If you plan to charge a premium for your course, you must ensure the experience lives up to the price tag. That could mean offering a little something extra to help students justify the cost.

At a minimum, your course should provide top-notch content and a seamless student interface. But you can also include a few extras to incentivize learners to sign up for your course. Here are five options to consider if you’re looking for ways to justify a higher course price and sweeten the deal for students.

1. Share downloadable bonus content.

People love a useful freebie. Templates, spreadsheets, worksheets, and other downloadable goodies provide value by helping students jump-start a project or apply course lessons to their specific needs. 

The type of freebie you offer will depend on your course topic. For example, if your course is about personal finance, you might give away a convenient budgeting spreadsheet to students who enroll. 

2. Recruit a well-known instructor.

You don’t need an A-list celebrity as the face of your course, but it helps to have a recognizable and reputable instructor. Prospective students will be more willing to pay a higher price if they’re confident in the teacher. 

Make sure you—or whoever is teaching your course—is respected in your field and has relevant credentials. Highlight those credentials in your course description and emphasize your street cred wherever it’s relevant.

3. Offer one-on-one coaching.

Sometimes, online learning can feel a little impersonal—especially if students don’t receive individual attention from the instructor. Add a personal and premium touch to your course by offering one-on-one coaching to each student who signs up. 

You might offer a 30-minute phone session with each student, for example, or you could offer in-depth, personalized feedback on one of the course assignments.

4. Create a community.

For some learners, connecting with other students is just as valuable as a qualified instructor and one-on-one coaching. Make it easy for learners to network with each other by providing a private community just for class participants. 

You can use an add-on like Restrict Content Pro to keep this community in a gated section of your website. You can also opt for a platform like Google Groups or Facebook Groups if that’s where your students prefer to interact.

5. Provide certification.

You can justify charging a little more for your course if it offers a worthwhile certification. This may require some extra work on your end to coordinate with the governing body or association for your industry, but it can be worth the extra effort to provide this added value to your learners—and give your course’s credibility a boost.

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