November 29th, 2016 E-Learning

Blended learning is ‘better’ learning.

Okay, I don’t know if someone actually said that but I think that it does hold some merit. Sometimes all it takes for us to deeply learn a new topic is to be exposed to similar content across a variety of different channels and at different times.

It is for this reason why many university programs implement some form of blended learning. Students have individual study time, instructor time, virtual learning opportunities, and self-paced courses all based the same content. It is complete immersion.

If you are using LearnDash to deliver online courses then you have a powerful learning tool in your hands – but – you should always be looking for ways to enhance the learning experience for your students.

There is not a hard-set rule on the best ways to do this since it often depends on your current learning culture and the topic of your course(s). However, if possible you may want to look into ways to supplement your online coursework with a live event or a virtual classrooblended-learningm.

Live events are an entire different animal and is a topic that warrants its own article. Virtual classrooms offer a good “between” solution between strictly online learning and in-person events.

There are many platforms that you can leverage for this kind of blended learning engagement. What’s more, you can connect LearnDash to these platforms (for example, GoToMeeting) by using our Zapier integration.

Or you may consider using a platform like WizIQ and connecting to it with this free integration.

You could also take advantage of free tools like Skype or Google (though from my experience the professional tools like the ones listed above usually offer a better, more professional experience).

The point is that your learning program may benefit from blended learning. Offering your students a variety of ways to interact with the content, with you, and with one another could go a very long way towards improving completion metrics.

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I agree with the thesis that blending might be very useful. Why? Because today we live in such crazy times, that you don’t know what will be the most useful skill in some time horizon, so blending seems like cover-all-the-possibilities (or at least as many as you can) solution.

Hi, the link to the WizIQ integration module no longer works, do they still offer this plugin?

WisdmLabs has since removed this offering.

I think it’s about making sure the different mediums (self-paced online/live online/face-to-face) play to their strengths.

Using face-to-face time for ‘input’ – i.e. acquiring the basic understanding of a subject area – doesn’t seem a great use of people’s time. This would be better served delivering online.

On the flipside, face-to-face can be great for all the less tangible aspects of a course – the networking, story sharing, collaborating. These can be done online but better when people are in the same room IMO.

The key is to make sure these gel well together, and don’t seem like a disparate set of elements. Done well, blended is very powerful.

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