January 28th, 2014 Announcements

LearnDash UpdatesToday we have some exciting new updates to share!

We want to sincerely thank all of you who have chosen LearnDash as your WordPress elearning solution.

Your commitment to the product and providing feedback has helped us evolve LearnDash into what it is today. We have come a long way, but the journey is far from over!

Which is why we are excited to introduce LearnDash Version 1.5.0!


New Course Content Template

For the past year, many of you have provided feedback in the forums and to our help desk about wanting to stylize the course content (specifically, the lesson and quiz lists). As a result, we have been hard at work researching and designing a new course content container.

Today the new design is complete, and will be active on your sites after updating – Check it out:

Key Features

  • Course details now visible before joining or purchasing a course: Visitors can now see a table of contents that details what a course will cover prior to purchasing or signing-up.
  • Expand and collapse lesson topics: Visitors can choose to view or hide the topics for the lessons. The full title of the topic is now displayed instead of just the icon.
  • Updated to flat design icons and Buttons: The lesson and topic icons, as well as some important buttons, have received a face-lift to a contemporary flat design.
  • Updated course progress bar: Modernized the course progress bar.
  • Responsive design: The new template works on tablet and smartphone devices.
  • Compatible with modern WordPress themes: Choose the theme that represents you, and the new template will fit right into your brand.

In addition to the new look for lessons and topics, quizzes also are also included with this template. When navigating to a lesson, your users will be presented with a clean topic list as well, giving them a clear road-map of what they will learn.

Just as before, this Course Content list is dynamically generated as you create your course material. No need to create extra pages and insert shortcodes, allowing you to focus on what is important: the content!


Offer Sample Lessons for Your Courses

Sometimes it makes sense to give your visitors a little preview of a course, but without giving the whole thing away. The new sample lessons feature makes this incredibly easy!

Just Check a Box

Once you have finished creating your lesson content, all you need to do is check a box and it will be offered as a sample for your visitors.

Now, when your visitors come to view your course, they will have the option to take the sample lesson and all of its associated topics and quizzes. The rest of the course content will not be accessible until they either purchase or join the course.

Brand New Demo Site

Since this update to LearnDash includes some pretty significant changes, we have also given the demo site a makeover.

If you want to see some of these features (as well as others) in action, head on over to the demo site and have a look!

You can find an exact copy of the LearnDash Demo on our support site for your own personal use.

Here’s to Another Year

One year down in the books!

Thank you to those who have offered up your feedback and have dedicated your sites to LearnDash. We recognize that you have a choice when it comes to LMS software, and we are humbled that you have chosen us.

2014 is barely underway and we are extremely excited at the direction LearnDash is going, and what’s coming around the corner.

Until next time!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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Thanks Justin! 🙂 Looking forward for an awesome 2014 indeed! 🙂

p/s: Any chance the WooCommerce integration going officially on your list of integrations?

Avatar Leo

Congratulations on your first anniversary! I’m so happy with LearnDash and the excellent service that you provide. Thank you for continuing to make this LMS better and better. Best wishes for continued growth and success!

Keep up the great work!!!

Avatar Wassim Subie

Thanks and congratulations :
The New Course Content Template now provides a better user experience and the Sample Lessons just awesome.

Thanks Patricio, happy to hear you like the updates!

Awesome Justin, bravo! Happy anniversary .

One more vote for Woocommerce integration. At the moment it is the main reason i am not using Learndash.

Any plans regarding that?

Avatar Janke

Hi Janke-

Thank you for the note. We have an integration with WooCommerce, it can be downloaded from our support site.

Justin–fantastic update. It solved the problems that we were having with the dots on the course page. I love the way that students can expand and collapse the course content. The pages are much cleaner and responsive. Great work. Thanks! David

Many thanks for the kind words David!

Hey Justin I bought Learn Dash in November and I am just building my first course so great to hear I will launch with the most upto date version, your LMS solution is just Awesome, keep it coming.

Thanks Craig, glad to hear your first course is coming along well… we’ll keep the updates coming 😉

Great, can’t wait to get it. Let’s get rolling on the import function from Moodle. I really want to convert my system, but have spent too much time in Moodle previously. I can’t afford to recreate all those courses and questions. HELP HELP HELP

Hi Steve-
Thanks for the note and suggestion – your enthusiasm for this feature has been noted!

This update looks like just what I needed to get me back into gear to finish my site. Love it, thanks for the updates. 🙂

Avatar Robert Clark

Hi Justin,

This is quite the update! Very slick design!

Just wondering if there could be a “+” sign that indicates that topics exist under a certain lesson so that the user can click on it and display the topics related to that lesson in particular (that section of the accordion unfolds only). Currently, its either display “no topics shown” or “all topics shown”. Just something to consider.

Secondly, when you say “this Course Content list is dynamically generated as you create your course material”, does these allow for emergent lesson design after a student has enrolled the course (as we spoke about in the support forums) or are we not quite there yet?

Best regards,

Avatar Belal

Hi Belal-

Thanks for the note and suggestions, we’ll be gathering them as the new design/functionality is put through its paces! Regarding your second question, we are in the process of doing some further research on emergent lessons based on the conversations in the forum.

Thanks again!

Hi Justin. All looks great. But a question –

The “sample” lesson feature – does it mean I have to switch off lesson progression? When I switch this on, the sample lesson is a link, but I get “you must complete the previous lesson”. Is this by design, because I might want to provide a lesson as sample that is not lesson 1 in the order.


Hi Richard-

Thanks for the note. The Sample Lesson on the paid course should be the 1st lesson – is that not showing for you?

I haven’t even uploaded yet and I am so excited! Such a great and professional team that I am so glad to be a part of. Thank you for your passion, dedication and hard work – it has been noted! 🙂

Your updates come quicker than I can make the course. Congrats!

Avatar Frank

Hi Justin,
I am honored to say that I bought LearnDash on its launch day 28/1/2013 and it was one of the best decisions I have made in my e-learning career. Thank you for such an innovative yet affordable LMS that is revolutionarizing the e-learning market. I wish you and all the LearnDash growing community a wonderful year 🙂


Avatar Amr


Thank you for the note and the extremely kind words. We are very happy to have you on board (a Day 1 original!) … here’s to an exciting 2014!

Hi Justin!!! thanks so much for this upgrade!!!

Thanks so much Justin and team for this amazing update!

About “Course details now visible before joining or purchasing a course”:
Are there any chances these details will also be visible when a course prerequisite isn’t met yet? Same for the course description, which is currently visible before joining or purchasing, but not if the prerequisite isn’t met 🙂


Hi Stephane-

Thanks for the note and kind words. To answer your question, this update didn’t include anything more to the course pre-req feature.

Thanks, Justin, for all the support and “hand-holding” for getting my LMS sailing as smoothly as can be.
Yes, I had and sure will have more hiccups down the road as I discover how to maximize each functionality LearnDash provides. But I do plan to stick with it for the long haul because of the slick design and support you and your team provided. Congrats and keep up the good work!!

Avatar Magdalene

Very nice. I was wondering how I was going to make it “pretty”…
Any idea of when you will have integration with Wishlist Member?
If not, any idea if it’s easy or hard to do “without integration”???
I’m looking forward to playing with LearnDash… just bought it yesterday.
keep smiling,

Avatar Ron

Hi Ron-

Thanks! Regarding your question, happy to help – just submit a forum post or ticket via http://support.learndash.com

Congratulations on your first anniversary! l just bought learnDash with big DREAM, from comment l noticed you are providing excellent service to your customers. please r continue make the LMS better and better. We provide our support.

Avatar Dr S Nakkeeran

Congratulations!! Keep up the great work!!!

Can you focus more on Gamification coz world is moving towards that side.


Avatar Parveez

Great to see such update!
Hope to see changes in the navigation soon. I am always looking forward for your great updates!

Hi Justin,

Is it possible you could include an interactive whiteboard for online lessons?

Kind regards


Hi Colin-

Thanks for the note. I believe there are 3rd party applications that have this kind of feature that you could then insert into your courses. BigBlueButton might be worth checking out.

Great Job as always!
Question for you: Does the sample lesson work with the PaidMembership Pro plugin/integration? Or if I try that, will it cause trouble?

Avatar Steve Carlson

Great news and congratulations!
How will I update my plugin that I have purchased last year?
Thank you!

Avatar Agata Oleksiak

Hi Agata-

Thanks for the note. You can update using the auto-update feature, or log into the support site to get the latest version.

I’ve updated the plugin with the new version and it was awesome!

Still, though, lesson and lesson topics cannot be ordered according to my specs. Lesson ordering is still alphabetically-based, which is not always the same across all modules. Inversely, the courses are not ordered alphabetically. Hope this can be addressed.

Aside from this, LearnDash is onto the next step to become even more awesome! Thank you!

Hi Maia-

Thanks for the note. Happy to help out, just open a ticket at http://support.learndash.com and we can provide assistance.

Hi, if I sell with woo commerce would this content table be visible on the description of the woo product page? or is it that learn dash has its own selling page where this table shows?
So would I sell thru your sales page and the button makes it pay with woo commerce
or will the course be available on my woo commerce store?
Thanks a lot

Avatar Victor

Hi Victor-

Thanks for the note. The table would only be visible on the LearnDash course page (not the woo product page). You would make the sale through woocommerce and use the [visitor] & [student] shortcodes to display a custom message on the LearnDash course page – between the [visitor] shortcode you could include a custom purchase button that links to your woo product.

Hope that helps! If you have any additional questions, feel free to send us a note at https://www.learndash.com/contact

Hi Justin! Thanks so much! I am wondering if it is possible to change the font / color / text size of the lessons / topics in the curriculum (i.e. keyboard notes). Also, will it be possible (now or at some point) to change the color of the green tick boxes to say, black or yellow. I love LearnDash but these colors / formatting currently doesn’t really mesh with the style of my website. Thanks in advance 🙂


Avatar Katie

Hi Katie-
Thanks for the note. Yes you can – it can be done by altering the LearnDash CSS. See this article on the support site for more details.

I am no way a pro, however, i am wondering if anyone has an answer to this.

Is it possible to have a page list all the students that are registered, and indicate a status of each student as (completed or in progress)? or maybe place a progress bar beside the name of each individual student?

I need a dedicated page that list every student that is taking a course, and their progress. is that possible?


The user profiles will show a student’s current progress. ProPanel will show progress bar next to each student name from the backend – currently there isn’t a front end version of ProPanel.


I want add lesson list on single lesson page .
When i try to put shortcode then error occur like 500 internal server.

I am premium member and i purchase this plugin for my lms site.
Please help me out on this.


Avatar Tushal

Thanks for the note. Please open a ticket via the support site.


i m using custom field to show the value of these custom field on the lesson page. But unable to find the lesson page file. Can u please tell me where it is in directory.


Hi Dedar-

Please submit support requests here and someone will be with you shortly.


We’re using LearnDash LMS and are very thankful for how easy it is to manage courses, lessons and other aspects. On the other hand, I’m trying to find a way to generate a list of courses, and lessons per courses so I can create a Course Outline Page without the need to type in each of the courses and lessons myself.

We are using the Course Grid, too, but in this case we need to list down the courses and lessons as plain text contents.

I’d appreciate pointing me to a shortcode page for this if there is one or some codes (maybe) that I could insert into the html so they get generated..?

On a side note, the tabulated list of lessons when one checks out a course should work fine but I can’t find how to copy that code into the Course Outline page.

Thank you very much for all the help!

Avatar Sam

Found it at the Shortcodes Icon on the page composer. Thank you!

Avatar Sam

I have a problem with paging, I have 45 lessons, and the course only shows me 25 Are there problems with paging?

Avatar Alexander

Increase the number of Lessons to display under Lesson Options.

Why is there no pagination option, though? I’ve tried to add this with the standard WP functions for pagination — no dice.

Avatar Josh

This post is 5 years old. There is pagination (has been for some time). Make sure you use the latest version. Contact support if you need assistance.

Hi I have a requirement
Can you please help me out

I want to show lesson quizzes on course page

Here is the format:
Course page
lesson 1
Module 1
Module 2
Module 2
Lesson 1 Quiz
lesson 2
Module 1
Module 2
Module 2
Lesson 2 Quiz
Final Exam

Is there a way to do this

Yup that’s possible 🙂 – if you need assistance then just send a note to support with your question(s).

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