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Need a flexible (and fast) WordPress theme for LearnDash? Check out WPAstra!

One of the first questions people ask us either in pre-sales or support is about their WordPress theme. They want to know if there is a particular theme that works well with LearnDash, or if their current theme will work.

The short answer is “yes” to both those questions. If you want to keep using your existing theme then it’s certainly possible to do so.

But there are also other themes that are built with some “extra” features specific to LearnDash. One of the best ones available today is WPAstra.

What makes this theme so great?

First, the price: it’s free.

You get quite a bit of functionality with the free theme, but if you want even more options then they have a paid plan as well (which includes premium support).

Do you use a popular page builder like BeaverBuilder or Elementor? Well, you’re in luck because this theme works incredibly well with those plugins!

Another important aspect about WPAstra is that it has been specifically built to load incredibly fast. This is important on multiple levels. First, Google cares about load time. If your site takes forever to load then Google might not rank it as high as it would if your site loaded really quickly. If you are selling courses this directly impacts your visibility.

Fast load time is also important for online education. Learners should experience a seamless experience so that they can focus on the content and not be distracted by the performance of the learning management system. WPAstra helps to make sure that this isn’t an issue for your courses (but you should also make sure to use a reputable hosting provider for maximum benefit).

WPAstra has LearnDash specific features.

There are a core set of features available in this theme that you can use right away, and then there are some other features that are specific to LearnDash. Some of these are free, but you will probably find the most interesting ones in the paid plans (starting at $59/year).

Some features you can use right away with your LearnDash program:

  • Stunning pre-made LMS and online course templates
  • Customizing the content layout of the lessons
  • Distraction free learning mode
  • Conversion optimized checkout (great for selling courses!)
  • Color & typography controls of LearnDash templates
  • Learner profile in menu
  • and more!

Where to get WPAstra

This theme is free and is available on WordPress.org. You can simply go to APPEARANCE > THEMES and search for WPAstra from your WordPress dashboard.

If you want the pro version then it can be purchased from their website.


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Does Learndash integrate with Elementor?

Avatar David Mabelle

Yes you can use Elementor w/LearnDash.

Sort of, right Justin? I’m editing a course description now and the block builder has numerous blocks under the Learndash accordian that are not shown in Elementor (lessons, courses, etc.). So while it seems we can use elementor for the content of each lesson/topic, there are areas where it is quite awkward. This is a bit difficult to explain to my content people — why they can use Elementor to do all their content creation but not their course outline. Unless I’m missing something here?

I haven’t heard of people having too much trouble using the two together to be honest. I suggest hopping into the Facebook Group – a lot of folks in there use LearnDash & Elementor.

Hi Justin,

Are you sure WPAstra is still available free? I can’t seem to find it via the WordPress Themes dashboard, nor anywhere else online πŸ™

Hola! is Astra compatible with WordPress 5.0, SEO friendly and responsive.
Thank you in advance

Avatar Karina

One problem I just found, the new astra theme has no registration section anywhere! Users can’t register, but they can login. Seems like a problem to me πŸ™‚

You have to turn on registration for your site under SETTINGS > GENERAL πŸ™‚

Hello, if I already have a website in place and want to add courses to it, can I add the demo site to one menu item or do I need to convert the entire site to the demo to use the demo site template? I realize there is an option to build it from scratch if I want to keep my current design.

Avatar Nicole

The whole site will be updated to the new template.

Justin, I currently have an early childhood education blog and I would like to add a course. I have planned out the 12 modules and I’m ready to rock n’ roll. (As soon as my site is finishing migrating to another hosting site…frustrating process!)

Can I keep the pretty theme I have for my blog, then add the course to a page on the site or would I have to create a new page, then link the course and use the theme recommended for LearnDash 3.0?

Also, my course will have a video in each of the modules. Does LearnDash support this? I saw in the demo that videos can be added to the quiz section, but this is not where my vidoes would be needed.

Thank you!

Avatar Sue

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