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We’re still the best LMS for WordPress.

Capterra recently released a list of the top-ranked training software on their site, and we made the cut! For years, Capterra has been a buyer’s guide for software. Our users leave ratings on the site, and that helps other users make decisions about what’s best for their course. We only made this list on the strength of our user ratings.

In fact, Capterra’s rankings are based on a combination of reviews and search interest. What that means is that, while some popular platforms like Google Classrooms or Moodle have ranked higher than us do to their search interest, we have a higher rating based on user reviews.

We’re proud of that.

The market is still dominated by all-in-one LMSs.

One thing we noticed right away from looking at other LMSs on the list is that it’s dominated by big platforms—ones that attempt to provide a full CMS platform for users.

We’ve written in the past about the limitations of these platforms. (Read our articles about Udemy and Moodle.) An all-inclusive CMS often seems like the right choice for many users, because it offers everything in one place. But it can leave educators stuck if they want to grow their course beyond the limitations of the platform, or if they want to customize their course with special features.

All-in-one CMSs suffer from other problems, too, from feature bloat to a slow development cycle and a smaller pool of qualified developers. These platforms simply can’t anticipate every possible use case, but many users get locked in to their systems before they realize that it can’t do what they want.

While I wouldn’t go so far as to say these platforms are intending to trap users, I do believe they are letting users down by trying to do too much.

WordPress is the best choice for all skill levels.

Our philosophy as an LMS is to focus on the piece of the software we do best—learning management—and let our users chose the other components they need for their course from the range of available WordPress plugins.

We put our energy into the learning tools our users need—course builder, quizzes, drip feeds, and email automations—while letting learners decide for themselves how they want to structure payments, or what video hosting service they want to use.

This allows our users to benefit from the most user-friendly CMS in the world, while also retaining the flexibility to create a course to fit any use case they can imagine.

LearnDash on WordPress really is the best of both worlds: accessible enough that even non-developers can get their courses up and running quickly, but powerful enough that, in the right hands, it can be custom-designed to suit any purpose.

There is no better time than now to create your online course. By joining LearnDash you not only receive best-in-class online course software (with an entire free website template to get started), but you also become a member of our vibrant, supportive community!

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