July 7th, 2015 E-Learning

person-thinkingThere is a strong possibility that by now you have heard of MOOCs (massive open online courses). There are some major platforms in this space, the most well-known being Coursera.

It has bee fascinating to see the evolution of the MOOC industry since its inception. What started off as an experiment has quickly proven its validity in the elearning space. Major universities are shifting towards elearning for course delivery (at least in some capacity) and MOOCs make this process all that much easier.

But depending on who you speak to you make get a different impression of the MOOC industry. There are some who remain skeptical of the long-lasting impacts that MOOCs can have on education, and whether or not the innovation in this space is going to manifest into anything more than a return on in investment for the VC firms who committed money to these various MOOC projects.

If you are interested in MOOCs, or perhaps just want to learn more, then the articles below are just for you!

5 Articles You Should Read About MOOCs

MOOCs Proving Useful for Tech Skills – The impact MOOCs are having in teaching tech skills.

What Successful MOOCs Do – Not all MOOCs are successful, here is what the successful ones do.

How Companies Are Using MOOCs – MOOCs aren’t just for higher education. They are also being used in the corporate sector.

Coursera Has Been Hijacked – The world’s most well-known MOOC shifting priorities.

There is Big Money in MOOCs – Despite providing a free service, there is big money to be made!

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