Make networking and professional education one of your 2020 goals.

The first days of the new year are times when many of us take a pause to look ahead and begin planning our annual goals. For professionals in the learning industry (and that includes entrepreneurs, educators, faculty, academic administrators, librarians, and the web developers who work with these professionals), attending an industry conference or expo is a common objective.

I’d like to think that e-learning conferences are so popular because those of us in the education industry are naturally drawn toward educating ourselves, and industry events are a great way to make that happen. For entrepreneurs, this is also a chance to learn some business tips, meet the suppliers of industry technology, and network with peers.

There are many fantastic reasons to attend an e-learning or training conference, and the good news is that the sheer volume of events on offer means there is likely to be one relatively close to you almost any month of the year. To make it easier for you to find just the right fit, we’ve pulled together a roundup of some of the biggest and best for 2020. Take a look and see if you can attend!

2020 E-Learning & Training Conferences in North America

February 4–6, Saratoga Springs, NY: Curation & Learning Lab

Hosted by Elliott Masie, one of the e-learning industry’s most recognized names, this lab delves into how to use curation more effectively in online education to deliver a personalized learning experience.

February 5–7, San Jose, CA: TechKnowledge Conference

This conferences covers all topics at the intersection of technology and learning. Perfect for anyone who wants to understand how to better use technology in workforce training.

February 9–12, 2020, Charleston, SC, ITC 2020 Annual eLearning Conference

The Instructional Technology Council (ITC) offers this conference every year as a chance for educators to learn more about current and emerging e-learning technology.

February 24–26, 2020, Lake Buena Vista, FL: Training 2020 Conference & Expo

Produced by Training magazine, this event is one of the biggest of the year for professionals in the training industry.

March 31–April 2, 2020, Orlando, FL: Learning Solutions and Realities360 (co-located).

This conference/expo duo combines E-Learning and Instructional Design with an exploration of newer technologies, such as AR and VR.

March 31–April 3, 2020, Chicago, IL: OLC Innovate

The Online Learning Consortium (OLC) is hosting its annual conference in Chicago this year. Learn how the online education industry is transforming learning—and being transformed by emerging technologies.

May 17–20, Denver, CO: ADT2020

As an international conference focusing on talent development, this is a good choice both for businesses investing in employee training, and employees hoping to grow leadership skills.

June 2–5, 2020, Salt Lake City, UT: Learning DevCamp 2020

Collaborate with both corporate and higher education designers to create better online experiences for training and online education.

June 16­–18, 2020, Raleigh, NC: Training Industry Conference & Expo

Try this corporate learning event on for size. Focusing on building effective leaders and improving organizational learning, it’s a great event for meeting and learning from peers.

July 15–17, 2020, New Orleans, LA: WPCapmus

Billed as “where WordPress meets Higher Education,” this conference offers three days of sessions, networking, and social events tailored for faculty, staff, students, and professionals working in Higher Ed.

October 13–15, Austin, TX: TechLearn Conference 2020

The 2020 page isn’t up yet, but the 2019 event has announced this year’s conference date. Hosted by Training magazine, this conference is designed for learning professionals interested in the latest e-learning technology.

October 21–23, Las Vegas, NV: DevLearn

Are you a developer in the E-learning industry? This one’s for you. While the event page for the 2020 conference isn’t up yet, the 2019 page has announced the date and location for this year.

October 27–29, St. Louis, MO: WordCamp US

For any professional working with WordPress, WordCamps are some of the must-attend events of the year. They offer the opportunity to network with other professionals, learn how to build websites and leverage content more effectively, and meet with plugin developers and other talented members of the community. If you’ve never attended, consider making this year your first. Online passes are also an option.

November 11–13, 2020, Naperville, IL: Slate Conference

A nation-wide conference for education professionals, developers, librarians, and instructional designers interested in applying new technologies to aid online learning.

November 17–20, 2020, Lake Buena Vista, FL: OLC Accelerate

Whereas the OLC Innovate conference focuses on emerging changes, Accelerate places he emphasis on peer-to-peer sharing. Network with industry researchers and professionals, and share your own experience as well.

2020 E-Learning & Training Conferences in Europe

February 12–12, London, UK: Learning Technologies

With a focus on organizational learning, this is an especially important event for companies planning to invest in online training.

May 15, 2020, London, UK: World of Learning Summit

A conference and expo focusing on learning and development. This conference promises a dedicated L&D conference with networking opportunities and the chance to meet L&D suppliers.

June 4–6, 2020, Porto, Portugal: WordCamp Europe

Keen on attending a major WordCamp but not ready to fly across an ocean to get there? Over the past few years, WordCamp Europe has grown to rival the US event in size. With hundreds of attendees, dozens of presentations, and suppliers from around the globe, it’s a great chance to learn more about WordPress and operating a functional, user-friendly website. Online passes are also an option.

October 13–14, 2020, Birmingham, UK: World of Learning Summit

If you missed the London event in May, or if you loved it so much you want to go twice, you’re in luck: this conference is offered in Birmingham

Recurring E-Learning Events for 2020

While many conferences are held in large convention halls annually, other organizations organize smaller events on a monthly basis so that they can reach more local audiences or else offer more flexible event dates for those with busy schedules.

The eLearning Guild (online)

With six online conferences on the calendar for 2020, this is a great opportunity to learn about a range of e-learning topics without needing to travel anywhere.


These conferences are offered globally, and focus on peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. Look into these if you are more interested in a hands-on approach to learning.

OLC Collaborate

If you can’t make it to either of OLC’s annual conferences, you’re in luck. About once a quarter, OLC offers smaller events around the country to connect with learning professionals. While the only event currently listed for 2020 is for February 7th in Corvallis, OR, you can keep an eye on their event page to see if any will be coming your way.


Can’t make it to one of the major WordCamp events but still want to attend one of these events? You’re in luck. Most WordCamps are locally organized events pulled together with support from WordPress to help professionals connect and collaborate. These are hosted throughout the year in various locations around the world, so chances are high you’ll be able to find one nearby.

We hope to see you at a conference in 2020, too!

We like to practice what we preach, which is why we make it a point to attend WordCamp US every year, as well as some other conferences. If you’re there, stop by and say hello! We’re always happy for a chance to demo our plug and answer questions in person.

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Will LearnDash be making it over to one of our big Learning Technology conferences in the UK at some point in the near future?

Hi Will! We don’t currently have plans to be in the UK, but some of us will be at WordCamp Europe in Porto this June.

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