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Mobile learning use is quickly on the rise and with good reason: we use mobile devices more than traditional laptops. This essentially means that the elearning market needs to adapt and begin catering to the mobile learning experience.

Some may even contend that elearning should be developed with a “mobile learning first” approach. It makes some sense.

But why is mobile learning quickly becoming the biggest thing in digital learning experiences? Well, there are a number of reasons. Consider the following characteristics of mobile learning:

Flexible – Learners aren’t confined to a laptop to take a digital course. They can view course content “on the go” when it is convenient for them. Plane delayed at the airport? Perfect time to go through some lessons.

Better Completion Rates – Mobile learning often uses a “micro” content approach which has shown to improve course completion rates.

Cross Device Compatibility – Whether it is a smartphone or a tablet mobile learning doesn’t have any boundaries.

Greater Level of Learner Engagement – Mobile learning offers an immersive experience for students compared to traditional elearning.

Cost Effective – Just like elearning, mobile learning is cost effective. However, since courses are often simplified for the mobile learning approach they cost for development is not as high.

In the years to come it is safe to assume we will see the mobile learning market expand in many ways. A good example of the innovation in this space is the recent Pokemon GO! fad. Imagine that kind of immersive experience for formal learning initiatives!

If you work in the elearning industry you would be wise to do more keep your eye on this space as it will only continue to grow in influence.

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