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This PowerPoint slide 3ft wall chart released by the U.S. Pentagon is a great example of how PowerPoint diagrams/process flows have actually become counter-productive in regards to learning. This is also the reason why any training developed with a PowerPoint based e-Learning tool should be careful not to fall into the same similar, predictable content delivery patterns of process flows.

As an example, PowerPoint should never be the de facto e-Learning tool. Instead, take the time to understand your content and audience prior choosing a medium of delivery.

Quite frankly I have a love/hate relationship with tools like PowerPoint, yet many clients really prefer PowerPoint based e-Learning (such as the kind done with Articulate) due to the fact that transferring ownership of the courses is pretty painless since everyone knows how to use it. If you too are using Articulate or another PowerPoint add-on, No matter what tool you are using, don’t make the same mistake as the U.S. Pentagon.


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Kind of nightmarish, isn’t it? Yecch!

Avatar Norma Miller

Seems we are spinning our wheels with comments about learning objectives, expectations, viewing capability etc. due to comment on WORST TRAINING AID EVER…… Usually when I put up a slide like this in a TTT session I would start a discussion of this type of slide with “what is the UPSIDE of this slide…what is the DOWNSIDE of this slide….” (Two hours of lively discussion it is then time for a break! ha!).

We could also ask the question about this SAME DOD slide….Why is this THE BEST SLIDE EVER?…..

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It’s “THE BEST SLIDE EVER” because it shows us what NOT to do! As eLearning developers or IDers, our job is to enhance the learning experience, not confuse the learners. This gives a whole new meaning to cognitive overload.


Avatar SimplyMargo

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