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Elearning’s staggering growth has started to replace many traditional teaching methods over the years. It is being used in both standard education environments as well as in the corporate sector. Below are 10 reasons why the elearning continues to grow in influence.

1. Elearning can reduce the costs of education.

Traditional education costfor transportation to a learning facility can be extensive. By taking classes online, people can reduce that cost to nothing – or close to it.

2. Large and small corporations can save money when they use elearning programs.

Using online courses for training eliminates the need to provide a full classroom setting for employees, and this in turn can greatly reduce the costs involved in establishing and maintaining an educational space. In some instances, it even eliminates the need to hire a direct instructor.

3. Companies who use elearning, along with regular training, can make more revenue per trained employee.

Companies who train their employees with both hands-on demonstration and elearning generate additional revenue.

4. Using elearning can increase productivity.

Not only can leveraging elearning improve revenue per employee, it can also increase productivity. It has been figured that roughly every $1 put into elearning for employees results in $30 worth of more work.

5. Companies who use elearning have a higher employee retention rate than those who don’t.

According to some studies, employees with ready access to elearning are more likely to remain with their employer.

6. Self-paced learning maximizes learning retention.

Everyone learns at their own pace. When the learner has control over the amount of material that is being presented, they are better prepared to retain the information instead of feeling rushed or stressed.

7. ELearning is entertaining (most of the time).

The human brain has a preference of images, which is why they are used in many elearning courses as opposed to extensive amounts of text. The content is easily supplemented with interactions, and even gamification, which lends itself to a more enjoyable learning experience.

8. The flexibility of elearning courses allows you to learn when its optimal.

People are busy, especially if they are pursuing a career. Since elearning can be taken at any time of the day, it is ideal for people who want to focus on both their career and on education.

9. ELearning is accessible to people of all ages and experiences.

Elearning allows folks of all ages to learn new skills without the restrictions of a traditional classroom. Young and old alike are using online courses to help improve their career, gain a promotion, or just to learn a new skill.

10 Elearning can companies the edge in their field.

Having a robust elearning program has become an advantage for companies. It helps them retain their talent, and also to keep their staff up-to-date on the latest industry trends.

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Undoubtedly, everything you stated is definitely true. As someone who is affiliated with an organization that provides Endorsed CPD for Nurses and Midwives, I would also like to add that studies show that eLearning can even be more effective than the traditional method stating that learners are able to learn more by utilizing computer-based instructions as oppose to traditional classroom methods – these are taken from specific studies from Fletcher (1999), Kulik (1994), Willett, Yamashita & Anderson (1983). Moreover, institutions and organizations can reduce their carbon footprint by developing an eLearning program to help lower environment impact.

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