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The Content Cloner add-on makes it possible to clone entire courses with the click of a button, including all associated lessons, topics, and quizzes. Using this add-on, it’s also possible to mass-update the titles of the cloned course and associated content.

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Add-On Features

Duplicate course hierarchy – With the click of a button you can immediately clone an entire course including lessons, topics, and quizzes. All content is placed into “draft” status.

Bulk title editor – After cloning an entire course, the bulk title editor makes it easy for you to change the title of the course, its lessons, topics, and quizzes eliminating the need to visit each item individually.

How It Works

Once installed and activated you will see a “clone course” option from your course list. In addition, there is a bulk title editor option added under the LEARNDASH LMS menu item.

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