quizzes πŸ™‚

    Great work, please keep it up!

  13. Really awesome rollout, thanks guys!

    What CSS should I callout to get the Profile Page font matching my themes? I want to add this to my themes custom CSS. Right now the font doesn’t match.


  14. Hello Justin

    is there a video to demonstrate new feature , is there a user inbox feature, or group creation , or class creation feature, also a blog feature on every topic like a q and a or forum for users to post questions

  15. is it possible to have a list generated on a page of all the students, and their progress? all in one location on a page for a teacher to see them ? and search through the progress of students?

    please email me, i really need to figure something out

    1. Course data including student progress (where they are in the course and if it is complete) is exportable using ProPanel or by going to the reports section in LearnDash.

  16. I would love to purchase LearnDash, but have read that there were conflicts with OptimizePress as of last year, which is the theme I currently use. Is there an update about whether this is still the case? Many thanks.

  17. Thanks for great work on LearnDash!

    I’ve been looking all over for a fix for the ‘edit profile’ so users can update their avatar or information.

    The link simply refreshes the ‘your profile’ page.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks again.

    1. I have Learndash running with Theme My Login. When TML is activated, the “Edit Profile” links to “/your-profile/” and it opens a blank page. How can I resolve this so that “Edit Profile” link takes you to the page where the user can then edit their own profile?

  18. Hello Justin, is there a way to hide the “edit profile” link?
    I am using EasyDigitalDownload to manage profile … and LD links to the spandard WP profile

    1. Hi Oriol-

      Thanks for the note. Yes, you can hide it with some basic CSS so that it isn’t visible to your students. Or, you can redirect that link to the EDD profile editor.

  19. Hi Justin Ferriman,
    Can we change how “edit-profile” works?
    I don’t want to use wordpress’ default editing page when user edits his/her profile through edit-profile link.
    Is there any shortcode & template files for that?

  20. I am currently trying to setup two separate pages, one for user profile without registered courses and the other just the registered courses without the profile. Can you help me with the short codes to make that happen as currently the [ld_profile] brings in both. Thank you.

    1. The profile shortcode will always display registered courses for the user. Make sure price type is not set to ‘open’ or all courses will display.

  21. What is the easiest way to show a user’s access expiry date for each course on the page generated by ld_profile?

    1. You’d have to modify the profile template. There is a shortcode for displaying expiration date on a page.

  22. Hi,

    Is it possible to display Lesson ( completed or not completed ) in the course progress overview ( like the quiz attempt )?

    Lesson 1 : completed
    Lesson 2 : not completed

    Thank you

  23. Hi Justin,
    I have LearnDash running with BuddyPress and the Boss child theme. I had some of the language settings changed to Spanish, that caused an error, so I backed up the site to the week before the changes. Once the back-up was completed all of the LearnDash layouts and custom CSS stopped working.

    I’m hoping you have a suggestion. Thanks again, Adam

    1. Hired a Fiverr to bail me out. All is back to normal. Careful changing the labels to different languages folks! πŸ™‚

      1. I also get taken to the home page when I click the edit profile link. I looked at the “doc” page you recommended above, but do not see any info on how to fix a redirect that is preventing access to the profile. Can you provide a link to a more specific support article? thanks!

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