February 18th, 2014 Course Creation

addie-model-jpgWhen first starting out in elearning design and development, it can be easy to get lost in all of the theory and best practices. It doesn’t take long to realize that every development system is littered with both positives and negatives.

So which one should you use?

Nine times out of ten, I recommend going with ADDIE. If you aren’t familiar, ADDIE stands for Analyze-Design-Develop-Implement-Evaluate. For years it has been the de facto model for most elearning course development.

This doesn’t mean that ADDIE is without flaws. Still, since most methodology branches from ADDIE one way or another, it’s a great place to start building your skills.

Trouble is, the ADDIE model has been written about to-death. As such, this article is meant to be a high-level description of each phase, for quick reference.

Analyze (10% of budget)

  • Develop learner profiles
  • Identify learning spaces & devices
  • Research learning resources
  • Determine delivery & assessment strategies
  • Obtain sign-off

Design (36% of budget)

  • Storyboard the design
  • Plan & test using prototypes
  • Identify network capacity
  • Design online learning spaces
  • Explore & refine technology options
  • Consider using repositories
  • Obtain sign-off

Develop (35% of budget)

  • Decide what should be outsourced
  • Conduct testing
  • Ensure security, backups & access requirements are met
  • Confirm licensing, copyright and accessibility
  • Obtain sign-off

Implement (4% of budget)

  • Provide tools for learners
  • Conduct delivery & assessment
  • Provide entry point for learners
  • Prepare instructors for elearning

Evaluate (7% of budget)

  • Collect & interpret data
  • Share results
  • Find areas for improvement



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Thanks Justin, what a brilliant job!
I was looking for a ready refrence to summarize ADDIE to a stakeholder who doesn’t know much about it. Thanks again!

Avatar Deeya

Hi Justine

Could you help me with information on theories and praxis of
ODL, elearning and distance education. I am researching on this but
but I want to make sure if I am correct. Currently, I am not in the field, but I am the field, but I am preparing for an interview on this topic.
I would also like to read your publications on the topic.

Avatar Nozibele

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