August 11th, 2015 LearnDash Tips

Instructor Role x2

Today we are pleased to let you know about a new third-party (premium) add-on that gives you additional possibilities for how you use LearnDash.

If you have ever wanted to allow others to create their own LearnDash courses on your site without having to use a WordPress multisite network or getting access to all of the administrative settings, then this add-on is your solution!

Specifically, this add-on makes it possible for you to have multiple instructors creating their own courses and managing their own students similar to sites like Coursera, Udemy, and

The multi-instructor add-on was created by WismLabs and is available for purchase from their site.

Add-On Features

Course Creation Capability – Your instructors can create courses with unlimited lessons, topics, and quizzes. They can even administer their own certificates.

Assignment Management – Instructors can view, edit, download, and approve assignments of any student enrolled in their course(s).

Course Reports – Each course created by an instructor has its own report showing enrolled users and their progress. This report can be downloaded.

Email Students – An instructor has the option to email students who are enrolled in their course from their admin panel.

How It Works

Once installed and activated you will be able to add instructors. To create an instructor, simply create a new user (or edit an existing one) from your USERS menu and set their role to “Instructor”.

Now when this user logs into your site they will be presented with a custom admin panel where they can begin creating their own courses.

Where To Download

This is a premium add-on created by WisdmLabs and is available for purchase from their website.

If you have any questions or comments related to this add-on, do not hesitate to leave them below.

Until next time!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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FYI… This vendors e-commerce site seems pretty bad. I’ve tried multiple times to purchase through debit card and Paypal… all fail. My bank has verified it’s not on my end of the transaction, so there are some issues with this vendor’s shopping cart backend I think.

Thanks for the comment Jeff. Odd – I’ll send them a note just in case something is up on their site.

Hi Jeff,

We’ve been receiving product payments through the same setup just a while back. It must have been a temporary glitch from the payment gateway end that we’re using. I’m sure one of our support agents has already followed up with you regarding this problem.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions and we would be happy to assist.

does this have revenue share also?
can we set the course earnings to be split with the instructor?

Avatar Bibs

Hi Bibs, thanks for the note. I believe that this feature is currently in development to be pushed out in a coming update. Perhaps WisdmLabs will provide more details here, or you can reach out to them from their site.

Hi Bibs,

You would be happy to know, that this feature which we’re temporarily calling the “Commission feature” is under development.
In a recent update, we have given the WooCommerce capabilities to the Instructor role and are now currently working on the Commission feature and I shall notify you as soon as we’re out with an update. This feature will allow the admin to specify the amount to be shared with the instructor in terms of percentage.

Will the commission feature only work with WooCommerce installed?

Avatar Tansey Louis

I would like this answer also. I prefer to use Easy Digital Downloads. Will this be compatible?

Please let me know if the plugin works with Paid Membership Pro?

And re. The ecommerce part, is it possible for instructors to set it up so that it offers courses freely for the first two weeks and then gives the option for continuing on a monthly subscription basis?

So i need to know if this free..then..subscription basis model works in conjunction with Paid Membership Pro?

Thank you very much.

Avatar Maria ODonovan

Hi Maria! I don’t think it does (looking at the specs on their sales page), but you’ll want to confirm with the add-on developers.

Hi Justin,
Increased functionality with Instructors is a great step forward.
Re the ability of the instructor to e mail students from the Admin Panel.
Is it possible to have the mails written and schedule them to send on a specific forward date
An example might be where assignments are due by next week the 18th Aug but the reminder e mail is set up and auto send today the 11th.

Looking forward to future updates !!
If you check out our website we are doing some work on it today!!

Thanks for the comment Padraig. I do not believe that scheduling email is a feature of this particular add-on, but you’ll want to confirm with WisdmLabs.

Hi Padraig,

At present using the Instructor Role plugin, the Instructor can email individual students or all students that are part of a particular course. However, it is not possible to schedule emails to send on a later date.

Yes, we will definitely evaluate this feature and accordingly implement it in one of our upcoming updates.

I’m not sure I see the use for this plugin if one invests some time into user role editor which lets you specify exactly which role can access what portions of the site or learndash then what is the purpose of this particular plugin? Integrating grassblade seems far more robust, there is no demo either so no way of using it without first making purchase.

Also the plugin only assigns one instructor to his/her courses which means an administrator cannot administer or edit the course. The Quiz reporting plugin seems useful but I fee this is something Learndash could build into their own product without the use of another plugin.

If I am mistaken I would appreciate someone maybe clarifying the use of this plugin as apposed to “user role editor” with “grassblade”

Avatar Kevin

Hi Kevin-

Thanks for the comment. WismLabs can probably speak more intelligently regarding benefits (I know more detail exists on their website).

Perhaps a few of the perceived benefits for some is that it allows course creation for each user without their content interfering with other users (instructors) that also have permissions to create courses. Reports are specific to courses created by the instructor and they have user details to only those in their courses. The ‘commission feature’ that is mentioned by Tarun is intriguing. The add-on also removes the need for fiddling with user role editor which some people may find advantageous.

Hi Kevin,

Justin has correctly mentioned a few reasons how the instructor role is more beneficial.
Primary reason is that the instructor will be able to manage content, only that he/she is an author to. This not only applies for creating courses or lessons, but also creating products with WooCommerce to sell courses online. The instructor can easily manage their individual data without any kind of interference by other instructors.
Also, about your doubt on the administrator not being able to edit any course. You will be glad to know that the administrator has the privileges to edit any course even if the admin is not set as the author of the course. So the administrator can easily manage the courses if needed.

In addition to this, we have new features in development which includes the commission feature like Justin mentioned. We’re also planning on future updates mainly based on customer feedback so your inputs are appreciated. 🙂

Can you comment on the use of both the Instructor Role and Quiz Reporting plug-ins when used with Social Learner?

Hi Colin,

You should not face any problem using the Instructor Role and the Quiz Reporting plugin. Since these are mainly dashboard settings, these plugins will work with the Social Learner theme.

You might be interested to join a webinar tomorrow specifically looking at analytics – ties in nicely with these two plug-ins. It is from Mike Alcock at gomo in the UK – he and I have been around the industry more decades than we care to admit! gomo is a fairly new responsive authoring tool and they are just starting to offer a delivery platform – so it might be interesting to see what they have to say on what data they really think should be collected and more importantly, how it can be used. You can find out more at (no, I am not part of their team, only a satisfied client!)

I visited their site and have a question that wasn’t addressed regarding selling courses the teacher would be creating with this add on. Where is the pricing set up, if I use Paid Membership Pro for example?

I assume the flow goes like this:
First- teacher creates course
Next- Admin gets notified and sets up the price and duration and other info for the course
Last – course is activated by admin and students can begin enrolling to take it.

Please let me know how this all ‘really’ works as I don’t feel comfortable purchasing the add on before I know. Thanks!

Avatar Chad

Hi Chad,

The flow is similar to the admin creating WooCommerce Products.
The instructor can create products and publish by themselves. The administrator will have full control to edit the products/ courses created by the instructor.

Let me know if you have any other queries regarding the Instructor Role plugin.

Hi Chad,

I wonder if, instructor can put his separate bank account.

I think it only works with PayPal.

Thanks, It is great to see continuous updates and new capabilities with LearnDash . What i need is a way to report the number of registered students for each course. So instructors know exactly how much they will get paid. Glad to know that they are working on this feature.


Given the price is per domain does that include sub domains. For example and

Thanks in advance

Avatar John

Hi John,

A single license is only permitted for a single domain and does not include sub domains.


Do you have a demo that we can see working in order to evaluate it?



Avatar John

For anyone interested in a “Commission feature”, if you use Easy Digital Downloads (or any other E-commerce store) you’d have to set up the commission thing there probably as you’re likely selling the courses in your store. With EDD there is an extension for it where you set the commission for your instructor in this case.
Make sure you think about this because essentially that person is then on your payroll so it is wise to think about tax implications. For anyone using learn dash’s built in “store” features the plugin that is under development would work fine.

Anyway, that’s what I think 🙂

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to inform you that the Instructor Role plugin has been updated with the Commission Feature. You can now set commission rates for individual instructors. You can also view the commission amount earned by the instructor and the pending payment.
Check this link for more details on the commission feature.

Hi, any idea if/when “Instructor role” for LearnDash will come with a .pot file for translation?
Any help on that would be fantastic!

Hi Bjorn-

You’ll want to inquire with the vendor of the addon (WisdmLabs)

I’m inquiring if course creation is done from the front end or if the instructor should access the wp-admin dashboard to create content. The description is not clear about this.

Avatar Amine

Hi Amine-
Thanks for the comment. Course creation is done from the back-end.

Hi, I love this update thank you
Can you please advise how an instructor can register a user for their course they have created?
Thank you

Avatar Cobie

Thanks Cobie! That’s a great question – you’ll want to raise it with the add-on vendor (WisdmLabs).

Is possible have multi-instructors by course?

I don’t think so. You’ll need to check with WisdmLabs.


Can I have more one role to a user : I would like a user have 2 roles :
– Instructor for course creation
– Author for update some page and create post …

At the moment, when I put the instructor role to a user, I can’t see other role ..


Hello Anthony,

While instructors by default cannot create posts and pages. However, we do have easy php codes that you can use to give instructors access to pages and posts.

You can contact [email protected] for the solution.

Hi, how many different instructors can i add? 5, 10 or more?
Yours Richard

Avatar Richard

Will the ‘instructor’ role also have the ability to access and perform actions within the Gradebook plugin as well?

We are using Gradebook to manually enter grades of offline courses. The instructor who creates that offline course will need to manage students’ grades, etc. without logging out/in to access another (admin) account.


Avatar Sperry

Just bought that plugin and I can’t see the instructor that I created under “Instructor List”. When I login as instructor I can see dashboard with Learndash but says I don’t have sufficient access to make changes. please help

Avatar Rod

Please contact WisdmLabs support, they are the creators of this addon and can assist you further.

Hi Justin,
Very disappointing to find that LearnDash an otherwise promising platform does not accommodate a simple and essential feature of allowing those marked as Instructors / contributors or editors to add courses.

I was informed by the BuddyBoss tech support that ONLY administrators can add courses and of course – there is PREMIUM plugin that fixes the problem created by LearnDash in not allowing contributors/non-admins to create/add/edit courses.

This is a basic and essential expectation from anything that calls itself an LMS, that those classified by admin as instructors (similar role) should be able to add and edit courses – a few lines of code and you could include it in LearnDash.

Entrepreneurship must be ethical not a quasi-pyramid limit functionality and sell-plugin scheme. Premium plugin $ are not worth it – a robust comprehensive product would serve you better in the long run, even with $$$. Change.

Hoping LearnDash will change for the better, Jim

Avatar Jim S

Hi Jim-

Thanks for the feedback, appreciated and noted. Perhaps in the interim you can just use the free User Role Editor plugin to grant permissions to roles you wish.

Could you please list the permissions to toggle that are needed for such a role to create/manage courses, topics, quizzes, etc.? -Thanks

Avatar Kevin J

Is the instructor notified by email when a student completes a course?

Avatar Miles

Hello Miles,

The instructor Role plugin is compatible with LearnDash Notifications plugin. The instructor from his dashboard can set up triggers like notification on course completion, using the LearnDash Notifications plugin.

Hi Justin,

I am already loving LearnDash and the support structure you have in place. Kudos to you and the team behind LearnDash.
As advised on your site for the instructor role. I have purchased the Wisdm Labs (LearnDash Essential Addons Pack), Thanks.
I wonder if you can guide me in the right direction. When I log in as an Instructor I am taken to the “My Account Page” (frontend) instead of an Instructor Dashboard (backend). How I can get that sorted.

Please advise.

Thanks & Regards,

Avatar Amit

is the multiple instructor available to the basic package? or do i have to purchase it to wisdm?

This is sold by another company (and not included in LD packages).

i activate this can instructor access to existing course?

I believe you should change the author of the course to make a given user the instructor of a course.

Hey Justin.

Does LearnDash have any plans of integrating this feature into the core product?

Hi, this plug-in offer analytics about visitors traffic to instructors profile or by course? I mean, I want the instructors to know how many people are reaching them (new visitors / recurrent visitors) per day, week, month, custom… something like Google Analytics but already filtered to their account.

Avatar Francisco Gonzalez

Having this problem with the plugin, that in instructor dashboard am unable to display other sidebar items. for example Pages, products, etc. Is there a way I can grant those capabilities to the instructor dashboard.

Avatar Alvin

When I installed the plugin and open the instructor dashboard I am unable to access other items eg media, products, etc. Needed assistance on how i can access them, please.

Avatar Alvin

I purchased the Instructor Role from WisdmLabs. Even received conformation emails and license keys. Shortly after I purchased their site went down. I sent them emails and never heard back from them. I have been trying to activate my license keys and cannot. I have sent them emails, no reply. To say I am greatly disappointed is an understatement. I like LearnDash but need the ability to have specific end users create courses from the front end. This plugin is recommended by LearnDash. I have all the documentation and will provide it to whomever I need to get this resolved. If I cannot get this resolved quickly I will be requesting a refund from LearnDash as well.

Seems that this addon and conversation is dead…
last 2021 post unanswered… is any similar function available? Should I look into Learn Press?



Avatar Juan G.

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