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seoMaking changes in the software that runs your business can be a very stressful decision. The larger your organization, the bigger the project. This is particular true with learning management systems.

If you are in a company with thousands of employees and they all have to access the LMS at some point then you are looking at a migration that could take months, not weeks.

There are a few key defining items of an LMS migration that you should consider. The way you answer these will directly influence the project scope. There is one consideration in particular that will impact the entire project more than any other item: Dd you need legacy user data?

I’ll be honest, most people’s knee-jerk response to this question is, “Yes – absolutely!”

They hate the idea of throwing away all of the user data from their current system as it seems like a waste of money. I totally understand this sentiment, but it’s a terrible reason for attempting to keep legacy data.

What should really be considered is if the current data is actually leveraged. For example, are you using the legacy data as a factor in pay-raises and promotions? If yes, then you have a case for keeping it.

The natural follow-up to the legacy data question is whether or not you need all of the user data, or are only pieces of it useful?

Since you are switching systems you have a real opportunity to “clean house” on information you have been storing but never using. Your IT department might relish the opportunity to purge anything that isn’t being used.

Most organizations would do best to bring over only the information from their current LMS that they are actively using for their business.

That said, this doesn’t mean it’s wrong to not bring any of the old data over.

Sometimes this gives an organization a much-needed fresh start. They can implement new policies around their learning program without feeling captive to the old ones just because there is data stored somewhere.

Once you have a grasp on the data question then you can start to formulate your plan of attack.

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So, how do I migrate from another LMS over to LearnDash? We are currently using Sensei.

Avatar Josiah

Hi Josiah-
I replied to your message regarding the same. Feel free to follow-up there if you have more questions.

I’m interested as well in migrating from Sensei to LearnDash. We currently have over 1000 members so I’m not sure if this can be done easily 🙁

However, I’m using Memberpress + Sensei together…so that may help? Can I give access to existing Memberpress users based on their transactions?

I also use Sensei LMS and I have more than 40,000 questions and I would like to know how to migrate to Learndash. Is there a plugin to do it?

Same here. 100k+ users/50+ courses on Sensei LMS/S2Member. Really interested in moving to LearnDash. Any instructions?

Avatar Mauro

I currently use Teachable – can I migrate it to Learndash?

I’d like to migrate to Learndash from MasterStudy LMS plugin for WordPress. Do you have any documentation on the best way to do that?

Avatar Alessandra

Sorry, we do not have a migration tool for that LMS.

I want to migrate all my LearnPress courses, lessons, quizzes and questions to LearnDash. I recently purchased the LearnDash plus package and was wondering if there is any documentation available to do this in the most efficient manner.

Hi Rajesh, did you find an answer to your question? I am very interested in switching from LearnPress to LearnDash but I want to make sure it is possible to do this efficiently as I have many lessons and courses.

Avatar Jane Rupp

Hello Rajish and Jane,
Me too would like to migrate from LearnPress to anything elese, if LeanDash has safe solution to transfer the courses, lessons, quizze, subiscribers data please let me know I will purchase immidiately.

Avatar Ammar Ibrahim

+1 for this question

Avatar lux

From the same site, I want to migrate from LearnPress to LearnDash. On the site there are 4 courses, 400 lessons, 32 quizzes and 800 questions.
1) Is there a tool that will do bulk migration?
2) Can it handle also quizzes and questions?
3) What is the recommended sequence for migration?
4) Does the migration move the original files or does it take a copy and import to LearnDash, leaving the original files in place for later deletion?

Hi, we are redeseigning a website for one of our clients who uses LearnDash LMS (2 courses, 20lessons, 70 topics, 15 quizzes, 50questions, 2 certificates and around 2000 users). We tried to manually export and import the data, but here’s where the issue appears. We have to manually bind all modules together and leaves us with users with uncompleted course %.

Are there any plugins or alternative steps that you can recommend?

Hi! I need to migrate learndash content from one server to another. I don’t want to migrate the site, just the content (courses, lessons, topics, etc) and settings (customizations). Is there any way to export/import in LearnDash?

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