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person-thinkingIf you haven’t heard yet, recently Adobe announced that they too will be trying their luck in the learning management system market.

They shared this via their blog just a couple of days ago.

Perhaps what’s more surprising than this announcement though is that Adobe isn’t already in this space given their Captivate, Presenter, and Connect product line.

One of Adobe’s major competitors within elearning is Articulate, and they’ve had an LMS for years. Adobe is surprisingly quite late to the game.

As you would expect Adobe is promising quite a bit with their new LMS. Their announcement article provides the specifics if you’re interested in the promotional details.

In theory everything sounds nice, but the announcement highlights some items that I didn’t find too revolutionary in the LMS world. Specifically, Adobe has pinpointed the following items as their main focus when building out their LMS:

  • Easy learning management (from user enrollment to course delivery)
  • Solve learner engagement problem
  • Deliver seamless integration between content and LMS
  • Measuring training impact

They will deliver upon these items via a software-as-a-service model.

Take Risks Or Play It Safe?

It’s a bit early to make any sweeping conclusions about this offering – there isn’t even a working beta.

There are some intriguing possibilities though and I’m eager to see how things work out. For example, I’m curious as to see how the LMS will incorporate Tin Can API (Experience API) from a reporting perspective as I see this as the best way to approach their goals around measuring training impact.

I’m also interested to see how they ultimately position their LMS as it relates to their major elearning competitors.

Articulate’s LMS is a bit bare-bones as they have focused primarily on a tight integration with their in-house products (although others can be used as well). It makes sense that Adobe will do the same, but I wonder how well it will ‘play’ with competing products?

The advantage of Adobe entering the LMS industry late is that they have a large variety of industry players to evaluate. They can see what is working and use this information when building out their solution.

This can be a slippery slope though. Given their existing product line it would be really easy for Adobe to create an LMS that does the “same thing” as the others without having to take any significant risks. There already will be a market of paying customers waiting for them.

What would be better for the elearning industry as a whole is if Adobe attempts to disrupt this market in some capacity with innovation. I didn’t get the sense that this would be the case based on what was outlined in their write-up, but hopefully I’m wrong.

Learning management systems all around could benefit from a large industry player like Adobe taking the lead in this kind of capacity.

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I’m extremely interested in seeing Adobe’s new platform and how it differentiates from other learning management systems. Definitely going to keep an eye on this as it develops further.

Hi justin once again good write.
I like you are keep posting on latest trends 🙂

See My personal opinion is a bit different, adobe might get through from this initial stage because it has already a presence in edtech industry if all goes well people might attract towards the new offering from adobe .But yes we can not deny the fact of already present and successfully running LMS’s are which may impact the desired response for adobe.

Akshay Anand(Business Manager Zipboardco.)

I beg to differ.

This is nothing new for Adobe. It’s had a LMS built into the back end of the educational edition of Adobe Connect since at least 2011, and maybe before. As well as the ability to export into AICC and SCORM formats, so working with LMS isn’t new or novel to Adobe Systems.

Avatar jrhmobile

Ok but does learndash plugin can integrate adobe captivate ? I don’t need scoring that much but I need to be sure learners make all the courses.


Avatar fred

Yes, LearnDash and Captivate can be used in conjunction via our GrassBlade xAPI launcher add-on.

Thank you Justin and LEARNDASH team !

Thank you for posting such insightful posts on latest Elearning trends and competitors status and comparisons between various LMS…..

Today is the first time Ive visited the site and already i spent few hours reading and learning from here….

This site is like a GOLD MINE TREASURE HUNT site for me … or i could also say… ALL IN ONE LMS info website…

Thanks for all your efforts towards this FREE services for us through open learning through blogs…

Just a note :- I havent found much about few other LMS vendors like SumTotal LMS, MOODLE & SABA –
My humble request : – If you could kindly provide any further info
About these 3 LMS in comparison with latest LMS VENDORS including LEARN DASH….
What could be the differentiating factors between these 3 and current latest LMS vendors…
And what is their ranking status when compared to other latest LMS.

Overall this site is really exciting for me & Im gonna keep reading and learning from it regularly…

Warm Regards

Avatar Smily

Thanks for the comment and suggestions Smily – much appreciated!

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