March 7th, 2016 E-Learning

collaborative-meetingSocial learning is being used in organizations of all sizes as it has shown to be quite successful for training and development purposes.

Today it has never been easier to incorporate a social learning component into both virtual and live training events. Specifically, using a blended learning approach with social learning components can yield positive results.

But the success of a social learning program is only as good as the implementation.

While the characteristics of such a program is going to be dependent on the organization to some degree, every social learning program will have some similarities – especially the successful ones.

Social Learning Success Factors

Both ATD and i4CP conducted studies examining these characteristics. Talent development professionals reported the follow success-factors for a workplace social learning program:

  1. Access must be easy and fast
  2. Cultural, technological barriers must be removed
  3. Leaders and influencers must model the use of social technologies for learning
  4. Users must be engaged in designing engaging learning opportunities
  5. Social experience and capabilities must be included in competency models
  6. Social experience and capabilities must be included in job descriptions
  7. Learners must be motivated to use social media
  8. Employees must be regularly instructed on effective social media use for learning
  9. Social experience and capabilities should be a part of applicant screening
  10. Social media technology use for learning must be tracked & reported
  11. Learners who share with others on social media must be rewarded
  12. Participation in social learning must be made a formal job expectation

While each of these items speaks to a specific component of social learning implementation one shared aspect across them all is that they all attempt to create a culture of social learning from the very first day.

If new hires and experienced employees alike buy into this culture then the chances of it being successful increase.

It’s a good reminder that the success of any learning program isn’t dependent on the tools being used but the process through which it is implemented, fostered, and integrated into the work environment.

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Hi Justin,
I love reading your blog posts but don’t comment often enough!

This one in particular has grab my attention because it relates to an assignment I am currently working on. Thanks for the insights and also the link to your May-15 post.

Keep up the good work.


Avatar Eddie Eales

Appreciate the kind words Eddie, thanks! Best of luck with your project!

That is why LearnDash needs a Peer Assessment add on.

Avatar Michael Yu

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