January 20th, 2015 Grow with LearnDash

First, let me start by wishing everyone a happy new year! With today’s latest update we are introducing one of the new directions we will be taking going forward.

Specifically, this year we are going to be supplementing our core LearnDash development with free and premium add-ons so that you can now choose the functionality you would like to have for your LMS without having to worry about “bloating”.

To kick-off this exciting direction, today we are releasing a new free add-on.

Course Grid Add-On

Course Grid Featured Image

Over the past few years we have seen that many of you who are using LearnDash develop robust course libraries with a variety of great choices for your users.

To date, the default functionality in LearnDash places the courses in a linear list. While this works if you have a few courses, the more courses that you create the longer this list becomes.

Because of this we wanted to give you additional options for how you present your courses to visitors, and the Course Grid add-on does just that!

Add-On Features

Responsive grid layout of courses: Choose to display your courses in one, two, three, four, six, or twelve columns. Simply insert the shortcode onto a regular page or post and your courses will display.

Filtering by category: Easily allow users to search for course by category using the category filter.

Display course featured image and short description: Courses are displayed with their featured image and a custom short description.

Dynamic price listing: The price of the course is automatically displayed.

How It Works

When you install and activate the add-on, all you have to do is use the following shortcode to insert your courses onto the page of your choice:


The default layout will display your courses in three columns, as pictured below.


Want to change the number of columns? No problem! Just specify the number of columns in the shortcode. If you want two columns, the shortcode is as follows:

[ld_course_list col=2]

Perhaps you have courses that belong to different categories? You can easily enable a category selector in the course list by using the following shortcode:

[ld_course_list categoryselector=true col=2]


Taking this one step further, you can even create multiple course list pages. For example, you can create a detailed profile page by using the following two shortcodes:

[ld_profile] and [ld_course_list mycourses=’1′]

This will display the LearnDash front-end profile as well as a list (in grid format) of the user’s enrolled courses.

If you want to display the progress bar in the course list, simply use the following shortcode:

[ld_course_list progress_bar=’true’]

Custom Short Description

In addition to being able to determine how you want your courses to display, this add-on gives you the ability to create a custom short description for the course.

When activated, a new “Course Short Description” field will appear on your EDIT COURSE page.


Once published, the short description appears in the course list:


This field is optional, but it is a great way to give a little more context for people who are looking through your course offerings.

Where To Download

Click here to download the new add-on from the support site.

What’s Next?

As promised, 2015 is going to be a busy year.

Internally, our team is working hard to develop more add-ons and integrations so that you can get the most out of your WordPress LMS. We are also building out new core features per your requests on the support site as well. As always, thank you so much for your feedback!

But it gets better…

Starting this year we have opened the doors for trusted third party development firms to begin creating their own add-ons for LearnDash!

In short, this means more relevant features for you to choose from for your online courses. From what we have seen so far, there is some really great functionality just around the corner!

We are thoroughly excited about the direction for this year, and we think you will be too! Thank you all again for choosing LearnDash as your LMS.

Until next time!

Justin Ferriman photo

About Justin Ferriman

Justin started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide. He is currently founder & CEO of GapScout. Justin's Homepage | GapScout | Twitter


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I’m looking forward to it. While I don’t actually have a working site up yet using LD, it is comparing favorably in development to Sensei and WP Courseware.

Thanks Rick, looking forward to seeing your site develop!

That’s an excellent add-on and a great start to 2015. Thanks.

Avatar Sam

Thank you Sam, happy you like it!

Hi Justin, great new feature, I love grids. Thank you very much!

🙂 Great to hear, thank you Angel!

Looking good on our site. Just a quick note, that if I boosted the font size of the .entry-content h3 to 24px, the column layout seems to break and I get an odd column sitting on a lone row. Now I brought it down to 14px it works fine. Just thought you should now, am happy to forward images etc.

Cheers and Bonne Année

Thanks Richard! Happy to look at any images you may have, just submit from the support site.

Im waiting for wordpress templates compatibles with Learndash. i found just one.

Happy 2015 and sucess

Thanks Felipe, feel free to send us a note with more details as to what you mean and perhaps we can provide further assistance.

Hey Felipe. I have used LearnDash on lots of different WP themes – you don’t really need to worry too much about whether a theme will work with LearnDash or not. If it handles custom post types and is reasonably well written, it will work, in my humble opinion.

Thank you Justin, this is looking great and giving us a professional option for our courseware.
We have just loaded the demo site and are tinkering around. All the best to you and your team for 2015!

Hi Justin

Great start for 2015! We Love the way you listen to your customers and the Road you take us on. Thanks again for all the work you put in tot Learndash, it gone Be another great year for all Learndash customers.


Avatar Wilco

Very kind words Wilco, thank you!

Thanks for the update Justin, looking forward to more this year. Was hoping for improvements in administrative things like adding certificate expiration, unique serial numbers, more short codes, improved styling options, archived certificates for admin, erase course data for user after __ number of days, etc, but will continue to hope for them.

Just please don’t become like Woocommerce with their ridiculous amount of paid extensions and lack of building innovation on their core product. Woo users can’t fart now without needing to buy an expensive extension — all simple functions require payment.

Avatar Ed

Thanks Ed, your feedback is much appreciated! Certificate improvements are certainly on the horizon – doing some testing on some at the moment. Core development is still very much a priority. The free and premium add-ons will open up new avenues and will center around non-critical functionality.

I love the direction you are going in Jason! Turning LearnDash into a platform. I really love many of the features of WPLMS but that thing has become bloatware and it’s tied to a theme. If you ever want to change your theme, you’re out of luck. You guys have the opportunity to become the WooCommerce of Learning.

Question – are you going to make it possible for LearnDash customers to create add-ons internally for their own use. In other words, can you open up the same SDK or API and documentation you make available to selected 3rd parties developers to all LearnDash customers so that they can add the features they need NOW and not need to wait for someone else to do it.

Avatar Steve

Thanks Steve, it’s great to hear the feedback and kind words. To get things started we are opening the doors to select developers so we can perfect the process. Once we get a better idea of what works (and what doesn’t), then we will be in a better position to investigate those kind of options. I will say though that customers are able to leverage the hooks/filters we have available on the support site to create their own integrations & add-ons; it’s something we have seen in the past.

Hello Justin and thanks for the news and improvements.

One thing that would really help us developpers would be to have more comments/documentation, more consistency and more hooks in your code. In other words, it would be really awesome if your developper team would follow a little bit more the WordPress coding standards (https://make.wordpress.org/core/handbook/coding-standards/php/)

After the first installation, I realized that Learndash wasn’t working as I expected. I looked for hooks and didn’t find the ones I needed. I then looked at the code to overide or use some of your functions… and honestly, I almost contacted you back for a refund. I managed to overcome the lack of documentation and the lack of consistency and I decided to stick with your product since I like where we are going together.

If you need help, suggestions for improvements, a tester or even a developper, do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks again for your great product!


Avatar Jean-Francois Lagarde

Hi Jean-Francois,

Many thanks for the note and for sharing your thoughts, happy to have you part of the LearnDash community! I sent you a personal note so as to discuss your comments a bit further. Thanks again!

Thanks for the updates! We really appreciate them!

You’re very welcome Renee!

Wow. Awesome new addition. Fantastic for adding sizzle to the marketing side of my site. Keep up the great work!

I ♥ it! It looks great. Thank you. 🙂

Happy New year.
That’s an excellent add-on, thanks Justin to you and to LD team.

Is the Learndash Plugin compatible with the Academy Theme available on ThemeForest?

Hi Simone-

Thanks for the note. That theme has a lot of native features that conflict with the LearnDash plugin and probably wouldn’t be ideal. If you are interested in a list of themes that work well with LearnDash, send us a note and we can suggest a few.

Improvements and features are always appreciated. My recent experience leads me to ask for development in the admin area most, and I have already put in some requests and questions to you about these things. I agree with the wishlist Ed described. As people really start using LearnDash I think things like admin ability to easily modify/ import user records, especially from other sites/platforms is really needed. I should be able to easily edit user data, in bulk and individually. Currently it’s not easy to move any amount of users from another LMS into LearnDash, and preserve course completion info, certificate expiration, etc.

Another thing that would be great to see is some real depth to the documentation and support site. Maybe a user forum/user contributed knowledge base? Now things seem to be where all input goes to Justin, and Justin responds when he can. But users could be helping each other more directly if the format changed a little.

Avatar Jeff Nye

Thanks for the comment Jeff, very much appreciated. If you would like to share some more details around ideas you have related to the support site, do send a note – I’d be happy to discuss further.

Looks fantastic! I have been wanting this. Would love to see Authorize.net integrated.

Hi Justin,

This looks great for courses, but how about
Improving the display options for lessons? They look very plain in the list display.

It’s in the works! 🙂

Course lessons- and quiz list display looks great as is! Plain and simple. Easy for students. Great on mobile. Please do not change. More options is good, but please keep the current! 🙂

Avatar Torgrim Sandvoll

Hi Justin, following up your comment from January. Any update in the near future for adding a Lesson or Topic grid view?

Thanks. Seth

Hi Seth-

Thanks for the comments. This is not currently on our development roadmap. If you’d like it implemented, just send us a message and we can send you a list of trusted partners who can assist.

Hi Justin,

Great addition! I was wondering if this also works on member profiles. In the sense that it shows the enrolled courses in a grid. Would be nice.
I also like the fact that other developers are starting to work on LD extensions. It means LD will develop even faster than it has been. I don’t mind paying for an extension that adds value to my site, beats having it developed custom any day of the week 🙂



Thanks André! The “mycourses” version of the shortcode will show the courses in grid format for a logged-in user. The profile will still show a succinct list.

Nice work Justin. It’s great to see these improvements coming through to improve the customer experience. Keep up the great work.



Avatar Andrew

Thank you Andrew, we will certainly do our best to continue with relevant improvements.

Like Rick, I’m also working on my site and it’s looking good so far.

Excited to stay up-to-date with new developments!

Avatar Keely

Great Keely! Don’t be a stranger and make sure to share your site when it’s finished!

OMG, I don’t know how you do it – right when I’m looking for workarounds you come up with a solution I need. I was trying to revamp my course library to look like the Woocommerce catalog but without pointing to their page and poof – you come up with grids. Thanks guys!

Timing is everything 😉 – thanks for the kind words Tanya!

These look like some great new features. I can’t wait to see what the third party devs create. Keep up the good work!

Very nice addition 🙂 – Many thanks!

To add to ED’s comment, so has WP xxxxxxware and the subscription trend with “premium” feature purchases is motivating me back into customizing original WP themes and individual plug-ins…frankly it is working out to be a great idea. To be honest I still haven’t comittted to purchase a courses application (its been between LD and WPC) can’t seem to take the step. Mainly because:

1) I felt the WPC demo out-demo’ed Learndash by a long way in that I was able to see and apply more functionality – that equated to a seemingly more complete program amd process. I may be missing something somewhere in what I’m doing with LearnDash demo, because I have a much stronger gut feeling that LD must have at least ‘similar capability’ (for lack of a better term).

So please if anyone feels they have any pointers to help me get a fuller experience, they would be appreciated.

2) LearnDash quality of customer relations simply buries that of “those other guys” which has become numbingly superficial (I’ve enabled newsletter/updates from both to keep the comparison going as I near point of having to commit to purchase). IMO “those other guys” have let their CS/PR dept run away with their signatures. Justin your presentation still feels more genuine (as in ‘Justin is still involved in the whole thing’) and creates a much stronger feeling of confidence in your organization. Keep that up, whatever you do.

It is obvious that LearnDash is in a major growth stage with promising refinements in the offing and my gut is telling me that it is the choice I want to make, I just need to be tipped by a more complete demo experience I think. Anyway, happy to receive your progress reports and you business development in the past year is impressive.

Thank you.

Avatar ron

Thanks for the comment Ron. To be honest, we find that LearnDash is a great solution for many projects, but not ALL projects. I’d strongly suggest sending us a note with some more details about what it is you’re trying to do, as well as any concerns that you have so that we can discuss those further. If phone is more your thing, you can give us a call.

I am happy to hear that you feel confidence in our support as we take great pride in not just our product, but our service. The reason you ‘feel’ we are genuine is because we are – and this didn’t happen by accident. We work hard for our customers every single day.

Thanks again for the comment, hope to hear from you!

You didn’t waste time Justin. Great new feature and look forward to all of the updates in 2015 and the third party developer development. When I think of the initial release of WPLMS to what is has become today–job well done!! I was at a ATD chapter meeting tonight and was discussing with several people of how I am using LD with a few clients to offer an affordable solution from small to large organizations.


You’ve been with us for awhile now Jeff, it has been a long time since our days as ‘wplms’ 😉

Thanks for the encouragement and for sharing your experience with others at the ATD chapter meetings.

Among all the learning plugins and themes out there, Learndash is still my favorite. The development just keeps getting better and better. Third party add-ons sounds really promising. I’ve got ideas already.

Justin, great update for the start of 2015! Any plans for a sliding carousel for courses in addition to a grid layout? Thanks!

Avatar Belal

I need it too, why it has no carousel mode??

Avatar saeed

Great add on,

Is it possible to change the language used? “see more” doesn’t really work for us.

we’ve used a localization/translation plugin on the LMS core would this work on the add on?

thanks Tim

Avatar Tim

Hi Tim, yes you can change the text in the same manner.

Used Loco Translate to translate LearnDash so far – worked fine & this LD is absolutely awesome in terms of functions + styling options!

Just can´t translate the course grid plugin unfortunately: “new language can´t be add to an unconfigured set”

maybe this is a stupid question, but any suggestions to solve this?

Avatar Noah

Submit a support ticket and someone will help you with that Noah.

Hi Justin;
great add-on but unfortunately i had to deactivate it. when i activated it, all the widgets on the sidebar were moved to the bottom of the page. i think it is a theme issue.


Hi Nawras, open a ticket with the help desk and we can look into it further.

It’s very important for we! Thanks

Hey Justin … is Learn Dash a ‘membership site’ so that the content is protected and can only be seen by those who sign up or pay?

Thanks for the note. You can set your LearnDash courses to be visible to people who are enrolled in the course only (either paid or signed-up). The content is protected until this occurs.

Hi Justin–
Since this thread kind of moved into a general discussion on LearnDash features, one thing I’ve liked about LD and hope to see more development on in the future is corporate (or managed) learning access.

WP Courseware and Sensei (presumably, two of your largest competitors) have been increasingly moving toward commercial courses – e.g., courses for sale. While that’s certainly a growing share of the market, I don’t think it’s remotely the largest market, or the one with the biggest potential. Managing learning for corporate users for compliance training, operational training, sales initiatives, etc., still appears to be the largest market out there – it’s certainly the one our clients are most interested in.

With that said, in 2015, I’d love to see LD improve and enhance reporting capabilities and user management features – or at least open up the API to developers who could help make significant progress on those two key areas. While the options available now are serviceable, there’s a long way to go before they match up to the reporting capabilities and user management features offered by most of the major LMS or LMS-lite platforms, and they are two of the areas corporate/organizational development groups are most interested in. We’ve looked into customizing in these areas, but as someone upthread mentioned, the code could use some improvement before we can really get to that point.

That said, keep up the great work!

Thanks Andrew, all very useful feedback! Feel free to submit any additional ideas on the support site.

Dear Justin, sometimes the “simple” is powerful and huge. In addition, the new plugin “Grid LearnDash Course Add-On” is wonderful! Thank You! (test: http://miclase.es/?page_id=234) 🙂

Thanks Mario, happy to hear you like it – looks good on your site too! 😉

Great feature!

Would be nice if you could categories your blog, and have one category named “LearnDash LMS”. This way it would be easier for me (and others) to find all those articles related to LearnDash updates/tips/etc.

Avatar Torgrim Sandvoll

Thank you very much for the ‘LearnDash Course Grid’. Its functionality is awesome. Thank you very much for that. But we still have a challenge please.
1. We would like to be able to display only a certain number of courses on a page and then put a link somewhere to lead to a page where all courses are listed.
2. We have many categories of courses. For example, we have
a. Academic Courses
b. Non academic courses
c. Courses for High School Students

question: how do we specify on a page called ‘academic course ‘page, to display only academic courses on that page and not to display all courses. Thank you.

I came here too looking for the answer of “how to display only one category of courses on a specific page and not to display all courses.”

Few ways to do this depending on what you’re trying to do. For example, you could just give courses you want to show a specific tag then display just those courses using [ld_course_list tag=”math”]

Hi Justin,

We are proposing learndash based solution to one of our clients in india, the client is a preparatory medical exam coaching company which trains students to clear mandatory medical exam to be come certified practitioners in US,UK and Australia. They have long list of courses and Preparatory test papers , just wanted to understand if Learn dash has implemented similar solutions to customers, would be glad if you coould share similar websites


Thanks for the note – sounds like an exciting project! Our current list of examples can be found here. Feel free to write us if you have additional questions.

It looks great. However, is there any way to change the price tag? We use it in our organization through the intranet…therefore we would like to remove the free or at least be able to change it to open. I did change the course price type but it did not change anything in the grid.

It will be great if the course price type in the course edit page matches the front end tag.




Hi Karina-
Thanks! You can remove ‘free’ and put whatever you wish. Open a thread in the forum and we can assist.

Hi Justin,

You and your team have developed a great looking tool here. I am working with a non-profit that provides a certification, comprised of multiple courses. Does LearnDash support “degree plans” or anything like that, where a student (and administrator) can track the student’s progress toward “graduation” or completion of the certification? They are required to take a certain number of courses, some are core, some are elective. Thoughts?


Hi Justin,

How do you implement a pager in the course grid and set how many courses appear per page?

Hi Reva-

You can show as many courses on a pages as you like in the grid. If we can help further, do post a note in the forums and someone will assist you shortly!

(still setting up the website if you go there) we are using learn dash for internal training, can you use the grid for lessons in the same way you use it for courses, so our team can view all the lessons in one visual?

thanks for your help
kind regards

Hi Jamie-
Thanks for writing. The grid is only for course listings. You *could* use it to display lessons (for example, on another page), but it won’t change the way lessons are displayed by default in the Course Content table on the course page.

Is there a way to list courses based on category, without a drop down box. For instance

ld_course_list category=slug-name col=2

Hi Justin,
Do you plan to add the possibility to add featured video for the course grid instead of featured image?
If yes, when? If not, I think it will be a great addition to this plugin because video is much more appealing than image.
Thanks for your time and efforts.

Avatar Jonathan Taieb

It hasn’t come up but is a very good suggestion – thanks!

I’m using this plugin’s shortcode on a composite page, but it breaks the rest of the page.

After the section that [ld_course_list col=4] is in, no other page sections appear.

Any idea what the issue could be?

Avatar Yannick

Try testing against another theme. If it works, then it’s a theme conflict. You may also want to test for plugin conflicts. If it still doesn’t work please raise a support ticket.

I just installed the grid plugin and it looks great.
Can I change the order that the courses appear somewhere?
My first and most important course has been pushed down the grid by subsequent (coming soon) additions.

Hi Andrew-

Yes, you can. Under ‘course shortcodes’ tab there are variations on the course list shortcode that can dictate the order. For further questions, do feel free to open up a support request.

How I can use it like that:
I have 30 courses, i want to show them on 3 pages, (pagination style)
Best regards

Hi Beauvil-
Pagination is not a built in feature for the course grid.

Hi Justin,
Is there any way to integrate search with this add on?
like display search results only.

Avatar Najeeb

There is a filter option at present but not yet a search (adding a search would need some custom tweaking).

Hi there,

Can this plugin be used to display quizzes in a grid form? We are using LD but only want to give users the quizzes as opposd to full courses.

Avatar Brittany Teei

I’m unable to get the progress bar to work in the Course Grid.

[ld_course_list col=”3″ order=”ASC” orderby=”menu_order” category_name=”iPad” progress_bar=”true”]

I’ve also tried with single quotes for ‘true’ as stated in the artice without success.

Make sure you’re running latest versions of LD and the Course Grid.

I’ve got the same problem as Robert and I have updated Learndash and Course Grid to the highest version. Shortcode doesn’t implement a progress bar under course description :(.

Avatar Christopher

Hi Christopher-

Please raise a support ticket and we’ll help you get it working.

Hi, Justin! I loved this Course Grid Add-On, but every times what i you it, i get too much font’s size. It isn’t nice look. How i could manage font’s size in Course Grid Add-On.

Avatar Alex Krol

Thanks Alex! Raise a ticket with support and we can help you adjust the font size.

Is this plugin usefull or has it been integrated into LD ?


Avatar Laurent Bertin

It’s available for all LD users.

How do I create a page Categories for learndash.So I clicked on those data categories displayed only after.
I will be grateful for help.

Avatar mostafa

Use the shortcode wizard to insert the course list shortcode and make sure category selector is enabled.

when I click on the category of course,Referred to the home page and category page can not be displayed

Avatar mostafa

Hi, I’m having trouble with the category selector shortcode. Instead of putting a category search section on the top of the page, it does the same thing as the “id course list” shortcode (www.daniellopezdo.com/course-list). I’m not sure if I’m missing something there, but I copied it straight from the site. I would appreciate being able to put the category selector piece in because I will have different categories.

Never mind- I saw from the posts above what I was doing.

short description is not working fine in course list for any reason, using social learner with boss theme.


Check to see if it works on TwentySeventeen theme. If so, BuddyBoss will need to provide support.

Hi, I am using learndash in Hebrew. Can I change the dynamic price ribbon writing?

It adopts your PayPal settings. Otherwise, set price to ‘closed’ and you can enter any symbol in the price field on the course page.

Hi there,

Love that this works with quizzes now too but I can only get the shortcode to show all quizzes, is there a way to use this to display only quizzes in the current course or by lesson or topic id?

Avatar Mell

can i give a grid view to all my topics under the particular course

Hi Ashwin, no that’s not a supported feature.

I think a correction is needed in your article. For the course category dropdown menu to work, “categoryselector” should be replaced by “course_categoryselector”. So the shortcode would be:
[ld_course_list categoryselector=true col=2]

Hello, I have a problem with the plugin and the global currency. I have put on the Leanrdash Paypal options : EUR and FR for the place we send course …

And I have always “dollar” $ in the grid with the plugin …

If you have an idea where I can configure that

Thank’s a lot

I created a custom PHP template for my course. I’m using the following shortcode to display the course: . The grid design is applied after activating the plugin. However, the other design is not included like the padding of the tag, ribbons, etc.

I found out that the style.css of the plugin is not applied and the grid uses the installed bootstrap in the theme.

After copying the style.css, bootstrap.min.css to my child theme everything seems to be working but I added a little tweak to the division:

I just want to know If I’m missing something? Or my applied fix is advisable?


Is there a way to change the order the courses are displayed in? Does the ‘order’ field on the edit box of an individual course in the admin matter?

Avatar Chad Nance

Yes you can change the order in this way.

Can I change the font size in the course grid feature?

Avatar Rudy

Link doesn’t work (blank page), have tried in two different browsers. Is there an updated link for this? Thanks!

I have the same problem thn you Dorcas.

Is there a shortcode to force a particular category of courses to display in a grid? I have used the selector Dropdown but would prefer to just display certain courses (in a grid) on certain pages.


Avatar Steve

I just used this and it did a list on a page. It didn’t look anything like the examples and all I did was install it and put in the shortcode.

Hi Andrew, happy to help, just open a ticket.

I’ll note that as this post is rather old, the course grid addon has gone through some modifications so not everything will look exactly the same.

Please help me with
How can I add the LearnDash courses in the carosuel in home page
Thank you

This isn’t a supported feature. You’ll need another plugin for that.

hi Emanuel
you got something, actually I need the same solution.

Avatar karan singh

Really useful, but my grid is only 1 column, instead I have written 2, 3 columns, it doesn´t work

how to download this add-on as I am not getting registration link on the support page

Log into your account at http://support.learndash.com, or enter your license details.

Hi there
I put two course and add the add-on.
use the short code but the grid didnt pop out. May I know why and how to fix? thank you!

How can I find the category number id for present only this category in the course grid?

Avatar Zamir Gomeh

How can I download this add-on? I have clicked on download link but it will repeatedly move one another page where a paragraph has been written that to download and read the documentation of this plugin please visit this link. And when I visit that link then that link will again back to this post.

No need to download. Just enter your license key and you can get it under LEARNDASH LMS > ADDONS.

Or, just log into http://support.learndash.com and then you can download if preferred.

It’s a great idea but can we make the courses in a single row like a slider or carousel using this plugin?

Avatar karan singh

how can we get tags drop down?

Avatar zee

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