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networkingThe presence of WordPress has grown in the education sector over recent years.

There are multiple reasons for this, but some of the main reasons are because it is flexible and easy for administrators (teachers) to use.

In the early years WordPress was used primarily for blogging purposes. However, we’ve evolved past using it just for class blogs.

Today it is used to deliver courses, quizzes, points, certificates, assignments, and much more. Entire course interactions can take place online adding a blended learning approach to the content.

The adaptability of WordPress, particularly with plugins, is one reason why we see it used so often in the education industry. In fact, there are even talks about a WordPress conference specifically for this reason.

If you are an educator and are interested in creating your own site to supplement your class, then you should also check out some of the plugins below (all of which are free).

5 Free WordPress Plugins Perfect for Education

BadgeOS – A free plugin that makes it possible for creating assignments, administering badges, awarding points, displaying leader-boards, and so much more. A perfect way to add an element of gamification!

BuddyPress – The most popular plugin for creating an online community. If you have multiple classes then this is a must-have solution so you can separate students and control their interactions with one another.

bbPress – The perfect plugin for creating class forums. Encourage students to discuss course content, even share their assignments in an effort to receive feedback. If you are using the BuddyPress, then bbPress is an optional feature already.

Flashcard for WordPress – Flashcards have been around for ages, so why not include them in your site? They are effective and helping students to retain information via reviews or memory games.

Google Drive Embedder – Leverage Google’s excellent tools for education with this nifty plugin. You can easily embed documents from the entire Google Drive catalog.

Each of these plugins provides a useful function for your online course. To tie them altogether, you can use a WordPress learning management system like LearnDash (which integrates or is compatible with each of these solutions).

If you are curious as to how you could start a classroom LMS, don’t hesitate to contact us – we’d love to discuss your options and if LearnDash would be a good fit for your goals!

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About Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman started LearnDash, the WordPress LMS trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating (and selling) their online courses. Justin's Homepage | Twitter


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Hello Justin, have you heard about H5P, an interesting WordPress plug in to create HTML5 learning content. It has lots of capabilities and it´s open source. I guess it could be a very good companion to LearnDash because it also works inside wordpress and let´s insert created content anywhere.


I fully support the h5p plug-in. Would love to see it integrated.

Avatar Maude Vuille

It actually can be used with LearnDash and the GrassBlade LRS add-on… pretty cool stuff!

Can I really customize buddypress to add teachers and students, where teachers can add record of students online, and students will be able to login to check there result

Avatar Akanby Lawal

Anything can be customized, but to have users (students) and other users with some more permissions (teachers), not much customization is needed.

Hi i am interested in building an education portal which will also act as an education centers directory as well as profile creation of multiple universities, course listing, lead trapping, online courses and much more on the same lines.

Can you please suggest a suitable WordPress extension/plugin/theme for the same.


Probably WordPress multisite with plugins like LearnDash and its associated themes. You can write us if you have additional questions about your project.

i was looking for a flash card plug in!
the one here doesnt seem to be working… if you know any other i will be thankful to know about it…

Hi Justin, we would like to see this HP5 integrated.

How soon or can it be part of your roadmap?

Avatar RvG

I’m looking for a plugin compatible with EduPro and LearnDash for display Viewer PDF and PowerPoint, could you help me?
Thanks 🙂

Avatar Marcelis

I like to know how create portal for students to register course, print biodata, check semester results, grades..please which wordpress plugins will do this?

Avatar Olabisi Olaniyi

ok – I am a novice. What I need is for students to have their own individual file. They can complete questions (test) and create additional conversational content on these questions as they choose and this will be automatically uploaded into their file as completed and I will be notified when complete. Also this can be maintained as long as they are students. Which plugin do you think would best accommodate this?

please i need a plugin where students grades can be uploaded and students can log in with pin to view their grades

Avatar nonso

If you’re using LearnDash then maybe the Gradebook plugin will work.

I want a free plugins for Online Classes
(1) For Organise my Course material(text, image, pdf, documents, Video etc)
(2) For Joining & management of Class Teachers & Students
(3) A Live or Scheduled Class having following features: (a) Interacting of all course material with students (b) Live Class (c) Desktop Screen Sharing Facility (d) Student Teacher Interaction with chat/ forum or live video facility.
(4) After Class Activities such as: (a) Repeat viewing of Previous class (b) Exam ETC
Please guide us for above issue. The main issue is how to share Desktop screen in WordPress.

Avatar Sudhansu Sekhar Behera

thank you it acts highly practical I appreciate it

Hi Justin, we would like to see this HP5 integrated.

How soon or can it be part of your roadmap?

i was looking for a flash card plug in!
the one here doesnt seem to be working… if you know any other i will be thankfull to know about it…

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