March 17th, 2021 Announcements

The easiest, most flexible course certificate creation tool available on the market!

We know that when you selected LearnDash for your online courses, you did so in order to have access the best of e-learning innovation. Which is why today I am excited to tell you about the latest functionality that you now have at your fingertips!

Today I am pleased to announce the release of the LearnDash certificate builder. This is the new gold standard in online certificate building that is simply unmatched in the e-learning ecosystem.

The coolest part? This new feature is a direct result of the ideas you have shared with us! It is truly a product of YOU! 🙂

Build your certificates at the speed of thought!

The new LearnDash certificate builder makes it easy to build the certificate at the speed of thought as you use the tools that you already know to create it! That’s right, you create your course certificate using the Gutenberg editor, directly in WordPress. 

Some highlights of the Certificate Builder:

  • Complete design freedom — upload beautiful background images and match them perfectly with your existing brand design.
  • Block based certificate building — by utilizing the Gutenberg WordPress block editor building your certificates is an intuitive point & click process.
  • Live preview option to see exactly what your certificate will look like to your learners. 
  • Use all your favorite features of the WordPress block editor, including alignment to easily align certificate text in seconds. 
  • Backwards compatible so that your existing certificates will not be impacted.

Getting started with the Certificate Builder is easy!

In order to ensure backwards compatibility, and to keep the size of LearnDash as small as possible, we have initially released the new certificate builder as an add-on due to the large size of PDF generation libraries (eventually this will be merged into LearnDash core).

This makes getting started a super-simple process!

  1. Navigate to LEARNDASH LMS > ADDONS
  2. Search for Certificate Builder
  3. Click Install (wait for the add-on to install)
  4. Click Activate

NOTE: An active LearnDash license is required in order to access. Get yours today!

You are all set!

Do not worry, your existing certificates will not be impacted!

The new builder is available under LEARNDASH LMS > CERTIFICATES

Just click the “Use the certificate builder” button. We outline exactly how to use this functionality in our support documentation.

Take the certificate builder for a spin and let us know what you think, and stay tuned for another exciting announcement in the near future!

Questions? We can answer those! 🙂

We know that you are eager to get started, and you probably have some questions before you do. Below are the most common ones that came up in our Facebook Group. Of course if you have any other questions, then feel free to leave one in a comment below!

Q: Will my existing certificates be impacted?

A: No, your existing certificates will not be impacted. Since we are rolling this functionality out first as an add-on, it means that the legacy method for certificate creation still exists and therefore will not change.

Q: Why do I have to install an add-on? 

A: For backwards compatibility and to keep the plugin size as small as possible we have initially released the certificate builder as an add-on due to the large size of PDF generation libraries. Eventually this will be merged into LearnDash core.

Q: Can I build certificates using Elementor, or another page builder? 

A: No, the certificate builder only works with the default WordPress Gutenberg block editor, maximizing its compatibility and ease-of-use. We chose not to make a core feature of LearnDash reliant on a third-party plugin, such as a page builder.

Q: I don’t see the add-on, how do I get it to appear?

A: First, you need an active LearnDash license. If you have that installed and activated, then click on the Check Again button at the top right of the screen under LEARNDASH LMS > ADD-ONS. If it does not appear, try clicking the “Third Party” link on the add-ons page, then click back to “LearnDash” and click the Check Again button.

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide. He is currently founder & CEO of GapScout. Justin's Homepage | GapScout | Twitter

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Great addition to Learndash! I’m excited to try the new Certificate Builder. I’m sure it will be great. Thank you for always innovating and making Learndash the best, much appreciated.

Thanks Bobby! We’re definitely excited to bring the new certificate builder to everyone. 🙂

Avatar Jack Kitterhing

This is awesome, even though we typically only create certificates once for clients I can see how this will give us more flexibility in design. I can see creating certificates that feel special and substantial which will add value for learners and course creators.

Thanks Ross! Definitely, this provides far more flexibility and makes it much easier to see changes visually and test. 🙂

Avatar Jack Kitterhing

So cool. Thank you. Does the certificate builder support standard cyrillic fonts?

Avatar Roman

Indeed! Providing it’s a ttf font file, standard cyrillic fonts should work fine. If you run into any issues feel free to reach out to our support team. 🙂

Avatar Jack Kitterhing

Can you automate the creation of these certificates for those who pass their final course test?

Avatar Eric Wagner

Hey Eric,

Yep! You create the certificate one time using the dynamic blocks so then the student once they pass the course or quiz gets a customized certificate with their own details.

Avatar Jack Kitterhing

Does the certificate builder have the ability to assign unique serial numbers to certificates, so the certificate can be validated by an admin or verification interface?

Currently no, there is a third-party plugin for this: although I’m not sure if it is compatible with the new builder yet.

Avatar Jack Kitterhing

1 Navigate to LEARNDASH LMS > ADDONS. Done!
2 Search for Certificate Builder

Can’t find it??? 🙁

Click on the Check Again button at the top right of the screen under LEARNDASH LMS > ADD-ONS. If it does not appear, try clicking the “Third Party” link on the add-ons page, then click back to “LearnDash” and click the Check Again button.

I checked again and now it shows. Let’s try it.

Avatar Rob Hoekstra

Dont forget to publish the page as well :
Right now it’s a 404.

Thanks Eric! This page will be live shortly. 🙂

Avatar Jack Kitterhing

THANK THE HEAVENS!!! This limited feature is the only bad thing I could about LearnDash prior. THANK YOU LearnDash R&D Team!!!

Thanks Mike! We’re glad you’re as excited as we are. 🙂

Avatar Jack Kitterhing

Thanks for this much-needed feature, however, when I upload my certificate background image and try to add blocks to it, I’m not able to drag & drop the blocks wherever I want on the background image. Instead, they’re all forced to the very top…what am I missing?

Avatar Christophe Limpalair

Hi Christophe! Please open a support ticket with our team and they’ll be able to assist. 🙂

Avatar Jack Kitterhing

Will it work if we’re using the Classic Editor rather than Gutenburg?

Avatar Mike

Hi Mike, it won’t. It requires Gutenberg/the block editor.


Avatar Jack Kitterhing

I don’t see why you are so happy. Trying to 7se this, but it is even worse than before. Text can not be dragged or do I miss something? Please upload a video and put text all over the place.

Avatar Peter

Thank you Justin it seems like you know just what I need just before I need it and present it to me all gift wrapped with a pretty bow

Thank YOU guys, good work!

Hello ! I am thinking getting learndash for my school. I want only school students to signup and I wanted it to be automatic with Student ID number and email match would that be possible ?.

Thank you in advance.


Avatar Lina

Thank you so much for this feature. It will save so much time on creating new certificates! LearnDash continues to Rock!!!

Avatar Jeff Slapp

This is brilliant. For me certificates have an importance but the process before was a little time consuming to get working well. With this new Add-On the process is far more streamlined and intuitive.

Thank you for keeping LearnDash brilliantly powerful for e-learning.

Avatar Roman

Our certs are OK as they are. What happens if we choose to ignore the plugin and wait for this to be included in core?

Avatar Amanda

Such a great addition and now it would be really easy for our clients to create certificates on the go and get the desired design/output quickly with Gutenberg editor. That’s really huge THANK YOU!!!

What next amazing thing we should expect?

Hi! Thank for your job! Can I ask you to make it possible to get a certificate for 70% of the entire course?

Hi! The possibility to share the certificate on the social media?

Great to add such a tool but a real shame that doesn’t work with page builders. I have Gutenberg blocked on all our sites and using the Classic editor with Beaver and soon Elementor. Gutenberg is from lots of reading still too buggy.
So room for another addon to make it work with page builders.


Does LearnDash automatically insert the participants name on the certificate or do you need another plug in for this?

Thank you.

Avatar Cecilia Matthews

Yes, you can add the participant’s name.

Has the feature allowing a ‘course certificate’ to show all the scores of all the quizzes contained in the course been added to this new builder? Previously you could only have a certificate for a single quiz that showed its scores; or a certificate for a single course that showed none of the quiz scores within that course; but not a certificate for a course that also shows all the quiz scores in it. My courses have two quizzes within them and I’d love for my end of course certificate to be able to show their quiz scores as well as their course completion date on them in one single certificate.

Thanks for your reply Justin. Do we have to manually insert the participants name for each certificate or is it automatically inserted by Learn Dash from the participants registration details?

Avatar Cecilia Matthews

Thanks for this cool addition.
Can you upload a detailed tutorial for how certificates can be developed using this feature?

Is there any solution to export learndash course certificates as images (JPGs or PNGs)?

Hi. Does anybody have a video tutorial to learn how to use this new feature?

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Avatar change background

Hi, just the question as all our website courses are free without any login, is this certified has this functionality that our user after completing the course can add their name by themselves and then get the certificate?

Hi, is that possible to have student name in certificate for free no login course my mean student can add their name and then get the certificate with out any account?

Hi, is there any feature that our student can have their name in certificate with no login courses?

Gutenberg is trash, the first thing we do in every new install is block Gutenberg, it is slow, buggy and plain ugly.
Please consider a real page builder (Elementor, Beaver or so)

Hi Jorge. We won’t be pursuing an integration with page builders outside of WP core for the certificate builder. So far the response for Gutenberg with the certificate builder has been positive. Hope you give it a shot!

olá consigo criar o verso do meu certificado. no meu projeto meu certificado contém informações no verso.

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