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February 6th, 2018 Grow with LearnDash

One of the most important aspects of any website is their search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. This is often a multi-faceted process combining tools, procedures, best practices, and consistency.

However, there is one problem with the SEO industry and that is lack of reliable information. It won’t take you long to come across dated information.

Worse yet, you are bound to stumble upon misinformation.

The latter is often pushed by some internet marketer claiming to have “cracked the code” for ranking your site high in Google search results. In exchange for your hard earned money they will give you their “secret”.

Problem is their secret will do more damage than good. Even if it works you can rest assured that Google will fix that loophole and penalize anyone who tried to game their system.

So who can you trust to learn SEO?

One word: Yoast.

For quite some time now Yoast has been the go-to name in the SEO industry, in large part because their flagship SEO tool (the Yoast SEO plugin) is the best there is for helping to optimize your site for search results.

But Yoast understands that providing a powerful piece of software will only take you so far if you don’t understand SEO strategy. This is where the Yoast Academy comes in.

The LearnDash powered Yoast Academy is your hub for learning all about SEO, from the biggest name in SEO. At the time of this article their course offerings are as follows:

Most popular SEO training

Essential SEO courses

More technical SEO courses

They have options for discounted multi-course packages as well.

If you want to learn more about the best practice in SEO, then you should certainly check out some of the courses above. They range from general SEO topics to more technical so there is something for everyone.

To learn more about how LearnDash is powering the Yoast Academy, see our following case study and keep an eye out for a coming webinar!

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